Sanrio Lottery Pompompurin Lunch Time

Welcome to another week of Sanrio, this theme only features Pompompurin so if you not a fan of him, you can skip this set, if not, let’s dive down to see what prizes are in store for us!

Retail Price: SGD15.50/ 800Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 21st August 2021

The ticket cost is a little expensive for non-figurine Kuji but quite standard for Sanrio lottery and also the yen price is a little higher, so all is fair.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

So as usual the top prize for the set is a food appliance, this time is in the form of a food steamer! A great and usable prize, definitely will come in handy especially if you cook.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Next is the Cushion, it’s call a 2 way cushion as it has 2 sides, 1 showing Pompompurin and the other is a standard cushion, you can display it however you like but the prize design and creative is there! Really adorable and will make you happy for pulling it!

Prize 3 (4 pieces)

At first I thought these were slippers but they are actually multi stand! It acts like a holder and you can put your phone or stationaries or keys inside. It’s cute and it’s also rare to pull this, so it definitely has more value compared to prizes below.

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

Next is a pod, you can display or use it, whichever it is, the cuteness is on another level, like I don’t think you will feel bad for pulling this.

Prize 5 (10 pieces)

Next is mirror, cute in the front and act like a simple mirror at the back, for guys if you don’t the overloaded cuteness it’s actually pretty useful.

Prize 6, 7 (5 pieces each)

Next up are bowls, very simple but cute, more importantly, is actually quite worth your ticket cost if you are into Pompompurin.

Prize 8, 9 (6 pieces each)

Next are towel sets, small towels and I am quite surprise as they normally give out big towels but they do give 2 towels per prize and both pieces are cute in every design so it’s not that bad I guess, could be worst.

Prize 10, 11 (5 pieces each)

Next are pouches and they look great, the design and the utility makes you feel like you like you really won a decent prize. I doubt you will really hate it and it’s cute so all is well.

Prize 12 (10 pieces)

Last but definitely not the least is a purse, a plush purse I must say. It’s as adorable as the other prizes in the set and it is very useful and I think many may prefer this prize over most others in the set. Very unique and even some of the Prize 3 doesn’t look as good as this!

Last Prize

We have our last prize tradition where the only plush is available through the last prize. This is not a bad idea so if someone really wants the Pompompurin plush, he/she would have to buy out the remaining tickets! It’s big enough to encourage a decent buyout of 10 or below.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7Prizes are great, just not very thematic towards a lunch time, but doesn’t impact the quality of prizes!
Top Prizes8Food warmer: Excellent prize, very useful
Cushion: Cute and unique!
Multi Stand: Cute and useful!
Small Prizes7Pot/Purse: Unique prizes and adorable, attractive for buyers even if the big prizes have lower odds of getting!
Bowl/Pouch: Decent prizes, won’t feel bad
Towels/ Mirror: Can be discouraging if someone pulls this, but we can’t have it all
Last Prize6Unique
Only plush in the set
Could always be worst.
Monetary Value7One great thing about Sanrio lottery is that you will never truly lose out, even the worst prize is valuable and has great quality that you will feel your money is well spent!
Collection Value5And again, Sanrio Lottery prizes are to use and not for collection in the long run, if you do start a collection, understand that they might not have good selling price in future, so don’t go all out and buy things that you never pull in hopes of increasing the price!
Overall66.67% (B-)Decent Set and can’t blame them as this is just another routine Sanrio Lottery and they probably just release it out for the fans to buy, still not a bad Kuji.


Pre Order/Live Draw: Just buy 3 tickets to try your luck and accept whatever you have and move on to next Kuji. Prizes won’t disappoint you (or at least won’t make you feel despair).

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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