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Hi there! Welcome to my World of Kuji! I am a passionate Kuji fan, I played Kuji since 2017, in my blog you will see reviews on every possible Kuji in Japan!

Why Kuji is Fun?

  • Clear odds of every Kuji! You can know how many pieces of every items there are in a set! (You won’t find this in the Kuji’s official website!)
  • Odds calculator in latest Kuji post! You can use them before buying! Guide to use them can be found in Odds Calculator
  • Full Prize List of every popular Kuji! Wonder what you are missing for your collection or want to know if this character has appeared before? Just check out Kuji Full Prize List!
  • Glance of my haul! I will also post some pictures of what I pulled for some of the Kuji and also my collection if you want to see more pictures!

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