Ichiban Kuji Rent A Girlfriend Satisfaction Level 2

This is the second Rent A Girlfriend Kuji, fans of the manga will be excited to know that this Kuji will finally feature a figurine! So let’s see what we have here!

Retail Price: SGD14 / 750yen

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 19 June 2021

The tickets are slightly more expensive as the yen price is more expensive too, usually when that is the price, we would be getting some mini figs too!

Prize A (4 pieces)

We got an amazing Chizuru figure for the top prize and she looks great here! As I mentioned earlier, this is also the first time a figure was introduce in the Rent A Girlfriend Kuji! Sadly it is also the only big figurine that we are getting.

Prize B (3 pieces)


I am not a fan of tapestry but it’s definitely a way better illustration art compared to visual art or even poster, but as a big prize this really feels underwhelm. It’s Chizuru though so nothing against the character, just for the prize that we are paying, it’s a little turn off to get such a prize.

Prize C (1 piece)


If you plan to collect all the tapestry, Mami’s tapestry might be the hardest one to get since she only has 1 piece in a set, so you are people don’t start a tapestry collection if not this will be hard to get, regardless, I still don’t think a tapestry is ever a good big prize.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Ruka looks great too. You know they could always convert all these tapestry into figures so we can all be happy right?

Prize E (3 pieces)


We end off with Sumi’s tapestry. The thing I find weird is that why are the tapestry not evenly distributed? I mean more Chizuru is fine but why only 1 Mami, then 2 Ruka and 3 Sumi, just feels weird and illogical, probably the intention is to make a prize more valuable.

Prize F (16 pieces)


Wow, these mini figures are so adorable! I feel like collecting them all already! All the characters featured in the tapestry are here too! It also acts as a great consolation prize too, you definitely will get value out of your tickets with this prize.

There are 4 designs, 4 pieces each in a set, these are blind boxes and you might want to trade around if you have extras to complete a set!

Prize G (23 pieces)


These are illustration board booklet. The front cover act like a normal illustration board and when you open it, there are more content inside! Cool prize, perhaps not worth the $14 but at least it feels like a prize.

There are 4 designs, I believe only Mami has 5 pieces in a set while the others have 6 pieces each. These are not blinded so very easy for you to get all 4 design!

Prize H (28 pieces)


The charms are cute, take nothing away from them. However, the amount of charm is just too much for the prize that we are paying. Don’t think you would like to receive so many charms for the ticket price too.

There are 8 designs, I am not sure of the distribution as of now since it’s a blind box but I believe it’s not hard to find all 8 since there will be plenty of them being sold in the market place.

Last prize


Just in case you are unable to pull the A Prize, aiming for the last is also an option! This is a great variant to encourage a buy out! If buyers prefer the close eye variant they can aim for a buyout too.

Kuji Calculator



CriteriaScore (Upon 10)Remarks
Design7Very lovely theme for Rent A Girlfriend, they are attractive as they should be
Top Prizes7Figure: Excellent
Tapestry: Not exactly what a Kuji fan wants, but at least it is valuable enough to at least cover your ticket cost.
Small Prizes8Mini figs are so cute makes you feel like a winner.
Illustration Board are not too bad.
The charm are cute in the least
Last Prize8Variant of Prize A
Could be worst, they could always give us tapestry
Good buyout motivator
Monetary Value7Good value for your money you have a good 36.25% of getting a mini fig or big prize.
Collection Value8Prize A: Good collector item, worth keeping
Prize B to E: A set pretty much can cover back your ticket cost for 5 prizes in the long run, however don’t expect too much as more tapestry might be released
Prize F: Great item to collect especially if you have full set!
Prize G,H: A set will be good to have, but don’t expect them to grow value over time.
Overall75% (B+)Great Kuji set that makes the whole thing look very attractive to buy. I might be too harsh on the tapestry but I think you can agree that you would prefer something other than a tapestry as your top prize right? Regardless it’s not worthless, it’s just not as high value as a figure or even a plush.


Great Kuji set for Rent A Girlfriend fan. The Figures are really good and the small prizes are cute so overall I think if you are a fan, getting 5 tickets is fine, you might get a tapestry or figure for all you know.

Good luck for you pulls! Let me know what did you get!

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