Sanrio Lottery Kuromi Perfect Day Out

It’s time for another Kuromi Kuji and this theme as you can see will be more towards outdoor I guess?

For those not familiar with Sanrio Lottery, their prizes cannot be chosen, so what you pull is what you get, so you cannot choose the design of the prizes, but they are known for their amazing product quality.

Retail Price: SGD13.50 / 700Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 9th October 2021

The ticket cost is relatively cheaper for Sanrio Kuji as the Yen cost is a little cheaper too, but knowing their standards, I doubt that means the prizes will be lower in quality.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

Wow, I am quite surprised they decided to do this, normally the top prize is an electrical appliance related to food but glad that they are doing something different. The weighing scale is so useful and it doesn’t just comes with weighing capability! It has all the fancy functions too, definitely the most attractive prize in the set.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Wow, just wow, I was expecting prize 2 to be plush related and I am glad they went with this instead. The humidifier is really useful and the design is great, definitely will be more attractive than plush or cushion.

Prize 3 (2 pieces)

Next is an amazing tote bag that has good fiber material and a cute Kuromi design. Definitely useful as well and it’s also rare so if you don’t plan to keep it, you can sell it for a profit.

Prize 4, 5 (5 pieces each)

Next will be plush charm which aren’t small at all, they are actually quite decent in size and I don’t think you will feel bad for pulling. The dress does fits Kuromi well too and I believe if you are into plush, this would be the one to look out for.

Prize 6, 7 (5 pieces each)

If you didn’t manage to pull prize 3, then this would be a good substitute. The shoulder bag have good design and definitely very trendy and usable. I believe if you are a Kuromi fan this would suit you when you bring this out.

Prize 8, 9 (5 pieces each)

Next will be mirror and they both differs by the color and the acrylic piece. Still a useful item and nothing bad.

Prize 10, 11 (5 pieces each)

The file is useful too, the design as you can see is consistent with every other prizes in the set. You can use it to store all your important documents or just put your homework in it since it has dividers inside.

Prize 12, 13 (6 pieces each)

More pouch for us, these pouches looks great and I don’t think you would feel bad for getting pouches since they are so usable in our daily life.

Prize 14, 15 (6 pieces each)

Last and debatably the least we have hand towels. Design wise is great but I think everyone is pretty sick of towels, however, these are big towels so I don’t think it’s really that bad after all.

Last Prize

So if you want a big plush then you would definitely need to buy out the set. It’s not a bad plush and might trigger a buyout at 10 or less given no prize 1 to 3 inside and more if more unique prizes are left.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8All designs are consistent, the theme part is bit lacking but who cares right if all the prizes are good.
Top Prizes8Weighing Machine: The main thing everyone is looking for
Humidifier: At least not a plush, useful too
Tote bag: Consolation prize and useful
Small Prizes8Plush: Adorable, good for collector
Pouch/ Shoulder Bag : More attractive and useful
File/Mirror: Useful too, but might not have the same appeal as the other small prizes
Towel: At least it’s a big one
Last Prize6Unique
The only big plush in the set
Monetary Value8One good thing about Sanrio Lottery, anything you pull will have some value, so don’t worry about losing out here.
Collection Value6The weighing scale and humidifier have a little value if kept minted over time, but the other prizes will have more coming up in the future, so do collect them for self interest only or because you want to use them.
Overall70%(B)Good set, all the prizes are good in a way and the top prizes are really attractive. The nature of Sanrio Kuji is always the plush and the collection value that doesn’t make it one of the best, but still, it’s good enough to satisfy collectors.


5 tickets to try your luck and also hope you get 5 different prizes, anything more you will risk duplicates which is not necessary.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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