Kamen Rider Saber No 3 Featuring Legend Riders

Kamen Rider doesn’t appear as much but when they do, I believe they sure will make a great impact for Rider fans! Kamen Rider Kuji as usual will always feature legend riders so fans who aren’t a fan of Saber can still try your luck in hopes of getting a rider that you knew!

If you want to know the list of past Rider Kuji prizes, do check out Kamen Rider Ichiban Kuji Full Prize List!

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 17th July 2021

Everything seems pretty normal, so let’s just get right into it.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Wow, just wow, we have an amazing figure for the top prize! I am surprised that they actually came out with Xross but nothing bad about it, I wouldn’t have any other forms or rider to be featured as the big figure for this set! Everything is amazing about this guy, it doesn’t have the light up effect as the previous figure but who cares about that! This is good enough! Very glad that there are 2 pieces in a set for us to get.

Prize B (1 piece)

If you haven’t heard of the rider head collection, here you go. I am very surprised to see this product line featuring here especially since it’s absence in several years in Rider Kuji set! There is nothing bad about Rider Head, it’s a great display and has amazing detailed sculpt that no one would ever question about it. The only problem is that it has only 1 piece in a set and this is the only way to get Saber Head, so you either have to try your luck or buy it off someone and it’s not going to be cheap.

Prize C (8 pieces)

For one I am very please to see that the Palmlise line is growing and more riders are featured! If you are here for the legend riders, we have 3 of them for you and if you into the newer riders, Espada and Build are there too. Momotaros also makes his appearance here and adds more variety into this product line. All the figurines are awesome and you will be more than happy to be able to pull this.

There are 6 designs, I believe Den-O and Momo have 2 pieces in every set, while the others have 1 each. These are blinded like all Kamen Rider mini figures, so if you want to collect them all, you have to try your luck or just buy it off from someone who doesn’t want to collect it.

Prize D (20 pieces)

Wow the cups are back! If you are wondering why did I say wow to this, it’s because Kamen Rider cups are usually great in design, just look at Kuuga, if you put different juice into the cup you can change into different forms! Decade and Ghost looks amazing too with the multiple riders/ forms. The others are pretty good too with all the design and it doesn’t feel in the least sloppy!

There are 8 designs, saber, zero one, zi o and build has 3 pieces each while the others have 2 pieces each in a set. Unfortunately these are blinded too so you will not be able to choose, but that being said, you can make them valuable and the rare piece can be sold as your ticket price to cover your loss since they are not easily found!

Prize E (20 pieces)

When I first saw the towels in the previous set, I feel like the duo riders design might be a one off but I was so wrong! The double designs are back! This time round featuring riders that did not appear in the previous set (except Saber and Blades of course). Having 2 riders in a design definitely make this set feels more appealing and also you can have more choices and more of your favorite riders being featured, hope this goes on and if you are aren’t aware, we already completed Kamen Rider Blade riders in just 2 sets!

There are 8 designs, saber/saikou, espada/blades, jin/horobi, zi-o/geiz have 3 pieces each while the other 4 have 2 pieces each in a set. These can be chosen so feel free to choose your favorite rider!

Prize F (20 pieces)

The acrylic plates makes their debut here and a great change to the prizes we gotten from the past set! The designs definitely look great (maybe wizard is a bit questionable, but not that bad I guess). I won’t be using them as a plate but feel free to use them however you like! They definitely don’t make you feel bad for pulling them.

There are 8 designs, saber, zero one and build designs have 3 pieces each while the other 4 has 2 in a set. These are not blinded as well so feel free to choose your favorite riders!

Prize G (9 pieces)

More riders added into your deform x collection! Kenzan, Slash, Sabela and Durandal can be added into your Saber rider collection! Saber Xross is also inside so you can add to your main rider ultimate form collection too! Very simple line up, makes most of them easier to get and most importantly, it’s a figure, there’s nothing bad about them!

There are 5 designs, I believe Slash has 1 piece in a set while the other 4 has 2 pieces, these are blinded so collecting all shouldn’t be that hard just the rare piece might need some luck or time and effort to find.

Last Prize

Just in case you didn’t manage to pull an A you can opt for the last prize! The design is very similar with the exception that the last prize has a lighted sword effect! It’s a great figure to encourage a buy out and surprisingly it’s also the first and only saber set that feature a softvic figure as the last prize!

Kuji Calculator



I think most of you have realized that the number of figures have significantly reduced in this set. Normally there would be 2 big prizes and 24 small figures but over here we only have 17 mini figures but we have 3 big prizes so the comparison isn’t fair.

Also the small prizes here are also much better than the previous set with cups and acrylic plates quality over the likes of visual art and rubber coasters. In this set I believe you won’t feel bad for pulling anything even the towels, heck, you can go ahead and buy as many tickets as you want until you get what you wanted and sell the prizes you don’t want without making too much of a loss! So is this set really that bad because the lack of mini figures?


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Almost everything is related to Kamen Rider Saber and Legend Riders and the way they make the prizes shows the effort in the design.
Top Prizes8: A cool Saber figure and an amazing sculpted saber head, I think you will feel lucky if you are a Kamen Rider fan.
Small Prizes9: The amount of goodies here is just too good, the towels are one of the lowest rated prizes but the duo rider design makes them more attractive and the cups are so well designed (maybe not the blind box part but I can see why they want to do that), the acrylic plates feels so good too, can you say anything bad about the small prizes? Oh yes, the mini figures.
Last Prize7: A good alternate variant to the A prize.
Monetary Value9: Seriously I think regardless of what you pulled, you won’t feel so bad about the prizes! The figures are gonna be worth your money. You don’t lose too much for the towels and plates, and as for the cups, you can even sell them at ticket price or slightly lower!
Collection Value8: The towels, plates and cups are probably not going to have more design in future sets but having a set of 8 sure makes them a bit more valuable but don’t put in too much effort to collect them. The figure prizes are definitely worth keeping, because there’s no other way to get Xross and Saber Head and the deform X and palmlise will just keep growing and people will come back to this set to look for old figures so if you keep a set it sure will increase in value over time!
Overall81.67% A-. I cannot stop emphasizing how much value you are getting from this set, the prizes are really good overall and since it’s harder to pull a small figure, you can actually sell them or value them at a higher price in the long run! The top prizes are going to be hot especially since Xross look so great and the Head is exclusive here.

The only complain I might have is the lack of legend riders deform X here, but to be honest, there are so many goodies here, I think we can put the legend riders deform X elsewhere, also they aren’t going anywhere.

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