San-X Kuji Sumikko Gurashi Part 24

It’s time for another Sumikko Kuji! San X Kuji doesn’t appear that often so it always fresh to see them releasing new products. This Kuji does not come with Last Prize, so if there’s nothing good left, don’t bother buying, okay that’s a bit harsh, but if you don’t have anything to look for when pulling then just leave the box.

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 100

Released Date: 24th July 2021

The price is rather normal for a plush Kuji, however, there are way more tickets too so do note that in mind.

Music Note Prize (4 pieces)

The theme here is clearly stars, and all of them look fabulous here. They issue I have or rather feels weird is that Shirokuma and Tonkatsu isn’t around, but they have Tokage and Neko, so nothing can go wrong! Also Ebi makes a rare appearances as a top prize! These are so rare to pull, so if you do pull them, good for you.

There are 4 designs, 1 piece each in every set, so if you want a particular character especially Tokage, you will need to buy early.

Diamond Prize (2 pieces)

The stars are a surprising plush here for this Kuji! If you got a bit tired of getting the same characters almost all the time, this would be a great time to see someone different! The distribution of prizes may seem a little odd, but don’t worry as the yellow star plush is larger than the group of stars.

There are 2 designs, each has 2 piece in this set, so if you want to be able to choose, you will need to buy early too.

Club Prize (4 pieces)

Wow, first of all, the design for this bag is amazing, secondly, it has a lot of uses for a simple bag, you ca use it as a tote bag, a bag pack or you know just use it as a bag to store your stuff! This is actually attractive in it’s own ways and if you are not a plush fans, then you might like this prize more.

Spade Prize (6 pieces)

I am not sure who still uses a hardcopy photo, but the design of the photo frame is so nice! I think if I were to pull any of these, I will just display them as it is! It’s not a bad prize for a consolation prize it’s not that bad.

There are 2 designs, 3 pieces each in every set, you don’t have to pull too early if you want to choose but of course do check if the design you want is available or not before pulling!

Star Prize (28 pieces)

When it comes to this category of prize, I am usually very concern but this pouch looks so good that I don’t feel bad for pulling it! I think most people might even be very happy if they were to get one of these pouches! What is so great is you can use it to store all your smaller Sumikko plush! Wow they look great and I can’t believe they are giving us so many of these in a set!

There are 2 designs, 14 pieces each in every set, don’t worry about the design, you will be able to choose the ones you want unless there’s a particular preference for everyone in one of the designs that I am unaware about.

Heart Prize (56 pieces)

Now this is the common prizes, out of 2 tickets you should probably be getting 1 of these. It’s a star badge, you can pin it or wear it, compared to the fan in Part 23, it’s not that bad but compare to the tote bag in part 22, I believe this is nowhere near that. It’s not a bad gift but I don’t think people will make use of this, they probably will throw it aside. They gave us 2 badge in a prize so I guess that’s a good thing?

There are 4 designs, 14 pieces each in every set, do not worry about about the design part, even if they are gone, you can buy 1 easily from someone in the market.


Big Plush4%
Star Plush2%
Photo Frame6%


Probability of getting anything other than pouches or badges/ plush prizeTickets Bought
16% / 6%1
50.79% / 22.23%4
71.7% / 36.06%7
91.2% / 57.64%13


Okay I know I am very harsh towards San X Kuji solely because of the odds and also the lack of last prize, however, the prizes here are not that bad, the badge looks good but I think most people wouldn’t appreciate it, but again, they never appreciate any small prizes. If you are a Sumikko fan, just buy maybe 4 tickets to try your luck, you might just get something good, if not, even if you get a pouch that’s a good prize, and even if you get all 4 badges, you get to complete the badge set!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: This is a literal star theme but yet not every prize is a star theme prizes, but design wise still good overall.
Top Prizes8: Very nice plush, at least the characters in their star theme outwit don’t feel too repetitive and the star plush toys feels very fresh.
Small Prizes7: The bag is amazing, the photo frame not that much but still a good prize that is useful, I believe there’s a good photo is worth putting in there. The pouch is amazing and the badge is decent, so overall we have a series of decent prizes.
Last Prize0: Nothing here.
Monetary Value7: I think for $12 to get 2 badges is not that bad and if you get a pouch or anything better, you already make up the value of the ticket!
Collection Value5: As always, collecting everything will be a painful journey and even if you have a full set of the prizes, you might not value them very high especially since the prize of plush in Singapore is really low. So just buy to use or have fun, don’t look at any long term gain.
Overall56.67% C. At least this time round we get a higher grade. The prizes here are decent but without any last prize to motivate us, once all the good prizes are gone, the box is dead. As long as this Kuji doesn’t improve itself, it will not get any higher grades here unless everything else is perfect, that being said, it’s still worth for you to play some ticket, just don’t go aggressive on this.

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