Ichiban Kuji Identity V Third

This is the second Identity V Kuji ever released and this set is so much better as the prizes are way better! The previous set saw a bunch of acrylic stands and a tapestry for most of the prizes, which in my opinion for $13 is a bit expensive.

Retail Price: SGD13 / 680yen

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: 7th August 2021

The ticket price is a little expensive for a plush Kuji but the total ticket count is normal.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Feels good to have a plush instead of a tapestry for the top prize doesn’t it? I don’t think plush is very high in demand for any Kuji but having a plush is way better than a tapestry. This is not the main highlight of the set but if you pull it, you can sell it to cover your ticket cost.

Prize B (2 pieces)

Since we have a white guard it’s only right to have a black guard plush. I believe if you intend to get you will want to collect both and that might be a challenge, but no worries, the plush won’t get too expensive in the marketplace. Also a good prize to pull.

Prize C (6 pieces)

Okay now we are talking about the main attraction here! The mini figures looks great and it is also the first Identity V figures we have so far, pretty much because the previous set only have tapestry and acrylic stand. If you manage to pull one you are consider very lucky as this is the most valuable prize in the set.

There are 3 designs, 2 pieces each in a set. Unfortunately these are blinded so you will need some luck to get all 3 designs, if not you can just trade or buy them.

Prize D (6 pieces)

Wow more mini figures! What is great about having 2 different prizes separating 6 figures is that it is easier for you to collect all 6 if you buy a lot of tickets, think about it, having 1C and 1D you are guaranteed to have 2 different figures but if all 12 are lump together you might get 2 duplicates if you pull 2 figures! Very nice figurines and makes the whole set attractive already!

There are 3 designs, again 2 pieces each in a set, blinded too so collection wise will be hard but you can trade or buy them.

Prize E (12 pieces)

If you are a fan of acrylic stand from the previous set, fear not, this set has more Acrylic stands too! It’s like a continuation of the previous set. This prizes features the Survivors and none of them are repeats from previous set! They look great and also with the rarity they will definitely have value.

There are 6 designs, 2 pieces in each set, blinded too, so same logic.

Prize F (12 pieces)

If we have survivors we have hunters too, and they look great as well! None of them are repeats from the previous series too if you collect the previous acrylic stands then you will want to continue your collection here.

There are 6 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, blinded too.

Prize G (30 pieces)

If Bandai decides to flood most of the prizes with the small prize then at least the prize needs to look good right? Which is exactly what they are doing right here! The charms are a continuation from previous set too and none of the characters are repeated! They look so adorable and if you are collecting then I don’t think you will feel bad for pulling this!

There are 10 designs, 3 pieces each in a set, so this is practically a blind box Kuji where 5 of the 7 prizes are blind box, which also means your prizes are more valuable since people are going to want to look or trade for them!

Last Prize

Okay totally not a big fan of towels, but at least this is a towel with excellent art work! It features all 12 characters in the acrylic stand and at 100cm long I don’t think you will hate it, just maybe people might only buyout at 6 or lower for it. So lucky everything is blinded so it still motivates people to buy out the remaining prizes.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design8Basically everything here gives out the Identity V vibe, which and the design of the prizes are really closely related to the game.
Top Prizes8Plush: Not bad at least there are some value in this
Figures: The main attraction here, you will definitely want to pull this.
Small Prizes8Acrylic Stand: Great design and collection worthy
Charms: Adorable and also collection worthy
Last Prize6Unique
Not that attractive compared to a figure
Could be worst.
Monetary Value7Good value for your money, you have a good chance of pulling a mini figure or plush with only 1 ticket! You also have a good shot at acrylic stand which will definitely have demands.
Collection Value9Prize A, B: I think this might be a one off prize so if you don’t want to collect it, you don’t have to
Prize C, D: I believe more minis will come out in the future and this 6 designs will be unique to this set so value will grow over time!
Prize E, F: Continuation of previous set so if you have all 24 acrylic stand then you can actually sell them at ticket price per piece! If not having a full 12 characters set will have it’s value since they will be essential for collectors to get the full set
Prize G: A set of 10 can go for $30 I believe, might go up in price but not too drastic, but if having set of 10 definitely looks better and easier to sell compared to loose ones.
Overall77% (B+)Great Kuji overall. The blind box really makes this set exciting as it gives you some adventure to hunt down all the designs to complete your collection and also make your prizes more valuable should you want to sell or trade for it.


If you are a fan of this Kuji, I think 10 or more tickets wouldn’t be an issue and if all figures are available, buy more to get more things out of it! If you just want to play for fun, 2 tickets would be fine too, if you pull a plush or figure you kind of cover your cost. Even if you don’t, you can sell the stand or keep the charm.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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