Ichiban Kuji Mobile Suit Gundam Gunpla 2021

Great to have something different once a while in the form of Gunpla Kuji. So fans of Gunpla model kits, this would be something that you want to look out for.

Retail Price: SGD17/ 760Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 25th September 2021

The ticket is costly like most Gunpla Kuji as the Yen price is higher, plus shipping fees, expect parallel imports to be expensive, so let’s see the prizes before deciding if it’s worth to buy anything.

Prize A (1 piece)

I believe this is the one you are looking for when buying tickets for this Kuji. A mega size model cost around SGD250 to SGD300 so pulling one would have so much value! Moreover all the model kits in this set are exclusive, so you won’t be able to find them in retail stores!

Prize B (2 pieces)

A Master Grade Gunpla ranges from SGD50 to SGD90 depending on popularity, so that’s just a guideline, but for the prize itself, it’s a Master Grade so good quality plus amazing detailing so this is also a great top prize, plus it’s Freedom Gundam, so nothing bad.

Prize C (4 pieces)

SD Gundam varies a lot in prices, and they usually aren’t that expensive, but for this prize they are giving you a set of 2! Liu Bei Unicorn & Goku Impulse looks great, if anything this is a good consolation price if you don’t pull A or B.

Prize D (10 pieces)

Entry Grade Gunpla are not very valuable in the market, but an exclusive ones will fetch you at least enough to cover your ticket cost so not that bad at all. Moreover there are 10 of them in the set so good enough to cover up the small prizes.

Prize E (10 pieces)

More Gunpla is never an issue, I mean if you buy a ticket you would want nothing less than an actual Gunpla. Same logic as Prize E, this would be enough to cover your ticket cost so nothing bad for pulling it.

Prize F (3 pieces)

Another SD Gundam here in the form of V Gundam, this is a rare Gunpla as the retail version is rare to find too, so totally good for you to pull this if you don’t intend to keep.

Prize G (15 pieces)

As to all Kuji, we must face some lower tier prizes, at least the mugs looks good, the design for different Gundam matches well with the black mugs and it’s at least usable.

Distribution: 5 designs, 3 pieces each in a set. (Blind box)

Collecting all will be a little hard as this is a Japan exclusive Kuji and not a lot of people will have all designs.

Prize H (15 pieces)

This almost looks like an actual Gunpla, great to see that the design of the visual board is the design of the Gunpla box, so you can actually display this along with your Gunpla without taking up too much space!

Distribution: 8 designs, 7 has 2 pieces each, 1 has 1 piece each in a set.

Prize I (20 pieces)

Well a folder isn’t that bad but of course since we are paying so much for it, we kind of expect the prize to be a little bit better. It’s expected, since there are so many Gunpla being given out, the small prizes tends to be a little underwhelm. So hope you don’t pull to many of these.

Distribution: 10 designs, 2 pieces each in a set.

Last Prize

If you need a good reason to buy out a set, this would be one of those reasons! Great prize and a good variant of Prize A in case you didn’t pull that. This version is all clear and it will stand out on it’s own. I believe hardcore buyers might buy out at 20 or even 30 if B and C are still inside.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8Feels like a Gundam Fest here, all the prizes are really trying to attract Gundam fans.
Top Prizes9Exclusive Gunpla
Mega Size: Wow, I believe this will attract most fans
MG: Attractive too
SD/ Entry Grade: The exclusivity will make it valuable
Small Prizes6Mugs: Usable and nice
Visual Board: Good as background art for your Gunpla
Folders: Can be better, hope you have something else to compensate each of these you pull
Last Prize9Good variant of A
Mega Size Model too
Will attract a big buyout
Monetary Value7You have a good chance to pull a model kit, if not a mug should not be too bad, so hope you pull enough model kit to make your total spending worth.
Collection Value7Any Model Kit: They will definitely have demands over time as they will be exclusive to this set, but then again you can’t afford to open and assemble them.
Small Prizes: No value in long run.
Overall76.67% (B+)An above average set, if not for the expensive ticket price things would be have been better, but no worries, this is a good set. The Gunpla prizes are really good and if you like to assemble and display them, then this Kuji will be something you want to look out for.


Casual Fan: 1 to 3 tickets to try your luck.

Gunpla Fans: If you really want the model kits here for your collection or hobby, 5 to 10 tickets will be good, you should get at least 1 model kit.

Super Fan: Wait for a good buyout and buy out the remaining tickets that hopefully has B and C in it.

Where to buy tickets

Zettai hobby


Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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