Ichiban Kuji Monogatari Series-Is it a lottery? !! I don’t know! ~

Monogatari last Kuji set was back 2019 and good to see that they are still coming up with new Kuji. This is the 14th Monogatari Kuji set.

Retail Price: SGD16 / 850 Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 18th September 2021

The ticket cost is more expensive as the yen ticket price are higher, the total tickets is normal, so hopefully the prizes are better in quality as well.

Prize A (4 pieces)


We have Shinobu Oshino for the figure in this series. Fantastic figure and also sadly the only figure that you are able to pull from this Kuji set. The best is just amazing and the figure looks good, this will be the prize to look out for when playing this Kuji, also sad that since this is the only figure there is only 4 pieces of it, they could have given 6 pieces at least.

Prize B (3 pieces)


This is an art made by the great Oh Great! It definitely spells talent and if you were to pull this you can definitely sell it for a profit, but of course I think everyone would prefer a figure over a tapestry.

Prize C (2 pieces)


Now we have illustration board featuring Shinobu Oshino nothing bad, it’s like having your Prize A paste into a wallpaper. It’s a huge A3 board so not small and all and rare too, but again, figure will be preferred.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Another illustration board. this one drawn by Great Oh, I am not sure if there are high demands for art board over figurines, but I am guessing a no here.

Prize E (2 pieces)


Another Illustration Board, this one is from SHAFT Inc, looks good, the art all looks good just the prize itself might not be very attractive.

Prize F (2 pieces)


The next art is drawn by Hajime Ueda, I know this Kuji features the art board heavily but in terms of marketing, I am not sure if the prizes will necessary attract buyers.

Prize G (8 pieces)


More illustration board, 3 of them are the same from the top prizes, like the design are exactly the same, they are smaller versions but not exactly small, like for $16 ticket cost it justifies the price by having these being 2 times larger than normal art board.

Distribution: 4 designs, 2 pieces each in a set.

Prize H (17 pieces)


Next we have more art in the form of a Bold Canvas, these are smaller art board, but for $16 a ticket seems a bit underwhelm. Most of the designs are the same from the top designs too, so doesn’t feel like you really need to pull the top prize to appreciate the art.

Distribution: 8 designs, 7 has 2 pieces each, 1 has 3 pieces in a set.

Prize I (20 pieces)


The character acrylic charm looks cute but for $16 I really think they should have given better prizes, definitely not worth your ticket price.

Distribution: 8 designs, 4 has 3 pieces each, 4 has 2 pieces each in a set.

Prize J (20 pieces)


More variant of art here, these are the art acrylic charm, some of the art designs are from the top prizes too, some from the other small prizes too, just a weaker prize in general.

Distribution: Distribution: 8 designs, 4 has 3 pieces each, 4 has 2 pieces each in a set.

No blind boxes in this set, so if you think of collecting every small prizes, it’s not as challenging.

Last Prize


At least the last prize is a figure, a variant of A and looks like an entirely different figure! Will attract a buy out of 12 or below, way more if A is still inside.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design6Nothing against the artist here, but the design for the small prizes felt really repetitive, this theme is heavily reliance on similar art and buyers might not be interested in the bigger art board.
Top Prizes6Great Figure
Tapestry and Art Board are just there because of the theme.
Small Prizes6Charms: Feels a little underwhelm for such expensive Kuji.
Canvas: A little unique but still could be better
Illustration Board: Feels like a mini big prize
Nothing very attractive in this section
Last Prize8Unique
Variant of A
Will attract a buyout
Monetary Value6For $16 you have a 50% chance to get a charm and 50% to get something else and only the figure is attractive. Hope at least the tapestry and A3 art can help to make some profit.
Collection Value5Figure: Good to keep since it’s the only figure and fans of the manga will be interested
All other prizes: Even with a set, they won’t be able to sell very high for the ticket cost that you are paying, so hunt solely for self interest.
Overall61.67% (C+)Well, I think you can see that this set is far from impressive, only A is the good one, the others don’t even feel like they are trying to get your attention. I am not taking anything away from the artist, but realistically speaking, very few Kuji buyers are in it for the art, they usually want the figures. Also, lack of mini figures for this set.


1 or maybe 2 tickets to try luck for Prize A, if not just move on to next set.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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