Ichiban Kuji Sumikko Gurashi Academy

It’s time for another Sumikko Kuji, this one is from Ichiban Kuji. Amongst all the different Kuji that feature Sumikko characters, Ichiban Kuji has one of the better system and prizes overall, we shall see why is that the case.

You can click here for Sumikko Gurashi Ichiban Kuji Full Prize List

Retail Price: ~SGD15/ 650Yen

Total Tickets: 66

Released Date: 11th September 2021

The ticket cost is more expensive as this Kuji will not be available locally and in order to get them, you will need to buy from shops that parallel imports it. The total ticket is quite little, which is good for a plush Kuji.

Prize A (1 piece)


If you are totally not into plush, then this would be the prize to look for when playing this Kuji. A good looking alarm clock with mini drawer and the 2 character figurines on it makes it one of the better prizes in Sumikko Kuji. The only drawback is that there is only 1 piece in a set, so if you pull it, you are really lucky.

Prize B (1 piece)


Is Shirokuma no longer a popular character? I wonder why the decision to make him a rare plush in the set. Sumikko plush are one of the better plush as they are all consistent and their thematic costumes always suits them, so you won’t feel bad for pulling them, ever.

Prize C (1 piece)


Penguin is always the rare piece in any set, it’s been like that for a while, but not an issue since Penguin’s fanbase aren’t as strong, but still, good to see him being featured. He looks great in his professor outfit too.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Just when you thought all the plush is going to be a rare piece in the set, Neko has 2 pieces, so more people can be able to pull it. She looks great here and not sure why she is called Mr. Neko, I am sure she is a girl in other series, but oh well, doesn’t change how good her plush looks.

Prize E (2 pieces)


Tokage also has 2 pieces in a set, so that’s a good thing too since he is the most popular character out of them all. All of them looks great and if you want to collect them, you might have to do some hunting.

Prize F (20 pieces)


Wow, I thought mugs are some sort of rare prize in Ichiban Kuji, but here we have 20 pieces of mugs in the set. The design looks fantastic, all feature all the main characters but in different design. It’s actually one of the better small prizes as the prize only is worth your ticket cost.

Distribution: 4 designs, 5 pieces each.

Prize G (21 pieces)


Okay we need to have towels, that is like the laws of Kuji. The towels are not bad, at least the top 3 design looks really good and can act as a good display piece, the bottom 2 are not bad, probably meant for Neko and Tokage fans. It’s a bit costly to pay $15 for this but at least there are almost as many mugs as towels.

Distribution: 5 designs, 1 has 5 pieces, 4 has 4 pieces each.

Prize H (18 pieces)


Last but not the least we have rubber charms. They are quite big and all the designs look great! You can actually put your name at the back too, so it acts like a name tag attached to your belongings, very useful, I like how they make something simple into a useful prize.

Distribution: 6 designs, 3 pieces each.

Last Prize


Of course we have Tonkatsu here, if you are his fan or you want to complete the characters plush, then buying out is the only way. If there are other big prizes left, one might even buy out at 15 or less.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8All the prizes are related to school, well it will be great if they could make all the prize related to school as well but they are alright thus far.
Top Prizes8Figure Clock Drawer: Unique prize and usable
Plush: Adorable, thematic and looks good if you have them all
Small Prizes7Mugs: Adorable and useful, good display piece
Charms: Unique and nice
Towels: Some designs are good, could be worst.
Last Prize7Unique
Needed to complete all plush in the set.
Monetary Value7For $15 you get a good shot at either a mug or a top prize which is great. even if you get a charm or towel, it’s not exactly end of the world.
Collection Value7Plush: With all 5 plush you can hope to sell at $50 each in the long run, but of course you have to hope hardcore collector wants them.
Figure Clock Drawer: If you have it, you can keep it to retain it’s value since it’s a rare prize.
Towel/Charms/Mugs: Even with a set you can’t really sell very high as newer sets will have similar prizes, but do collect for self interest.
Overall73.33% (B)An average set. At least all the prizes looks appealing, it’s just that local does not have this set, if not the grading for monetary value and collection value would be higher, you don’t want to pay too much and end up not having the same or equivalent value in your prizes too.


For any kind of fans, 5 tickets would be good to try your luck for the plush or figure clock and also get some small prizes out of it. If the odds are good you can aim for 10 tickets instead.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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