Natsume’s Book of Friends -Star View With Nyanko Sensei

It seems like it’s only recent that we gotten a Nyanko Kuji but the previous one was only available through online, so many people didn’t get the opportunity to play, fret not, Nyanko Sensei is back and this Kuji is available at retail stores too so no worries!

Retail Price: SGD12

Total Tickets: 66

Released Date: July 2021

The total ticket and the price is pretty standard for a plush Kuji, so let’s dive right into the prizes.

Prize A (2 pieces)

I think Nyanko Sensei has no shortage of cuteness here. The plush is 30cm tall and totally huggable and if you manage to pull this then you will definitely feel lucky. Also pretty standard to have 2 pieces of top plush in a set.

Prize B (2 pieces)

Well if you are more of an accessory person then surely this will attract you more. The stand can help you to store things such as braces, watches, keys and basically anything that allows you to hook on it. It also has Nyanko Sensei figure at the bottom in case you want to tell that this is from this Kuji! 2 to go around so not that rare.

Prize C (3 pieces)

This isn’t made of gold but surely it looks good. It’s one of the few times Kuji actually give a bracelet as a prize, it’s simple and elegant and it’s not a bad top prize too. There’s 3 to go around, so the amount of top prizes in this set is way more than usual.

Prize D (4 pieces)

So this is a consolation prize I believe, it’s not a big plush so I cannot rank them under top prize but they are so rare that if you want to pull it it’s almost as hard as pulling a top prize! Both design looks cute and both can be used as a charm as well.

There are 2 designs, 2 each in every set, no blinded so pick the one that attracts you the most!

Prize E (16 pieces)


If you are wondering what these are, it’s not handkerchief or towel, it’s actually a scarf! Like wow they are giving us a scarf for the small prize! Such generosity! The designs are fairly simple with night and star theme, but you when use as a scarf the color looks classy. It’s big and soft so for $12 I think it’s really worth the price!

There are 4 designs, each with 4 pieces in a set, they are not blinded so feel free to choose!

Prize F (20 pieces)


Whenever they give glasses and plates I always feel that the plates get neglected because glasses are preferred. However, the plates look great! They look way better whereas the glasses are a bit more simpler but really it’s all dependent on how you want to use the prize. For $12 I think it’s not that bad, could always be worse.

There are 2 glass designs, 3 plate designs, 4 pieces each in a set. They are not blinded too, but if you have strong preference, do play early.

Prize G (19 pieces)


Charms are one of the lower tier prizes, but the design here don’t make them look like a weak prize! You also won’t get too many charms as the amount is almost as equivalent to glass/plates and scarf! I mean if you dislike any of them you shouldn’t be buying any of these right?

There are 5 designs, 4 of them have 3 pieces while 1 has 3 pieces in a set. These are not blinded too, so collection will be super easy.

Last Prize

You get a huge cushion for your effort when you buy out a set! The cushion looks cute and super adorable and at 40cm wide you can really lie or hug it. Will definitely trigger a buyout or at least attract people to do so.


Nyanko Sensei Plush3.03%
Accessory Stand3.03%
Plush Charm6.06%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A, B or C)Tickets Bought


I feel that as much as the prizes are not bad or the designs are great, odds are good, price is good, whatever the case, Nyanko Sensei Kuji will always have an issue and that is the demand part. If you are a fan, don’t go rush to support the Kuji, just buy a few at a time when odds are good and try your luck, the prizes here are not worth spending too much also. You don’t have to worry about not being able to grab hold of the prizes too, just buy a few tickets and if you really want something, just buy it off from someone!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Everything is related to star theme, will give the goodnight feels.
Top Prizes8: With accessory stand and bracelet as a unique price, the top prizes are definitely attractive in their ways!
Small Prizes7: Overall decent enough, the scarfs are perfect for small prizes but the charm and plates are a bit repetitive from the past sets, so can be a little dry for the buyers if not for the scarfs.
Last Prize7: A cute cushion, but won’t drive a big buy out maybe 7 or lower or 10 or lower if the person is really crazy about it.
Monetary Value7: Generally decent, you won’t make too much loss for $12 and you will still feel okay about your pulls.
Collection Value5: Unfortunately the set does not have any collection value, they are going to be forgotten and the big prizes are good but not valuable to keep in the long run as better prizes will come along, so don’t waste too much effort into buying and completing to resell it next time!
Overall70% B. Not a bad Kuji, it has all good prizes for the price you pay and no blinds so you can choose the designs available. There is pretty much nothing to hate about it, but at the same time, nothing too much if you missed it, just another cute Kuji to keep us happy in the short term.

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