Dinosaur Exciting Gatherings of Dinosaurs

We have one of the few Ichiban Kuji that is not related to any anime or Sanrio/San-X or Marvel, just like a cool Dinosaur Kuji. This feels very different and hope their prizes are good too.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: July 2021

The ticket price and total is pretty normal. The only issue with this set is that very little shops are carrying this Kuji, I have yet to find a shop that sells ready stock for this Kuji set, I only found one that takes pre-order for full set, so hope it’s not that hard to hunt down this set.

Prize A (1 piece)

This huge T-Rex is the reason why you even want to buy tickets for this set! It’s a big figure and come on, it’s a T-Rex, you can’t hate it! The only issue with it is the rarity, there is only 1 in the whole set, so if A is being pulled, then it will be a bit discouraging to buy the remaining tickets 😦 So if you manage to pull this, good for you! Even if you are not keeping, this will fetch a good selling price!

Prize B (2 pieces)

Just in case you didn’t manage to pull prize A, this smaller version of the T-rex is a great consolation price too. The size is 3 times smaller than A but it’s a figure and you can sell it and get a good price if you don’t intend to keep it. Also the color is different from the T-rex in A so if you really want the variation, you will need to get both. Luckily there are 2 pieces of B to go around, so not as hard to get as A.

Prize C (3 pieces)

For some reason, the Triceratops has 3 pieces in this set instead of 2 like the other prizes, it’s not a bad thing, just feels a bit weird, but no complains at all, just give us more chances to pull it! If you want to collect all the smaller figures, the Triceratops is a must!

Prize D (2 pieces)

So we continue the figurine line and the Velociraptor is great looking too, just feels like the scale is a bit off since this is the same size as the other dinosaurs which supposed to be bigger than it, but oh well, nothing bad about giving us bigger figures!

Prize E (2 pieces)

Well was expecting maybe a Pterodactyl to appear but a Stegosaurus is fine. They actually exist earlier than the T-Rex, so fun fact. More figure in this set is great, I mean they are only giving us 1 big figure, so more small figures would make up for that.

Prize F (2 pieces)

Given that the Velociraptor would be same size, I was afraid that the Brachiosaurus would be 8cm scaled too, but luckily it’s a bigger scale of 14cm! Being bigger than the other small figurines shows actual scale in the Brachiosaurus and not that it makes it more attractive but at least it makes your entire collection looks cooler.

Prize G (15 pieces)

Okay now we have the lower tier prizes but these cups don’t feel that bad, for one, their design is decent with most of the animals being oceanic creatures and when you put water in the glass feels like they are actually inside! Great for display!

There are 5 designs, 3 each in every set. They are blinded like most cups in a Kuji set, and given that the set is hard to find in the country, you might have to pay a bit more to hunt the remaining designs overseas.

Prize H (15 pieces)

The plates look absolutely gorgeous! It feels as though they are actual fossil! The plates are small but you can use them as sauce dish, so put a little sauce or water in them to see the fossil revealing effect and I don’t think you will hate this prize at all!

There are 5 designs, each with 3 pieces in a set. They are also blinded, so collection wise can be challenging especially the fact that there are so little of them in a set and the set is not commonly found.

Prize I (37 pieces)

The towels are meh… Oh wait, they actually look great! The effect along with the dinosaur design gives you a very special aura when you look at the towels! Each dinosaur also have a distinct color and they feature so much more dinosaurs here! Too bad not all of them have featured figure. They are the common prizes here and I don’t think they are that bad, at least the design part helps to cover the bad part about a towel. Could be worst if you ask me.

There are 8 designs, 5 of them have 5 pieces in a set while the other 3 has 4 pieces. They are not blinded, thankfully, so if you buy a lot of tickets you should be able to complete the whole set.

Last Prize

Just in case you didn’t manage to pull A, like most people, buying out could be an option in terms of getting this awesome gigantic T-Rex prize! The color varies from the A prize but it’s as awesome as it! This is a great motivator for buy out, anything less than 20 with at least 1 other figures being present is definitely an appeal to buy out the set.


T-Rex (Big)1.25%
T-Rex (Small)2.5%
Triceratops 3.75%


Probability of getting at least one figure prize (A to F)Tickets Bought


For a Dinosaur Kuji, this set is really attractive to say the least. The figure prizes are amazing and the small prizes are cool, so nothing bad can be said about this Kuji. Also, it’s not as commonly release so you don’t feel suffocated when you play this Kuji, if you like Dinosaur, you can try 4 tickets to see your luck, if you want to collect, then maybe 20 tickets and then hunt down the rest.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Everything about Dinosaur, if they were to feature more variation of figures, this would be a perfect set, but good enough that the prizes make the set feels very attractive.
Top Prizes9: An awesome T-Rex here, totally no complains.
Small Prizes8: The glass and plates really feels special and the towel even though it’s a towel, the design looks so great that you don’t feel that getting any one of them.
Last Prize9: Another amazing T-Rex, good motivator to buy out and an awesome figure, if it’s a unique big Dinosaur, this would be a perfect score!
Monetary Value7: As great as the towels are, you kind of will give a towel more than any other prizes and for $13, it’s not as worth as I hope it would be, but if you manage to get any other prizes, you will be sure that your $13 is well spent!
Collection Value8: The dinosaur set will be a good collection in the long run and you can keep them with the Insect collection coming up soon! If not the T-Rex (Both A and Last) are great prizes to keep in the long run too! The small prizes will not go down in value overtime especially a complete set, but if you can’t complete it, no worries, you are not missing anything that will shoot up in prices.
Overall81.67% A-. This is a great Kuji overall! You don’t need to be a fan of any anime to buy this, just like Dinosaur in general and you will be attracted to the set and the prizes are delightful enough so you don’t feel bad about spending your hard earn money on this set! Your chances of pulling figures are higher, the prizes are good generally and you can try your luck for a huge T-Rex!

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