Ichiban Kuji Toyko Olympics 2020

The Olympics last year was unfortunately postponed due to the pandemic, so it doesn’t feel much of a big deal for this Kuji set, but still, let’s see what they have for us.

Retail Price: 800yen

Total Tickets: 50

Released Date: 17th July 2021

As you can tell from the retail price, Singapore and I believe most Asia countries other than Japan themselves won’t be having selling this Kuji, I mean I get it, they are afraid that this Kuji won’t have the hype to sell outside of Japan, I mean do people even know the Olympics exist now? Jokes aside, I think it’s still a good spirit they decide to release this Kuji this year, so let’s see what they have in store for us! Oh and also, there are only 50 tickets in this set, which is very little for a standard Kuji, so hope that means it’s easier to pull prizes.

Prize A (1 piece)


Well of course Miraitowa (mascot for the Toyko Olympics) is going to be the top prize here. This is a figure if you thought it’s a plush, amazing to say the least, I know the character probably won’t be recognized in the future when the next Olympic event happens, but you can’t deny the quality of the prize here. There’s only 1 of this prize in the set but to be honest, for a 50 ticket Kuji, it’s really good enough.

Prize B (4 pieces)


I am not sure what to tell of this, it’s a plain towel but it’s at 100cm long so it’s one of those top prize towel you get in Kuji, despite that what makes it more special is the character head so this is a good display piece if you don’t bear to use it, moreover it also a top prize so if you pull it just roll along with it.

Prize C (12 pieces)


The coasters looks good, it’s simple and the color variant gives you more option to choose your preferred design. Quality wise it’s as good as other Kuji coasters, so don’t worry about it.

There are 3 designs, 4 pieces in each set, not blinded so feel free to choose.

Prize D (18 pieces)


I think you cannot run away from towels in a lot of Kuji, over here we have 3 designs, each design has a long and short towel variant, it’s simple and if you can tell it’s to promote the Olympic event. Don’t expect too much from this Kuji.

There are 6 designs, 3 for short and 3 for long, each has 3 pieces in a set. You can choose the design, so if you want the long towels you will need to pick early.


The charm looks good to say the least. There are various of design and Miraitowa appears in 4 of them. Doesn’t even feel simple, I think the shape is unique and very attractive.

There are 5 designs, each has 3 pieces in a set. No blinds as well so you can pick your favorite.

Last Prize


Seeing that the Kuji only has 50 tickets, I don’t think they will give us a good last prize, so a long 100cm towel with a unique design is actually not that bad, but I don’t know if it will attract any buyout especially if the A and B prizes are gone. Feels a bit too underwhelm for a last prize.


Miraitowa 2%
100cm Towel8%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A or B)Tickets Bought


If you feel the prizes here are not attractive, you are not alone, this Kuji is meant to promote the Olympic events and I believe buyers are usually supporters for the event, mainly the countries’ patriot, but feel free to support if any shops is carrying this Kuji, like 1 or 2 tickets to show some support towards the event is fine, also know that the prizes are not valuable in the long run so if you were to buy, it’s purely to support the event.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: This Kuji is here to promote the Tokyo Olympics and I believe they did a decent job here.
Top Prizes7: A good figure and decent long towel, could always be worse.
Small Prizes6: Very standard Kuji small prizes, good design and quality, just don’t expect too much also.
Last Prize4: Towels are already not attractive and without a good support for the character featured in the towel, this is going to be hard to trigger a buy out.
Monetary Value3: None of your prizes can help you to cover the cost of the tickets except for A maybe, even B I don’t think you can sell it for a profit, unless people are really patriotic for the event, but in Singapore, I highly doubt so. So when you buy this, know that it’s purely to support the event.
Collection Value2: I don’t think collecting everything will mean anything in the long run, especially when the next Olympic event occurs, this will make all your collection less valuable as people don’t usually look back and buy historical event items. I could be wrong, but you don’t see the Beijing or London Olympic stuff selling for a high price now.
Overall48.33% C-. Okay I think I might be too harsh on the grading side but grades aside, this Kuji is really meant to promote the event, if you are looking to see value in this Kuji, then please spend the money on other Kuji. If you buy this, it’s 100% to show support to the event, no thinking about trying to earn or get value out of the prizes.

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