San X Kuji Rilakkuma Part 52

Rilakkuma Kuji from San X is not as common as Sumikko, I believe they are trying to let Sumikko chase the set so they will both have the same number eventually. For those who are not sure of San X Kuji, this Kuji do not have any last prize, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a bad set, so let’s explore it!

Retail Price: SGD12 / 650Yen

Total Tickets: 100

Released Date: Aug 2021

The ticket count is huge but it’s normal for San X Kuji, the ticket cost is standard for plush Kuji too.

Flower Prize (2 pieces)

So it seems like this set will feature Rilakkuma and Chairoikoguma wearing each other’s customer, the plush are definitely very cute and if you either of their fans, you will love either design! The problem is the distribution the prizes, like seriously, you have 2 pieces of this out of a 100 tickets, that’s like super hard to even pull this.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece each in every set, I believe both will be as popular, so do check if your preferred design is still there before playing.

Music Note Prize (2 pieces)

If you are not a fan of plush, how about cushion plush! They look just as adorable and they are not small, and they bring as much joy as the top prize so good for everyone. Also quite sad that there are only 2 pieces of these in a set.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece each in every set, you need to check for availability first before buying in case the one you wanted is not available.

Heart Prize (4 pieces)

Okay I was really expecting something big here, like something fascinating, and glass is really not on the top of my mind or anywhere near it. I mean the design is great and they give you 2 glasses but with only 4 pieces in the set, I kind of expected something really good, but oh well, at least it’s worth your ticket cost.

Club Prize (8 pieces)

This looks more attractive, they are potable seat cushion that you can bring to picnic or simply on your chair to soften the seat. The designs are great and each comes with a bag to store them.

There are 2 designs, 4 pieces each in every set, first come first serve.

Spade Prize (28 pieces)

This is so useful! The mask cover case will come in handy especially if you are going out to eat! This can store your mask so you won’t leave your mask lying around! Very unique prize and very good design too!

There are 2 designs, each has 14 pieces, no worries about the availability, there are plenty to go around.

Star Prize (56 pieces)

So the lowest tier prizes which is also the one that appears the most are the star badge, they look good but I think you will end up just leaving them lying around, we seen better small prizes from past sets so this is not that impressive as a prize, they do give you 2 badge per prize.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7This theme is about the 2 brown bears, not a very strong theme but at least everything is design well.
Top Prizes7Plush/Cushion: Adorable
Glass Set: Could be better but at least it’s a set
Small Prizes7Seat Cushion: Usable, portable and unique
Mask Cover: Very practical and cute
Badge: Adorable, but mainly for design purpose
Last Prize0None
Monetary Value7I think if you are okay with $12 for badges then it will be worth to get anything inside. The prizes are not that bad for the cost, you will get something decent, even if you get a badge, you can pin it with your Rilakkuma stuff.
Collection Value5Nothing here has value over time as new sets will come out, so collect at your own interest as San X stuff are not known for their value of items over time.
Overall55% (C)Well without collection value and last prize to motivate, this set, like most other San X Kuji, will just be there for the sake of the theme, but the prizes are fine, just hope they will include Last Prize and you know maybe not so much of the small prize next time round.


Pre Order/ Live Draw: 2 tickets, try your luck, if not worst case 2 badges, then move on to the next set.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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