Ichiban Kuji One Piece Anniversary

Wow, we have another One Piece Kuji again, but this time is different, this is the anniversary Kuji! So it will feature all Straw Hat crew members! This is the 78th One Kuji, and I believe they will keep going, so for now, let’s just celebrate their success.

For All One Piece Kuji Full prize you can check out: One Piece Ichiban Kuji Prize Index List

Retail Price: SGD13 / 700Yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 4th September 2021

Everything seem normal here, with the exception that the yen price is slightly higher but doesn’t affect our local price so that’s good.

Prize A (1 piece)

If you expect someone else to kick off the Anniversary Kuji, sorry to disappoint, it’s Luffy, of course it’s Luffy. Luffy makes his 41st appearance as a top prize in One Piece Kuji! Despite that, this is a rare figure, and he has only done this post once before in Marine Ford Final Battle set, but this time he dons the black cap.

Prize B (1 piece)

Zoro appears a lot of times too, this is his 23rd appearance as a top prize! This is a new model with new costumes that none of his figure wore before in the past. Looks great!

Prize C (1 piece)

Sanji makes his 15th appearance as a top prize. He looks different here as most of his previous figures are him using his kicks and here he is just chilling. Well as you can see from the prize distribution is that all of them is just as rare, which is great so all of them have potential to be a valuable piece.

Prize D (1 piece)

This is Nami’s 9th appearance as a Kuji top prize, and for a series that ran for 13 years in the Kuji line, she doesn’t pop by often. Nami looks gorgeous here and a lot of fan boys will be eyeing for this figure so if you manage to pull it and you don’t intend to collect, you can sell this figure at a good price.

Prize E (1 piece)

The other popular figure, solely because some fan boys just collect the 2 ladies. This is Robin’s 6th appearance in Kuji top prizes and it’s rare to see her figure, so on that reason this could also be the potential expensive piece.

Prize F (1 piece)

Usopp is underrated, this is his 5th appearance as a Kuji top prizes and his only 3rd single figure ever released! (He shared 2 of his past figures with Chopper). He looks great here and if you need to collect all the OG members and you missed out on Usopp, this would be a great addition to your collection.

Prize G (1 piece)

As cute as Chopper is, this is his only 9th appearance as a Kuji top prize. Usually people undervalue his figure because of his original size, but this version is his first appearance as Kung Fu Point Chopper, and the samurai outfit is really fitting!

Prize H (1 piece)

Franky was one of the 2 figures released in the first ever One Piece Kuji, and this is only his 6th appearance as a top prize. He debuts here as General Franky which looks freaking amazing and if you do pull him, I think you really will feel like you won the jackpot, doesn’t this just look like THE top prize.

Prize I (1 piece)

Brook makes his 5th appearance and he always debut only when they release a full member set, which is a bit sad, he looks really unique for a figure but oh well.

Prize J (1 piece)

Jinbe makes his debut here as a top figure! He is the latest member of the crew so great to see something fresh after so long! His figure is simple and that’s good enough.

Doesn’t this picture of the whole gang looks amazing, like everyone is important and they really are, it makes everyone feels like a crucial piece to get and the rarity is perfect, everyone is just as hard to pull so every figure will be valuable.

Prize K (3 pieces)

Having only 3 mugs in the set makes it feel like a really valuable prize and it’s not just an ordinary mug, it has all the crew in it, it’s a great prize to keep and definitely will have it’s value.

Prize L (20 pieces)

Okay mini plates are something that has been a trend in One Piece Kuji for some time and it looks good, the only issue I have is why aren’t all members of the Straw hat crew being represented here? Like great to have other characters as well but feels weird that we have all the crew’s figure but not their plate design.

There are 12 designs, I believe the villains have 1 piece each while the other 8 have 2 pieces each in a set. These are blinded but no worries, it’s not hard to get all designs, just buy from someone who is selling them.

Prize M (22 pieces)

That’s more like it, being an Anniversary Kuji, they should make their small prizes different, and all of these are long towels which is good, but they also feature all the characters that has a figure in this set.

There are 11 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, they are not blinded so easy to collect all 11.

Prize N (25 pieces)

OMG I have never seen such a small prize being done like this before! All the folder feature the manga cover and they are giving you 2 pieces each in a prize! Wow, this makes them look super appealing and you would want to get your hands on all of these!

There are 25 designs, each has 1 piece each in a set, they are not blinded, thankfully, but collection can be a hassle, you are hoping that there is only 1 collector for every set, if not there will be people with missing pieces.

Last Prize

Okay so how do you make a good last prize when the top prizes are all the straw hat crew? They could have put one of them as the last prize but nope, they are giving us a new character! I am sure Yamato will look good here and she will be a piece that everyone will want to keep, so it’s a good figure to encourage a buy out!

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design9Almost all the prizes feature all 10 members of the Straw Hat Crew it really feels like an anniversary Kuji.
Top Prizes9Great figures, all unique in a set and makes you really want to get all 10 of them.
Small Prizes8Mugs: Looks special and feels like a good prize
Plates/Towel: Not that bad, at least you can try to complete it
Folder Set: This one is really good, they can make something so simple look so good
Last Prize8Unique
Debuting character
Will encourage a good buy out
Monetary Value8For $13 you have a good chance to pull a figure, even if you don’t, you can have a range of good prizes and if you are not collecting them, you can sell them to someone who does, so your prizes valuable one way or another.
Collection Value8Prize A to J: You will need to collect all 10 of them to make your collection look good and valuable in the long run.
Last: Definitely have value, so good to keep as well
Plates: Having a set doesn’t do much since all characters feels random
Towels: Good to have a set if you want to have value in the set
Mugs: Good to keep, how often do you think they will make such a cool mug
Folder Set: All 25 are needed to make your set look good, I believe 25 more are coming in the future, so good to hunt for all 25 if you have the chance to.
Overall83.33% (A-)A great set. All the top prizes feel like they are worth something and you really have the feels to collect a set of everything here (maybe not the plates but you get my point). Great anniversary set.


Casual Fan: Just try with 1 or 2 tickets, you might get a figure.

Collector: If you want all 11 figures, look out for a good buyout of 20 or lower then hunt down the remaining figures. If you want to kick start a set, 20 is good as well.

Super Collector: Just buy a full set if you want design of every prize, no kidding.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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