September 2022 Kuji!

September is looking promising with all these upcoming Kuji!

3rd September

The Sanrio Characters showcase their Halloween outfit with figurines and goodies!

Happy Kuji Sanrio Characters Halloween 2022

7th September

The remaining 4 Nine Red Scabbards appears in the second of the Akazaya Nine Kuji!

Ichiban Kuji One Piece Akazaya Nine Second Edition

10th September

Sumikko Gurashi celebrates their 10th anniversary, celebrate with them by getting your hands on their anniversary Kuji!

Midoriya and Bakugo are back again with the top 5 heroes with the brand new Ichiban Kuji set!

More Eva Units is never a bad thing! This set introduce Eva Unit 02 Beast mode!

The Quintessential Quintuplets return after their newly movie, this set looks so attractive, do check it out!

13th September

Nyanko Sensei returns, this is an online exclusive Kuji and it’s a sleeping theme, do keep a lookout if you are a fan of him!

17th September

Kamen Rider W fans is getting another Kuji! This will feature their latest anime movie, who doesn’t like a good old W figure!

Sanrio Lottery makes it’s monthly Kuji and this time round featuring all their top characters! Plenty of prizes to look out for!

24th September

Rem and Ram are back with a sweet happy life theme! Do lookout for exciting prizes when they arrive!

One Piece is doing something special with every top figures being a pair figure! You don’t want to miss this one out!

28th September

The villains are getting some love with a Masterlise Kuji that features all villain figures and prizes! This is also an online exclusive Kuji!

Happy Kuji is doing a minion set! No prizes have been announced so far but given that it’s Happy Kuji, we probably will get figurines, plush and goodies!

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