Happy Kuji Sanrio Halloween 2021

Great to see another Happy Kuji product, they are by far one of the better Kuji provider. This time round we get to see more Sanrio characters. For those not familiar with Happy Kuji, their system is a little different where each prizes and each design has a unique number and you get what you pull.

This is the second time they feature Halloween theme and the third overall Sanrio theme for Happy Kuji.

Retail Price: ~SGD16 / 730 Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 4 September 2021

As you can see from the retail price that we won’t be having the stocks locally, so you have to get from shops that parallel import the product. The total tickets is also very little so you have a higher chance of drawing the top prizes.

Figure Prize (20 pieces)

フィギュア賞 [全10種]

The top prizes for Sanrio is always the figurines. They are really good looking figure, they are not small actually, it’s bigger than standard mini figures and the quality is really good. Some of the common characters are back in this set but they have different Halloween costumes and we see Keroppi and Pekkle being featured in this line of product.

There are 10 designs, 2 pieces each in every set, this is going to be a challenge to collect all 10 of them, but if you do, your collection will be super valuable. Do trade your spares or buy from someone who has what you are missing.

Bag Prize (12 pieces)

ミニバッグ賞 [全4種]

Next we have tote bags. The character design is fairly simple but what makes this so special is the material used to make the bag and also the size of it! It definitely doesn’t feel like a bad prize and if you were to pull it, I believe you will be happy about it.

There are 4 designs, 3 pieces each in every set, if you pull the ones you don’t like, you can hope for a trade.

Plush Charm Prize (21 pieces)

ぬいぐるみチャーム賞 [全7種]

Of course we have plush, in the form of a charm and a small one, well not that small, so you won’t feel bad for pulling it too. They are almost as rare as the top prize so they are definitely going to have some value in it!

There are 7 designs, 3 pieces each in every set.

Mini Pouch Prize (27 pieces)

クリアミニポーチ賞 [全10種]

Okay so we are bound to have the common and the least preferred prizes, but looking at the pouch, it doesn’t feel so bad. The design is really unique and the pouch is very useful, I mean they could have given you a worse prize. What is also great about the design is that they feature all the characters in the top prizes.

There are 10 designs, 3 of them have 2 pieces each while 7 others have 3 pieces each in a set, collecting all can be hard also but not as challenging as the other prizes.

Last Prize

ラスト賞 ハローキティのドレスアップぬいぐるみ[全1種]

Well if you are a fan of a standard plush, this is the only way to get one in the set. The Hello Kitty plush is cute and also dons he same outfit as her top prize figure. Might not be as attractive but fans of Hello Kitty and plush will buy out at 10 or lower, more if there are still figures inside.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design9The set features a Halloween theme but all of them dons the same Phantom of the Opera costumes which looks great on them and all prizes follows that theme, which shows consistency.
Top Prizes8Great figure and definitely unique as other Sanrio Kuji does not have such a prize
Small Prizes8Tote Bag: Useful and good material
Plush Charm: Rare and nice
Pouch: Common but useful and good design
Last Prize6Unique
The ONLY standard size plush in the set
Monetary Value7For around $15 you will end up getting a pouch on average but if you do like Sanrio characters then it doesn’t seem to be a bad value. If you pull something else then you definitely make your ticket worth.
Collection Value7Figure: Having a full set definitely will be super valuable, if not, you can sell the individual pieces, I am sure people will look for it

Tote Bag/Plush Charm/Pouch: I don’t think they are that valuable as other Sanrio Kuji have similar prizes, so keep for personal collection and interest

Plush: No need to buy out just for this, there are plenty of Hello Kitty Plush out there
Overall75% (B+)A good set. The prizes are great and expected from Happy Kuji that everything makes you feel happy. You have a good shot at getting something other than Pouch and also a good chance at a figure so all is well.


1 to 5 tickets is perfectly fine, just try your luck for the figure and if not, don’t worry too much about it, the other prizes are useful too.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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