Sanrio Lottery Snoopy

It’s time for another Sanrio Lottery and it’s been awhile since we last saw Snoopy! He is usually by himself so you don’t really see him with the Sanrio gang often.

For those unfamiliar with Sanrio Lottery, their prizes are top notch quality and you get what you pull, so no choosing of designs.

Retail Price: 800 Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 3rd September 2021

As you can see from the retail price that this is not available in Singapore just yet, so shops might have to parallel import this Kuji. The total tickets is pretty normal for a standard Sanrio Kuji.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

Wow, just wow, if you are a fan of Snoopy you will be thrill to see such a good prize. The steamboat pot is very useful and super handy, it’s also quite costly for a regular one and you have a shot to get this for just a ticket price! Definitely a super good top prize.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Next we have a standard plush related prize, this isn’t just a regular plush, it’s also a bag! How cute is it! You can use it as a super adorable bag or if you are shy to carry this around, you can display this a regular plush! Definitely feels like a top prize.

Prize 3 (2 pieces)

Normally for prize 3 in a Sanrio Kuji will be a better prize but some people might not feel that it’s the case. This wall pocket probably will make them feel different! It’s unique as a prize and also usable. I believe you won’t feel bad for pulling this! You can also sell this at a higher price if you don’t want to keep it due to it’s rarity.

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

Next we have our usual small plush related prizes in the form of a pouch this time round. Nothing bad about it, just a cute Snoopy face pouch, a lot to go around so not hard to pull it.

Prize 5, 6 (6 pieces each)

Next we have 2 amazing looking tote bags! The design has a very classy peanut comics strip on it! Definitely looks good and you can carry them around, really amazed by it.

Prize 7,8 (6 pieces each)

Next we have mugs, normal to see them around but they have great design too! It’s actually quite a big mugs so you definitely don’t feel like you are in a losing end!

Prize 9,10 (5 pieces each)

The plates here looks good as well, the design is simple, which is not a bad thing but you can expect good quality from this product, so for your ticket cost it’s still quite worth it.

Prize 11 (10 pieces)

Speaking of unique prizes, here is a adhesive cleaner! With the Snoopy comic strip and the forest green on it makes it look really appealing as a prize too.

Prize 12, 13 (6 pieces each)

Last but definitely not the least we have container box! They look great and they are super useful too! They can be assembled so if you don’t need to use them you can dissemble them, definitely a good prize.

Last Prize

I was expecting a plush for the last prize but a big cushion isn’t too bad too, it has the comic strip on it so looks good overall. It will encourage a buyout at 10 tickets or lower and help to clear the set even if no top prizes are left.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design9The Snoopy theme brings back nostalgic memories from the peanuts comic so great to see them being implemented into the prizes!
Top Prizes9Pot: Super amazing
Plush Bag; Unique and dope
Wall Stand: Unique and usable
Small Prizes8Tote Bags/Container: Nice and usable
Pouch: Adorable
Mugs/Plates: Useful and good quality
Cleaner: Unique and useful
Last Prize6Unique
Take it as a top prize if you buy out for it
Monetary Value8If the ticket cost is around $15 then it’s not too bad for the prizes! Everything inside is good and nothing makes you feel like you are losing out, and the top prizes are really good too!
Collection Value5As always, Sanrio items are bad in collection value, they will always come up something replaceable in the future, so no need to collect everything, just play and collect for self interest.
Overall75% (B+)A good set. All prizes are good, maybe not fantastic but you don’t feel like you are being ripped off and at least you walk out being happier after buying the tickets than before you did.


1 to 3 tickets is fine, no need to be too aggressive as you risk getting duplicates and if you really want the prize you can just go and buy it directly.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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