Ichiban Kuji Twisted Wonderland Part 4

Twisted Wonderland is a very unique series, part 1 features all top prize as posters, part 2 has towels while part 3 has plush. If you are a fan you can tell that this set will have a very different top prizes, so let’s check it out!

Retail Price: 750 Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 10 September 2021

Everything is standardize here, the only thing is that this set is not available locally, so shops will have to parallel import this set.

Prize A (5 pieces)

Your eyes did not deceive you, the mini figures are the top prizes for this set! Some may find it shocking since this usually appears as a small prize in other Kuji series, but let’s not judge the set so fast. A prize features students from Heartslabyul.

Distribution: 5 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize B (3 pieces)

Next we have Savanaclaw students, it’s obvious that all the top prizes are going to be figures featuring all the dormitory students.

Distribution: 3 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize C (3 pieces)

Octavinelle students are next. I like the theme that they are separating each dormitory into different prizes. It makes your collection a little easier.

Distribution: 3 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize D (2 pieces)

We move to Scarabia next and the easiest to collect as there are only 2 figures in this dormitory.

Distribution: 2 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize E (3 pieces)

Next up we have Pomefiore students. Having blind boxes is annoying, it makes collection super hard, but then again, if you playing for fun, the blind box does have a thrill factor, it also makes the figurine more valuable since getting what you want is hard.

Distribution: 3 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize F (2 pieces)

Ignihyde is also easy to complete since there are only 2 students. Bandai could always be very bad to us by making all the figures as Prize A and you are going to have a hard time getting what you want. Splitting into different prizes makes it easier to hunt, if you are missing Prize F for example, go to a place where both F are available. At least you know what to look for if the prizes are split this way.

Distribution: 2 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize G (4 pieces)

Last but not least we have Diasomnia students. Maybe putting mini figures as the top prize might not be the best idea, if they wanted to, in the least they could give us 2 pieces each for every figure so it’s easier to pull, but oh well…

Distribution: 4 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Prize H (28 pieces)


Next we moved onto the small prizes and first we have a college portrait in the form of a visual art. Looks cool but definitely not something people look for when buying tickets.

Distribution: 28 designs, 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Good luck completing, like seriously, every character only has 1 piece in a set.

Prize I (30 pieces)


Last but not least, probably least depending if you prefer these over the visual art but the charm does look cute and features all characters in the mini figures and the dormitory logo at the back of their character adds some special touch to it. Still, don’t think people are intending to get these.

Distribution: 22 designs, 8 designs with 2 pieces each, 14 designs with 1 piece each (Blind Box)

Again collection will be a headache.

Last Prize

Okay this is probably like the best prize in the set. Grim is a cute character and for it to have a plush is very fitting and the last prize is very big too, might even be attractive and encourage a large buy out.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8By featuring all the dormitories and all the students, it makes the set very attractive.
Top Prizes7Mini figures are not bad, but some other Kuji are giving this as a small prize, so it does make this set looks a bit weaker.
Small Prizes6Portrait Art: Unique prize but doesn’t make it feel very special
Charm: Cute in the least
Last Prize7Unique
The only “big” prize in the set
Monetary Value5Even for 750 yen, your odds of getting a figure are around 22% for a fresh set and you only get a mini figure at best, which can feel a little underwhelm.
Collection Value8If you do have a full set of everything then your collection is not only complete but super valuable as future sets will not have mini figures if we based on previous trend.
Overall68.33% (B-)A decent set. The collection part is going to make one go crazy but the prizes are at least okay.


1 to 3 tickets for casual play, for collector, just buy full set.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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