Sanrio Lottery Cinnamoroll and Pochacco Best Friends

Another Sanrio Lottery but this time round features 2 cute characters in the form of Cinnamoroll and Pochacco, I believe fans are more interested in Cinnamoroll but Pochacco isn’t so bad too.

Retail Price: SGD15.50 / 800Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 31 Oct 2021

Everything seems normal here, Sanrio Lottery tickets are more expensive but their items are top notch quality and don’t usually disappoint.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

The top prize is usually an electrical appliance, this Humidifier is going to be so useful and it’s also will attract both Cinnamoroll and Pochacco fans! This should be something people would look out for.

Prize 2 and 3 (2 pieces each)

Next we have plush and wow, there are 2 plush for each character instead of 1 each so you have a higher chance of pulling a top prize! Both are adorable and big too.

Prize 4 (2 piece)

Next is a long towel and usually I am not a fan of towel but this is freaking huge, it’s a body towel and the design is too cute to say you hate it. Definitely considered one of the better prizes in the set.

Prize 5 and 6 (6 pieces each)

Next well be tote bags and the material is really good and each design looks good as well, definitely will be one of the favorites in the set.

Prize 7 and 8 (5 pieces each)

Pouches are next and they look really good as well. Both designs looks cute too and they are definitely useful.

Prize 9 and 10 (5 pieces each)

More towels here and this is probably one of the least favorite as it is a small towel but at least they are giving 2 towels in a prize.

Prize 11 and 12 (6 pieces each)

Next are mugs and they look cute as well featuring the character’s head onto the mugs, definitely making your money worth it.

Prize 12 and 13 (5 pieces each)

Next is something special in the form of a tape, it’s not just an ordinary tape but the ones with character design onto them but still act as a tape, definitely special and unique, hope they are things that fans can appreciate.

Prize 15 (8 pieces)

Containers are the last on the list but they are totally not small, they are big containers and wow, there are 2 in a set! Such a good prize for a ticket! This definitely is useful.

Last Prize

Last but not the least are cushions and to be honest Cushions are not a bad thing, they are pretty cute and huggable, just for fans of Sanrio they will usually buy out the set only if there’s something they want left, so this kind of prize might encourage a buyout at only 10- tickets?

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7Very cute design for the theme
Top Prizes7Good prizes overall that are attractive
Small Prizes7Small prizes are useful and good design too
Last Prize6Unique
It’s a cushion, might not encourage a big buy out
Monetary Value8For $15.50 you definitely got a good shot at
Collection Value6Sanrio stuff are not meant for long term collection and selling so just collect because you like them or you think the prizes are useful for you.
Overall68.33%(B-)A decent Kuji with 2 cute characters and useful items.


1 to 5 tickets to try luck

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