Ichiban Kuji Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlight Magic

We have quite a few Sumikko this year so hope you guys are ready for another one.

For full prize list of past Sumikko set, do check out Sumikko Gurashi Ichiban Kuji Full Prize List

Retail Price: SGD16 / 650Yen

Total Tickets: 66

Released Date: 6 November 2021

The total tickets is normal for plush Kuji, however this set like all other Sumikko Ichiban Kuji, does not have SG license so you will need to buy from shops that carries it if you are interested, hence explain the high ticket price.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Shirokuma starts off the set as usual. His plush looks gorgeous and you can see that the theme this time is night magic so he is dressed like a wizard.

Prize B (1 piece)

Penguin is always the one being the rare piece as he is one of the least favorite, I mean people generally prefer the others. Still a cute plush and if you pull it you can sell it to cover some cost.

Prize C (1 piece)

Wow they actually make Tonkatsu one of the prize in the set instead of throwing him into the last prize! Very Bold move but I won’t disagree, Tonkatsu fans usually have to buy out the box to get him, now they can try their luck to pull him as well.

Prize D (1 piece)

Okay I am not sure why Neko only has 1 piece in the set, she is one of the more popular characters so I don’t see why is she a rare piece. Hope something make sense, if not it’s going to be hard pulling this prize.

Prize E (2 pieces)

Tokage is also in the top prize list so all 5 main characters can be pulled.

Prize F (2 pieces)

Tapioca makes him debut as a top prize! And great to see new characters being featured in the top prize too! He is a little smaller than others as his character is supposed to be small. 2 to go around so nothing bad.

Prize G (1 piece)

Faibu is one of the new characters in the movie, he is a rare piece also but if you are not into movie characters then not essential to get him. Again, good to see fresh faces.

All top prizes are plush but you get 10 top prize in a set of 66! I think that’s a good deal overall.

Prize H (16 pieces)

The acrylic charm looks amazing, the design part is superb and each has a golden star ring so definitely feels special. Maybe not worth $16 that much but it’s still a good prize.

Distribution: 6 designs, 4 has 3 pieces each, 2 has 2 pieces each in a set.

Prize I (20 pieces)

I believe it’s always good to see plates and mugs as they are so usable. The mugs look great as usual and the plates are really special with the unique design. So if you pull this prize it’s really not that bad.

Distribution: 5 designs, 2 mugs, 3 plates, 4 pieces each in every set.

Prize J (20 pieces)

I don’t get why they have to mix pouch and towels together, I mean clearly everyone is going for the pouch first. In a way if you want the pouch, do aim at the prize early as they are so limited. Do check for availability first before buying tickets. The towels are not bad, just not worth $16 to get it.

Distribution: 6 designs, 2 for pouch, 4 for towels. 2 pieces for each pouch design and 4 pieces for each towel in a set. If you see at least 4I being pulled, high chance you won’t get any pouch left.

Last Prize

Wow something different this time round. You get Tokage but not the wizard outfit from Prize E but something totally different! This feels special and Tokage is one of the favorites, so should be a good prize to encourage a buyout.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7Everything here is related to the Moonlight Magic theme and all looks good.
Top Prizes7All characters are featured in the top prize and introduce 2 new characters as well. Cute plush, don’t think you will feel bad for pulling them.
Small Prizes7Charms: Cute and special
Mugs/Plates: Unique and useful
Pouch: Drive people to buy early
Towels: Not that bad
Last Prize6Unique
More popular character to drive a buyout soon
It’s still a plush so the value to buyout might not be as high as a figure
Monetary Value6For $16 you got a good chance to get a plush, you also get a good chance for mugs and plates which is not that bad. But charms and towels might not be worth $16 so you do want not want to go overboard with this one.
Collection Value6Sumikko items usually don’t have value overtime as new ones will always come out.

If you do have set of 7 for the plush you can retain some value over time, but I doubt it will go very high.

The pouches do have some value so if you are interested can keep 1 or 2. The others do collect for personal interest only.
Overall65%(B-)A decent Kuji, just a bit costly for the prizes and no non-plush top prize so I am not too sure if people are really going to be crazy for this set. Still, it’s Sumikko, there will definitely be buyers looking for it.


1 to 5 tickets to try luck at a plush or at least get a mug or plate. If you want to buy a lot of tickets, do start off with 10 tickets only for a fresh box or when pouch are still available.

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