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Hello there, so for many of you who are new here, my blog site has something unique for Kuji, which is the odds calculator!

Kuji is all about luck, so let me show you how to use the calculator to see if your odds of getting a particular item!

I will be using Demon Slayer Hold the Sword at Dawn as an example.


Before going into a shop or when viewing a live Kuji online, look at the current board game and update the caculator according

No of Prizes () Left: These are the number of prizes left in the board, fill them up according to what you see, by default, the calculator will show a fresh board.

So let say you say a board shows like this in the below picture, adjust your calculator so it tallies with the tickets left in the board.

No of Tickets Left: I hope it’s obvious enough, you do no need to compute this, the calculator will sum up for you.

No of Big Prize Left: This will automatically calculate for you too. It will sum up all the big prizes left. Big prizes are generally the prizes that people look for when playing the Kuji. Every set varies for their big prizes.

No of Tickets Bought: The slider allows you to select the tickets that you intend to buy or basically just slide it and view different results.

Probability: This is the output which shows you the probability of you winning at least one big prize. Do note that only big prizes are included in the calculation.

Well that’s it, it’s just that simple to use. So why did I create this function? Well let me just address a few more questions below:


Q: What is considered a good probability?

A: Well in a general Kuji, there are 8 big prizes in 80 tickets, so a 10% odds is considered standard, anything higher is better, but again it depends on individual

Q: Buying more tickets give me a better odds, should I buy more tickets then?

A: Well really depends on each person, but again, do buy tickets within your means and also how comfortable are you to spend that amount of money. Using an example from a fresh board:

Tickets BoughtTicket CostProbability of getting a big prize
1680 Yen 10%
53400 Yen42%
106800 Yen67%

As you can see here, your odds does increase when you buy more tickets, so but so is your cost, Are you really willing to spend more money to win or are you just playing for fun. These are additional thoughts one should go through before playing.

Q: The odds is 90% when I use your calculator, but I didn’t manage to pull a big prize, is something wrong with your calculator?

A: No, nothing is wrong, this is just pure math. 90% chance is still a chance after all, it means you are unfortunate as you hit the 10% odds of not winning the big prize.

Q: If the odds is bad, should I still play?

A: Generally the answer is no, but also, how bad? If the odds is 9% compared to 10% to get a big prize with 1 ticket, it’s really not much difference, but if it drops to 5%, maybe you can try some other places which has better odds.

Q: I can tell if the odds is good or bad with one look, is your calculator still useful?

A: Well, having the hassle to input the numbers here will definitely give you an edge in your decision making. You can see what is the exact odds and how many tickets are you comfortable with to obtain your desire odds, this I believe, you won’t be able to compute just by looking at the board.


Please do let me know if you need any help and I am open to constructive feedbacks, thanks for viewing!

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