Ichiban Kuji Mobile Suit Gundam & Mobile Suit Gundam Seed

We have another Gundam Kuji but this one is a little different, the top prizes are not Gunpla but instead are figures (no assembly required), so for Gunpla fans this set might not be for you but Gundam fans are more than welcome to play!

Retail Price: SGD16 / 850Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 23rd October 2021

The tickets are more expensive as it’s proportional to the expensive price in Yen, hope that means the prizes are good.

Prize A (2 pieces)

We are getting Freedom Gundam for the first prize and it looks absolutely gorgeous. This is the first time Masterlise is being use on a Robot figure and they sure looks good. For those not aware, Masterlise figure quality is one of the best, so expect good quality figure for this!

Prize B (1 piece)

I was expecting a different Gundam but this is Freedom’s deactivated mode which looks alright, I mean if you are a fan you would want both, if not just the normal one will do. It’s a rare piece but it’s not another character so you don’t have to worry about it, at the same time you can sell it higher if you do pull it.

Prize C (3 pieces)

You can’t have Gundam without RX-78, it looks retro and good as well. I believe this and Freedom and the only 2 you will need to look out for in the set. 3 pieces in a set so plenty to go around.

Prize D (1 piece)

Of course we have deactivate mode for RX-78 as well and it looks just as good. Same logic, not crucial for your collection unless you are a hardcore collector but if you do pull it, you can trade or sell for Prize C.

Woah with only 7 top prizes they are charging us $16 for a ticket, feels a bit of a ripped off here.

Prize E (23 pieces)

Towels are really not attractive, and the design looks okay for some and a bit too plain for others. It’s a long towel so they justified their reasoning for charging you $16, still, doesn’t make towels any more attractive.

Distribution: 8 designs, 7 has 3 pieces each, 1 has 2 pieces each.

Prize F (25 pieces)

The folder looks okay, the design is based off a scene in the anime but charging us $16 and only giving us 1 folder and 1 sticker really feels a bit too much.

Distribution: 10 designs, 5 have 3 pieces each, 5 others have 2 pieces each.

Prize G (25 pieces)

You know they could have design the coaster way better right? I think for $16 ticket cost and getting this kind of standard feels a bit off, I am not sure how many people like this but I am not one of the fans.

Distribution: 10 designs, 5 have 3 pieces each, 5 others have 2 pieces each.

Last Prize

At least the last prize is also a Masterlise figure and it’s a variant of the rarer piece which is good. It has the shiny effect and will likely encourage a buyout of 12 or lower and maybe more if there is at least 1 figure inside.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7It feels like a Gundam theme, the top prizes are but more effort could be soon in designing their small prizes.
Top Prizes8Masterlise figure is top notch quality so nothing bad here, hope fans are not too sad about no gunpla in the set.
Small Prizes5Towels: Long but mediocre design
Folder: Cool art but only 1 folder
Coaster: Not a fan of the design
Last Prize8Variant of A
Masterlise so nothing bad
Monetary Value4I feel for $16 your odds of getting a figure are low and you will end up getting prizes totally not worth $16. This might just encourage people to buy the prizes directly instead.
Collection Value6Masterlise (activated): Good to keep, they might come out more in the future
Masterlise(de-activated): Not essential
Small Prizes: No long term value
Overall63.33%(C+)I think this set is not everything bad but really got affected by the poor quality of the small prizes, I mean they done a great job for the previous Gunpla Kuji, so why is this not getting the same treatment? Also if we are paying so much we kind of expect a good ratio of top prizes.


1 to 3 tickets to try for the top prizes.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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