Ichiban Kuji That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime-I Became A King

Wow this is the first time we are seeing a third Slime Kuji within a year, I am guessing they are trying to capitalize on the hype, hopefully buyers don’t feel burned out by this.

This is the 10th overall Slime Kuji, you can see the list of compiled prizes here. 

Retail Price: SGD13/ 700Yen

Total Ticket: 80

Released Date: 28 August 2021

The total tickets are pretty normal and it’s a standard Kuji price too despite the yen price being a little more expensive, which is good for us.

Prize A (3 pieces)


Rimuru kicks start the set once again and this is the 11th time he’s been on the top prize of the set. A good looking figure, different from previous figure and he literally sits on a slime throne, which looks dope. There are also 3 pieces to go around for this piece so not super hard to get.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Despite seeing quite often recently, this is only the forth time Milim has appeared as the top prize and this is her first demon form big figure! She also looks like she is sitting on a throne, just her throne is made of pancakes with maple syrup. Very glad that she has 2 pieces in a set, so not as rare.

Prize C (1 piece)


Wow a new character! It’s not often we see new characters in Slime Kuji since most of the time we are getting Rimuru and maybe Milim, so to see someone new feels fresh. Guy looks good here as he sits on Rimuru Slime. The only problem is the rarity, he is the new figure and Bandai is only giving us 1 piece in a set?! Sure that makes total sense…

Prize D (2 pieces)


Well we are getting more tapestry. This is the second tapestry released for Slime Kuji thus far and I don’t think most people are a big fan of it, but the fact that they only have 2 pieces of it feels like they want you to think that it’s a big prize, but I will just say it’s a prize that will allow you to cover your ticket cost and even earn some profit if you sell it, there is demand for this, just not exactly a good prize, design is great don’t get me wrong.

Prize E (4 pieces)


Okay we are getting more CD, the difference with this time is that the number of CDs given is very little, so for collectors they will have to hunt for it and for those that pulls it they are able to sell a little higher, so win win for everyone since not everyone appreciates the CD. I think the problem lies in the language as most of us are unable to understand Japanese and they have don’t have English version.

Prize F (4 pieces)


The CD kind of combo with the booklet, and again it’s all in Japanese so you only be reading this for the picture. Also there are only 4 pieces in the set, so it’s quite rare and if you pull it, you can sell at your ticket cost so no loss for you.

Prize G (10 pieces)


Yes, mini figures! They are one of the things that attracts buyer. This is the forth time they have ever come up with mini figures in a set, and the only second time where they future human characters. Diablo is the only character that have not appeared in previous sets but no worries, be it new buyers or long term fans, all designs are unique to this set so no harm getting any of them!

There are 4 designs, 2 of them have 3 pieces each and 2 have 2 pieces each, I believe one of the Rimuru and Slime will have 3 pieces each, but they are all blinded so might be a challenge to collect all 4. At most, just buy them from the marketplace.

Prize H (10 pieces)


The Acrylic charm feels out of place here as they don’t exactly show any relation to the series, but they are nice to display, also there’s only 10 pieces in the set so they are not easy to pull too, and usually for such cases your prizes are more valuable, so all is good.

There are 5 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, not blinded so you can piece your favorite dessert design!

Prize I (16 pieces)


Wow, just when I thought Illustration Art might be an appealing prize, this proves me wrong. The design is great and the art is fantastic. The 6 unique characters look great and the duo art looks good too. You can display them beside your figure prizes and your whole collection will look so much better.

There are 8 designs, 2 pieces each in every set, they are not blinded too, so not hard to collect all.

Prize J (28 pieces)


More charms, and Slime series charms are usually big in size and they all look cute, so definitely don’t feel like you are on the losing end. The characters varies too, some past sets have a lot of Rimuru which can feel really repetitive while some characters only have 1 design.

There are 12 designs, I believe both Rimuru and Milim designs are the ones with 3 pieces each while the other 8 have 2 pieces each. They are not blinded so easy to collect them all, if you are concern some of the characters might be popular choices, do play early, but no worries, you can get them easily.

Last Prize


Having Rimuru sits on a different color Slime Throne feels different. If you are unable to pull Prize A, this serves as a good alternative, but at the same time since the color varies so much, people might just get both, definitely will trigger a buy out especially if the remaining 15- tickets have mini figures.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8The theme here is King and all the figures felt like they have are sitting on a throne, overall prizes are fairly well done and looks attractive.
Top Prizes8Figure: Great looking figure, just hope they have 2 pieces each instead of uneven distribution
Tapestry: At least you can sell and earn profit
Small Prizes8CD/ Booklet: Might not be of use to everyone but it’s rare, hence the value is there.
Charms/Illustration Art: Looks good, at least won’t make you feel bad.
Mini Figures: I believe everyone loves this.
Last Prize8Unique
Good color variant of Prize A and feels like it’s a not a replaceable but a different figure that you will need to get
Monetary Value7You have a higher chance of getting a charm or art but for the price you pay, the prizes you get are fairly decent.
Collection Value7Figures: Well, they are all unique to the set so if you are collector, having all 3 will be good and because of Guy’s rarity, it will make the set very valuable.
Charms/Art: Having all designs does make it look more attractive but it won’t grow in value as every set will have newer design, just collect for self interest
Booklet/CD/Tapestry: I don’t think many people will hunt for this in the future, but they should be able to retain your ticket cost value in the long run
Mini Figures: Well having all 4 does make your set super valuable, even if future sets release all 4 designs, you can sell one for SGD20 and people might still consider.
Overall76.67% (B+)A solid set featuring a lot o variety of prizes so everything looks very appealing. There are also lots of variety so really can motivate one to buy a lot of tickets to collect everything.


Pre Order:

  • Fresh Box: You can go ahead and get 10 tickets and see your luck if you intend to collect a lot of things from this set
  • 20 to 60 tickets left: 5 tickets will be good, you might have a good odds of pulling a figure!
  • 20-: You can consider a 20 tickets buyout

Live Tickets: Make sure the odds is still good, then see if you are a collector or you just wants to play for fun. Getting 10 tickets is not an issue since you have a chance to get prizes that can cover your ticket cost for those who are not collecting so you don’t make too much loss and for collectors you can have a chance to get those rarer prizes.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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