Sanrio Lottery Hangyodon 

I believe this is one of the few times Hangyodon  have his own Kuji set here. Hope all his prizes are great! For those not aware of Sanrio Lottery, you get what you pull, but expect great prizes from this product line!

Retail Price: SGD14 / 700 Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 25th September 2021

Everything seem normal for the Kuji, so let’s move onto the prizes.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

To kick things off, we have a clock, looks great, but compared to other top prizes, this doesn’t seem like it’s that good, still it looks great, I would look out for this when I buy tickets for this Kuji.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Can’t be a Sanrio Kuji without Cushion being present. It’s a big cushion so nothing bad for pulling this as well.

Prize 3 (4 pieces)

Well, an accessory case looks just as good. Hangyodon has his signature mouth so this is definitely a good representation of the character. It’s not a small case as well so will be worth with your money.

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

Next is the character pouch, looks good and useful, not hard to get from the market if you really want so don’t have to play too much in order to get this piece.

Prize 5 (10 pieces)

The mugs looks good as well, feels like if the color is blue it will look better but can’t complain, it should break even your ticket cost if you pull this.

Prize 6 (10 pieces)

The tote bag is cute too, I mean everything is cute but this is on another level, it is suitable for everyone, it is just easy to pull this as the others.

Prize 7 (10 pieces)

Next we have plates which looks great as well, so far everything seems useful which is great.

Prize 8 (10 pieces)

The mini dustbin will be as attractive too, actually I think a lot of people might be interested to pull this as it’s cute and also comes in very handy.

Prize 9 (12 pieces)

Now we have long towels as the last prize and normally I am not a fan of towels but the sincerity of Sanrio shows that even the smallest gift they can make it nice and useful for the buyer so you don’t feel bad at all for pulling this.

Last Prize

The tissue plush looks amazing, the tissue coming out from the mouth is absolutely adorable and I believe it will attract a buyout of 10 or lower.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7Looks like a simple Kuji featuring Hangyodon
Top Prizes7Clock: Looks good
Cushion: Adorable
Case: Fitting for a fan of the character
Small Prizes7Pouch/ Bin/Tote Bag: Cute and usable
Plates/Mugs: Not bad
Towel: At least it’s a long one
Last Prize6Unique
Useful and adorable
Will encourage a buyout of 10 or lower
Monetary Value7Sanrio Kuji are always value for money, so don’t worry about it.
Collection Value5As much as Hangyodon is not a common character that will have standalone Kuji, his prizes won’t have much value in the long run, so collect for self interest and not to sell it in the future.
Overall65% (B-)Decent Kuji, the issue here is too little prizes and people might not be keen to buy lots of tickets to avoid repeats, still, good prizes and if you are a fan, do try a few.


1 to 3 tickets to try your luck, don’t buy too much as you risk getting repeats.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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