Sanrio Lottery Cinnamoroll Outdoors

Seems like we are getting quite far bit of Cinnamoroll recently, the theme for this set is outdoor, yup, just outdoor, so I believe everything will be related to outdoor camping or activities sort of event.

Retail Price: SGD15.50/800Yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 7th August 2021

The ticket is slightly more expensive as the Yen price is more expensive than normal Kuj tickets too. I expect the prizes to be more attractive if the ticket cost is more expensive. The total tickets is pretty normal for a plush Kuji.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

Wow that’s a really good top prize! The cushion chair is so suitable for outdoor activities! You can bring it around to the beach to picnic or use it at home too if you prefer to sit on this! The chair is so big and definitely worth being the top prize. Finally something different as the previous top prizes were mostly food related appliances.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Wow the second top prize is not bad as well! Normally this section will be a plush of sort but having a lamp makes thing feels a little bit different in a good way! The lamp can be used for camping or simply use it as a light source beside your bed. Very useful item.

Prize 3 (2 pieces)

Usually this part is where the prizes are rare but not as good as the first 2 prizes, and I think this mirror stand isn’t as good as the other 2 but definitely have it’s own value. First of all, it’s a cute mirror stand, with adjustable mirror and it has LED lights too if you are into that, regardless I think if you pull it you can just sell it off at a profit so no harm for pulling.

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

Next we have a laundry basket, or a basket if you intend to use it for something else. I mean the design is adorable and it’s quite big for a lower tier prize. I think you will be happy pulling this as this will come into use for a lot of things. You can use it for laundry, to carry food or if you want to, to store things as well.

Prize 5 (10 pieces)

This is a very unique prize in the form of a hair turban. I believe it will only be useful if you have long hair, even if you don’t, this act as a good display piece, I mean it has the whole Cinnamoroll face in it. Not exactly worth $15.50 but I don’t think you make too much loss for pulling this prize too.

Prize 6, 7 (5 pieces each)

Next is chopsticks set. For 1 prize we are getting 2 pairs of chopsticks and 2 chopsticks rest! The 2 prizes only varies in the design of the chopsticks, both the Cinnamoroll rest in the set are the same! Both Cinnamoroll expression are in both Prize 6 and 7, 1 piece each! So doesn’t really matter which prize you won. I believe this is totally worth your ticket cost and most people are looking to pull this.

Prize 8,9 (6 pieces each)

Wow the prizes are still looking good! These are not your ordinary tote bags, they are a cooler bags! So if you want to carry some cold food or drinks to a beach or picnic or any outdoor activities, having this bag would definitely be useful!

Prize 10, 11 (5 pieces each)

A fairly simple mug but most important of all, it doesn’t make you feel like you loss a lot of money, actually one might even pay $15.50 for a Cinnamoroll mug. The design is also a little special with the pop out design so it doesn’t feel like any ordinary mug.

Prize 12, 13 (6 pieces each)

Last and maybe the least are the towels. We know the towels are coming but for one it’s not a lot of them in a set, so even if you do pull them, you won’t get an influx amount of towels, second, they are long towels, oh and they are wide too, so I don’t think you will feel too bad for pulling it.

Last Prize

No plush in any of the 70 tickets, only the last prize and this is not entirely a plush too, it’s a tissue box! You can use it as a plush to hug if you want or a very huge tissue box, but either way it’s definitely worth a buy out, or at least encourage one to do so.

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CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8Very suitable theme for outdoors, every prize is usable for outdoor activities and Sanrio’s prize usually have good quality, so all god here.
Top Prizes7Chair: Fantastic
Lamp/Mirror Stand: Not bad at least it’s not a plush
Small Prizes8Chopstick Set: Probably more demand than the top prizes
Basket/Cooler Bag: Very usable
Hair Turban/Mug/Towel: Good prizes, adorable in the least, at least you won’t feel too bad about it at the end of the day.
Last Prize7Unique
Should encourage a buyout of 8 or lower.
Monetary Value8Great value for money, every prize is worth something and you can’t say that for most Kuji nowadays.
Collection Value5Sad to say, Sanrio prizes don’t have good value overtime as they are not meant for long term collection, you could collect at your own interest but don’t do it for the sake of “investing”. Better prizes or more designs will come out in the future so this set won’t be remembered in the long run.
Overall72% (B)Good Kuji, it’s Sanrio lottery so nothing will go wrong, this Kuji is there to give Cinnamoroll fans something fresh to play and also something to look forward to, it was never meant for a collection, but overall quite okay, I don’t see anything wrong with it.


If you are a fan, even a huge fan, getting too many tickets is not ideal as you risk a lot of duplicates. So buying 5 or fewer tickets would be the best, the prizes are for you to use anyway don’t overspent on this.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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