Ichiban Kuji Dragon Ball EX World Tournament Super Battle

It seems like the day of the month where we have another Dragon Ball Kuji, however, just looking at the promotional poster you can see that there are plenty of new characters and definitely don’t feel repetitive.

To keep track of what has been released so far, you can check out Dragon Ball Ichiban Kuji Prize Index List

Retail Price: SGD15 / 800yen

Total Tickets: 80

Retail Price: 31st July 2021

The retail price is slightly more expensive as you can see that the Yen price is higher than normal too, but normally in this case that would mean that the prizes are usually way better. So let’s see if it’s true.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Wow for once we aren’t starting off the Kuji with another Goku figure! That feels so fresh and Vegeta is also a popular character so totally cool with him being on the first prize. He has a alternate ear that comes with his visor too if you are into that, and this series figure is Masterlise so expect supreme figure quality. 2 pieces to go around, very happy to see that.

Prize B (2 pieces)

I believe this is Nappa’s debut in a Dragon Ball Kuji as a big prize. He looks great here, he also comes with an alternate visor ear. If you are a collector, this is probably someone you would like to collect from this set. 2 pieces to go around too, so glad to see this.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Okay we know Goku is definitely coming, if you are sick of a lot of Goku, maybe this version will make you feel otherwise. It’s the tournament version and I don’t think he has this exact pose and costume release before, so definitely not duplicate of any previous figure but I understand if you have too much Goku and don’t intend to collect this piece. Regardless, it’s a figure, no loss pulling it.

Prize D (1 piece)

You know I am as surprise as most Kuji buyer that this is the first time young Gohan debuts in a Dragon Ball Kuji as a big prize! Most of his figure released before are either his older version or paired with another person. So great to see him standing on his own here. He is a smaller figure but because there’s only 1 piece of his figure in this set, it would make him very valuable.

Prize E (3 pieces)

The Saibaman makes it’s debut here as well in a Dragonball Kuji! Wow so many debuts and what is great about this figure is that Bandai actually are giving 3 pieces of this in a set! So if you are a maniac that wants to collect multiple Saibaman, you could! You can also sell them easily if you don’t intend to collect them since people are going to form an army of Saibaman!

Prize F (10 pieces)

If you have been collecting the dragon archives then you will need to keep your collection going, The 4 figures here are all unique, they have never been released before, as least the combination of figures or their variant have never been release before! So for $15 I am sure if you pull this you won’t feel bad at all!

There are 4 designs, I am not too sure of the distribution as of now, most likely 2 have 2 pieces each while the other 2 have 3 pieces each, regardless, they are all blinds.

Prize G (16 pieces)

When I first saw the metal coaster in Ex Warriors set I was incline to believe that the metal coasters were a one off thing, I admit I am wrong and great to see small prizes that are a continuation of previous set, makes collector feel like they have been keeping something valuable over time. The coasters are great, there are 2 coasters in every prize so you don’t feel too bad for pulling this.

There are 6 designs, I believe the Goku and Vegeta design all have 3 pieces each while the other 2 have 2 pieces each in a set. They are not blinded so feel free to choose your favorites and if you are collecting, no issue at all.

Prize H (24 pieces)

The towels are usually the weakest prize in a set, but at least the characters in the design don’t look so bad, they added their catch phrase too but in Japanese but you can see some form of effort here. The long towels also feature Vegeta as well as the tournament banners so if you are into long towels you won’t feel bad I hope. Either way when there are great big prizes, we ought to have some bad small prizes.

There are 8 designs, 4 long and 4 short, each has 3 pieces in a set, they are not blinded too.

Prize I (20 pieces)

Okay the design for the illustration looks decent, the quality of the material is a bit better, but it’s a sheet of plastic, so don’t expect too much here.

There are 6 designs, 2 of them have 4 pieces each while the other 4 have 3 pieces each in a set, not too sure which has which but not blinded and don’t worry, you can buy them easily in the marketplace for a dollar per piece.

Last Prize

Excellent, I was afraid that they might let Goku be the last prize but thankfully not. Nappa deserve the last prize here since he is a Unique figure and if buyers can’t pull prize B, they can aim for Last Prize. This variant has an alternative face expression and also additional hair piece. Very good motivator for a buy out.

Kuji Calculator



So for $15 I would say your chances of getting a figure is higher than normal Kuji, but the small prizes can be a bit lackluster, so if you really want to collect the figurines, try your luck with 10 tickets and then buy the rest in the marketplace. You should get 2 or more figures, whether they are big or small it’s up to your luck.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Overall theme looks good, like at least give you the feeling that you want to invest in it.
Top Prizes9: Great Masterlise figure, very little repetitive characters and even if they are released before they have specialty.
Small Prizes6: The metal coasters are cool but apart from that, the towel don’t feel like a good prize and don’t get me started about the illustration sheet, like they could totally do better.
Last Prize8: Variant of B but it’s a figure currently unique to this set so good motivator for buy out.
Monetary Value7: For the odds of you getting a figure, I say $15 is really not that bad but for the prizes you are getting if you don’t pull a coaster or figure, I would say that you might feel really bad about it unless you have a figure to cover back your cost.
Collection Value8: Gohan, Nappa and Saibaman are worth collecting in the long run, I doubt they would appear in future sets and even if they do, probably not so soon. The dragon archives are also worth collecting, even if you missed out earlier ones they are still worth to collect in the long run. The small prizes are easy to collect, they can be found easily so don’t invest too much in them, I don’t think they got a lot of monetary value but for collection wise having all the metal coasters sure looks good.
Overall76.67% B+, wow even I am surprise this set is graded so high, totally impartial here. The small prizes are why the Kuji can’t be graded higher but all in all, for the money that you are paying and the prizes that you could be getting especially the figures, I think you will feel that your money is spent well.

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