Demon Slayer Hold the Sword at Dawn

Wow back to back month for Demon Slayer, how rare is that! Hope that’s a good thing to promote the upcoming season for Demon Slayer! Well from the poster we already can see a new character featuring for the series, so let’s get down to the prizes!~

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 26 June 2021

Nothing is unusual here, so let’s dive down into it.

Prize A (2 pieces)


Of course it’s another Tanjiro, this is the 6th appearance of him as a top prize in Demon Slayer Kuji. He is the main character after all so no doubt about that. The figure in this set is so awesome! Not only do they have the base as well as the effect part, they also feature the name tag at the side. Definitely won’t regret pulling this.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Rengoku is back and the figure is consistent to Tanjiro’s where everything Tanjiro has, Rengoku has it as well! This is his only 3rd appearance in Kuji series as the big prize, seems like we seen him quite often. There’s 2 of each figure in this set so quite lucky that no rare pieces out here, you know those kind of stuff that makes collection exceptionally hard, so thankful to Bandai for that.

Prize C (2 pieces)


Wow, it’s sure a surprise to see someone debut in a Kuji series! Azaka makes his Demon Slayer first appearance as a top prizes! Actually I don’t think we seen him in previous small prizes as well! This is a great figure, although it doesn’t have the consistency as the other 2, but he doesn’t hold a sword so you can’t expect the same thing, aside from that, the base, effect and name tag is there, so great overall.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Nezuko looks adorable here. This is her 6th appearance in the Kuji series as well. She is a little different, she does not appear to be in a fighting mode hence no effect parts but her base is different and she still has her name tag, so overall it’s still a great figure. I mean come on, it’s Nezuko, are you going to say you won’t be happy pulling her?

Prize E (20 pieces)


This is the first time bottles appeared in the Demon Slayer Kuji series. They are fairly decent, 350ml so you can bring it to hiking or camping or whichever that suits you. You can display it as well since they look so amazing, it’s simple design by pasting characters onto the bottle but the way they design the logos and the characters feels like they actually made effort here.

There are 11 designs, the characters each has 2 pieces in a set while the logo design, 1 of them has 2 pieces each while the other 3 only has 1 piece each. They are blinded but no worries, it’s not exactly hard to complete them, you can buy the missing design you need from the market.

Prize F (20 piece)


I usually don’t like towel for the simplest reason, they feel cheap and it feels like they are always being forced down our throat. However, this is a different case here, the design all feel amazing, the characters look really good and the others looks like effort was made into designing them, I don’t know why but you just don’t feel like losing at all when you pull them.

There are 10 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set, they are not blinded so collecting them all is easy.

Prize G (32 pieces)


This is the part when I am allow to rant right? I mean in usual cases 32 pieces of anything in a Kuji sure makes the prize look really bad, however, this is definitely not the case! The charm looks so cute! They are not ordinary charm, the head of the characters are 3D! How cool is that! The effort to make them good is really there and I am really impressed by Bandai! Now I don’t think you will feel bad for pulling anything!

There are 23 designs, 14 of them have 2 pieces each while the other 9 only have 1 piece each in a set, not sure the distribution as of now but I believe the main 7 will be the ones with 2. Blinded too but no worries, charms are like the easiest thing to find, just hunt quickly so you can get your hands on the rare pieces quickly.

Last Prize


Rengoku looks great and the difference between this and Prize B is the fire part that is opaque, looks great, depending on your preference, if you like this more than you have to wait for a good number to buy out. This also would motivate a buy out.




Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A to D)Tickets Bought


So another Demon Slayer set in consecutive month might seem a bit overkill but the prizes here differs from the previous one and it makes it look like a totally different theme and makes buyer want to invest into this as well. The prizes are great, both big and small, so if you do want to play, 10 would be a good number, if you really want a certain figure, 12 will be good enough to try your luck and then just buy the figure directly from someone else.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: I think it’s the way Bandai promotes Demon Slayer Kuji, makes the whole set look like a million bucks! Everything feels so attractive
Top Prizes8: Amazing figures, great sculpt, effects and base!
Small Prizes8: Despite being charm and towel, they have manage to make them one of the better charms and towels in Kuji history! Every small prize don’t feel like they are there to rip you off in any way!
Last Prize7: A good variant to Prize B, it’s a figure nonetheless.
Monetary Value7: For the prizes that you might be getting, $13 is really a good value and nowadays it’s hard to get something with good value.
Collection Value6: The figurines are only compatible in this set, means the other set does not follow the same theme and layout, so collection wise you don’t need them for future set (that’s what I believe), so keep what you like and it’s enough. As for the small prizes, full set sure will attract buyers but don’t expect them to grow too high in the long run.
Overall73.33% B. Totally not a bad set at all, this set has great figurines and small prizes are really nice, so really, do support shops and get a few tickets, if you missed out anything after that, just get from the market.

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