Large Collection of Insects in the World

We have a Dinosaur Kuji last week so this week we are going to have an Insect Kuji! The insects look big so they might actually be actual 1 to 1 scale! Excited to see the prizes, hopefully you don’t have any phobia of insects, because if you do, stop reading and close the page!

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: July 2021

Everything seems normal here as well, however, similar to the Dinosaur Kuji, this Kuji is not widely available in Singapore so you won’t be able to play it as often everywhere.

Prize A (4 pieces)

Of course we have a gigantic Mantis as the top prize here. This figure is huge and people might even assume it to be the real thing! What is great also is the distribution of the top prizes, there are 4 pieces of it in a set! It’s way better than the Dinosaur Kuji based on this alone! So plenty of people will be able to pull this awesome figure!

Prize B (3 pieces)

If you think the Mantis is awesome, then you will surely like the Beetle figure as well! It doesn’t look as fancy but it’s a freaking beetle, you can’t really dislike it! There are also 3 pieces in a set for everyone to have a shot at it, so really like the generosity of Bandai here.

Prize C (1 piece)

Okay the difference here between B and C is the color and the eye, they are different species so naturally there’s a clear difference, but if you are not a hardcore collector, you can just aim to get B since C is a rare piece. Not even going to dislike the fact that Bandai made this hard to get, since many won’t really bother about the differences, so if you pull it, you can sell at a higher price or even if you want it, you can buy from someone who doesn’t want to collect it upon pulling.

Prize D (1 piece)

Okay so just as I was about to praise Bandai, here comes another rare piece and it look so freaking different from Prize B! This is clearly a Stag Beetle and if you are not only looking for the Mantis vs Beetle fight, you will have a hard time looking for this. This is going to be crazily expensive.

Prize E (15 pieces)

Wow, just when I thought that having 9 big prizes is too good for us, here we have more mini figures! It’s actually mean to be a desktop figure, to aid you with your desk stationeries, but no one is stopping you from displaying them like some awesome figure! The gold beetle is clearly the favorite but every piece is just as nice and it forms the different stages for a beetle.

There are 5 designs, each has 3 pieces in a set. These are blind boxes so you cannot choose, so collecting all might be a hassle.

Prize F (28 pieces)

The towel design looks decent enough, but the variation is not consistent as some design are clearly better than the others. That being said, I can clearly see the effort made in most of the designs, so you don’t feel that bad for pulling this.

There are 8 designs, 4 of them have 4 pieces and 4 other have 3 pieces each in a set. These are not blinded so feel free to choose the better designs.

Prize G (28 pieces)

These are legit key holders that varies in sizes and the beetle is literally that big! You can use them as acrylic display piece or key holder as they are meant to be or just use it to prank someone (please don’t, that won’t end well). Since most of the prizes are flooded with these, it’s great to see that they are actually nice and you don’t feel bad if you pull a beetle design since they are that big, it’s almost as if you pulled a figure.

There are 10 designs, 8 of them have 3 pieces each while 2 others have 2 pieces each in a set, I believe in all fairness, the 2 smallest should be the ones with 2 pieces but for now I am not that sure. These are also blinded but if you are allow to touch them you can actually feel the difference! Collection is also going to be a problem.

Last Prize

Since we have 3 variation of beetles from Prize B to D, it is just poetic to see the Last being a variation of the Mantis! It’s a different color one but it looks just as good and will encourage a buy out.

Beetle 13.75%
Beetle 21.25%
Stag Beetle1.25%
Desktop Figure18.75%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A to D) Tickets Bought


For the amount of top prizes and small figures in this set, it just makes this one of the better Kuji out there today! The only problem is that the theme might not be appealing to everyone, but if you are keen on getting it, you can spam 10 tickets and won’t be too disappointed of the result.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Bugs can’t possibly give out anything too attractive in general, but it does give some coolness when they feature the Mantis Vs Beetle picture.
Top Prizes8: Amazing figure, they are big and might even be bigger than the actual animal and looks great.
Small Prizes8: The fact that they are given small figures here is a great thing, plus the towel aren’t that bad and the keyholder looks great too.
Last Prize7: Since there are so many pieces of Prize A, being a variant of A might not be the best thing in the world but it’s a good figure nevertheless.
Monetary Value7: Generally not too bad for the price you pay, would increase the score if the prizes are exclusive to the Kuji.
Collection Value8: If you managed to collect all the small prizes, even the towels, the prices for the set will sure be there in the long run as this set is hard to find and the full set will make it even pricey. The big figures will have value too, especially since most of them are rare, but fret not, having the Mantis and Beetle is good enough for a valuable duo set.
Overall75% B+. Generally good overall, the big prizes are great, small prizes have varieties ranging from great figures to decent towels that don’t make you feel bad for pulling them. I believe they are trying hard to make people buy into Insect theme Kuji, but if you are a fan, this is a perfect Kuji to pull.

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