Ichiban Kuji BT21 Moon

For those of you unsure of BT21, they are basically Line characters, so if you are not a fan of them, you probably won’t be interested in this set, but do view around to see how awesome or dull the prizes are in the set!

Retail Price: 700 Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 21st Aug 2021

The ticket price is a little more expensive than usual, it’s more than a standard plush Kuji and also a standard Kuji, so I am guessing the prizes are a bit better? There is no Singapore stock as we do not have the licensing, but if someone is parallel importing them you can expect around $16 to $18 per ticket. Total ticket is pretty normal for a plush Kuji too.

Prize A (2 pieces)


The top prizes in this set are all the characters sleeping on their pillow, very adorable.

Prize B (2 pieces)


There are 2 pieces each so plenty to go around for all 7 characters, I am not a fan of having a character being rarer for any reason.

Prize C (2 pieces)


I believe you have a favorite BT21 member and you can aim for any plush and just put up for trade, or you know just buy it off from someone who has it, but what’s the fun in it?

Prize D (2 pieces)


If you are intending to collect, you will need to collect all 7 if not it will not serve any purpose.

Prize E (2 pieces)


So before you start, you need to know if you are really playing for fun or you want to collect, if the latter, then you will need to spend a lot or have the effort to hunt down all the missing pieces.

Prize F (2 pieces)


I like that all the 7 characters have the same theme and if you put all of them together they will look damn good!

Prize G (2 pieces)


They are all good top prizes, you have a good chance to draw them, so no complains here.

Prize H (1 piece)


Okay so if you are not a fan of plush, then maybe the towel might attract you. It’s a standard Ichiban Kuji large towel prize, so it’s a bathing towel, you can use for decoration or to use it, whichever you feel appropriate. This is the rare prize but it’s to make the prize valuable, you don’t really need it for your collection.

Prize I (3 pieces)


So aside for the towel, this set also have a bag which looks great! This is definitely worth the ticket price even at $16/$17! It’s useful too and it’s almost as rare as the plush! This serves as a great consolation prize!

Prize J (14 pieces)


The small plates looks as adorable as the plush! It’s the character sleeping printed as the design of the plates! Very consistent theme.

There are 7 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set, they are blinded so collection wise can be an issue.

Prize K (14 pieces)


Wow a phone grip holder! How unique is that! I believe if you are a fan of BT21 this will look so good at the back of your phone! You can use it as a display piece or use it as a holder! Now you have less worries about your phone dropping!

There are 7 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set too. They are also blinded, so without any local stock collecting all 7 can be an issue.

Prize L (24 pieces)


We will end off with charms and as much as I am not a big fan of it, I have to say that the design is cute and at least they have an additional design featuring all 7 characters!

There are 8 designs, 3 pieces each in a set. These are unfortunately blinded too, if you need to find a particular design, and you couldn’t find it locally, you can try Yahoo auction or Ebay.

Last Prize


How appropriate is it that the last prize is a bolster! This is actually 1 bolster, the picture shows both sides of it. It’s not a bad prize, just maybe one wouldn’t buy out aggressively at high numbers for this, but it’s a good motivator for a buyout for anything less than 10 tickets, or if you are paying $16 for it, then 6 tickets would be a good motivator.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7It’s clearly a sleeping theme and all the characters have the design fit towards the theme.
Top Prizes7Plush: Adorable
Towel: Useful and nice
Small Prizes7Bag: Awesome consolation prize
Plates/ Phone Grip Holder: Nice and unique or usable
Charm: Cute in the least
Last Prize6Unique
Will help you sleep better I hope.
Not the worst last prize out there.
Monetary Value7Depending on how much you got it, but I will just based on 700 yen, so with that amount, whatever you get here won’t make you feel like you are wasting your money, which is good enough.
Collection Value7Plush: If you intend to collect, all 7 are needed for a valuable set in the long run.
Towel/ Bag: Will probably retain it’s value over time but no need to hunt it down if you don’t have it
Small Prizes: All designs are needed for a complete set but even with that, I doubt it will grow in value, so just keep for your own.
Overall68.33% (B-)Decent Set, the prizes are adorable and doesn’t feel like you are throwing your money away and if you are a fan, I do hope the prizes makes you feel happy, only issue is that there are too many blind boxes, so if someone really likes a character, he/she will have to rely on luck to get that character.


Since there are no pre orders that I know of, this applies to ready stock: Just buy 3 tickets to try your luck for the plush, towel or bag, if not just move on to the next set and collect the prizes. Also do note that you are not able to choose any small prizes designs, so only play if you are okay with having any characters.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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