Happy Kuji Marvel Be@rbrick

I am always looking forward to see Be@rbrick Kuji, or rather anything that Happy Kuji releases. In my humble opinion, they are one of the better Kuji companies out there. We had a DC Be@rbrick release earlier this year so great to see the Marvel counterpart!

Retail Price: SGD16 to 18

Total Tickets: 80

Release Date: 24th July 2021

The ticket cost is a little more expensive as Singapore does not have the licensing to sell this product so most shops end up just parallel importing them, that being said, if the prizes are worth your ticket cost, then I see no issue here.

SP Prize (1 piece)

SP賞 BE@RBRICK 400% [アイアンマン]

Of course a 400% Be@rbrick is the top prize for the set. Iron Man definitely deserves his spot here, period. Basically a top prize for Be@rbrick Kuji that is a 400% figure is totally worth trying your luck, heck you can sell this at SGD200 and people will queue in line to buy from you! Of course the selling prize is based off the market and I think this piece is going to be extremely rare and popular.

Pair Figure Prize (10 pieces)

ペアボックス賞 BE@RBRICK 100% 2体セット(ボールチェーン付き)[全5種]

The problem with previous Be@rbrick Kuji set about Pair figures that ended up having very little problem is that both the figures are not exclusive to the box, there’s no demand to get the pair figures if they are more expensive than you getting 2 single figures. This is not the case, every pair figures in this set have 1 villain figure that is exclusive in the box! So if you want Thanos, Loki, Red Skull, Ultron or Carnage, your only way is to try your luck and pull this box! What a great idea, it does makes it hard to collect the villains but at the same time makes this prize really valuable.

There are 5 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set, you cannot choose, so whatever number you pull is the box you are getting.

Single Figure Prize (69 pieces)

L@ST賞 BE@RBRICK 400% [スパイダーマン]

Wow, the line up is stacked! We have our big 4 in Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Hulk. We also have characters from the recent Disney Plus shows in Scarlet Witch, Vision, Falcon and Winter Soldier. We also have the Guardians of Galaxy in Star Lord, Gamora, Rocket, Groot and Nebula. Not forgetting the Spider verse with Spider Man, Venom and Scarlet Spider. We also have the popular Ant Man, War Machine and Black Panther.

Wow this is actually the worst prize you can pull in the set and it’s not even bad! You are guaranteed a figurine regardless of what you pulled! Each one of them looks great, even if you pull those in the pair figures they have value too since they are popular characters, I mean who doesn’t want to keep at least an Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Spider Man or Vision figure? Maybe not Vision but the other 4!

It’s a Be@rbrick, regardless of what you pulled you don’t lose anything, one 100% figure will cost you at least SGD20 and to be able to get one and a Marvel character one at your ticket price is definitely worth the value!

There are 20 designs, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, War Machine, Falcon, Winter Solider, Black Panther and Spider Man has 4 pieces each in a set while the other 11 has 3 pieces each. You get what you pull, so if you do encounter duplicates, fret not, just do some trading or sell them away then buy the ones that you are missing.

Last Prize

L@ST賞 BE@RBRICK 400% [スパイダーマン]

Okay so a perfect last prize are those that can really encourage a buy out at a large number, well look no further. This is another 400% Figure and you will definitely want to get your hands on this amazing Spider Man (see what I did there). You can even buy out at 40 tickets and no one would fault you because this piece is just so worth the buy out and don’t forget, you are getting all the great figurines too!


Pair 100%12.5%


Probability of getting at least one figure prize/ pair figure or 400% / 400%Tickets Bought
100%/ 13.75% / 1.25%1
4100% / 45.34% / 5%4
100% / 75.56% / 11.25%9
100% / 91.46% / 18.75%15


Basically there is no loss here, whichever prize you get you can definitely sell them at least at cost to break even, but you don’t have to, I believe there will be demand in this Kuji and you might even make profits if you manage to pull the SP and pair boxes and sell them. If you are a fan or Be@rbrick or Marvel, do play this Kuji, if you don’t have budget, play at least 2 tickets and feel happy regardless of what you pull. If you do have the budget, you can even aim for a large buyout or simply just buy 10 tickets to try your luck at SP.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Be@brick has the tendency to make their figurines look amazing and the Marvel theme suits well here, all the characters look great.
Top Prizes10: You cannot deny that the 400% Iron Man looks gorgeous and the pair figure looks has value too since the villains are exclusive there!
Small Prizes10: It’s a figurine, in other Kuji you won’t see mini figures appearing that often, over here you get an all figurine Kuji which I believe it’s like a no lose situation for any of us. No posters to make you feel sad which is the issue with the DC Be@rbrick Kuji.
Last Prize10: Just like the SP prize, the last is a good motivator to encourage a buyout. It’s super expensive and a popular character and buyer will just buy out the whole box regardless of what’s left just for the last prize.
Monetary Value10: Even for $18 at some retail shops, you won’t see yourself losing out because you are guaranteed a figure.
Collection Value10: Not all the Be@rbrick here are exclusive to this set, the 2012 Marvel Be@rbrick Kuji has some of the characters here but in their comic variant than their MCU variant, but if Be@rbrick itself have a lot of values so if you can keep it for long you will see growth in them, especially for the 100%, the pair boxes and a full single figure set.
Overall98.33% S. If there is any perfect Kuji out there, this is the one. There is literally nothing wrong with this Kuji, if you do find anything wrong with it, do let me know. I think I said enough good things about this Kuji but if you really disagree with any points here, do let me know, we can discuss about it.

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