Sword Art Online Alicization War of the Underworld ~Final Chapter~

Sword Art Online doesn’t come by often but when they do, they sure make an impact here. Let’s see what they have for us this time round?

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 19 June 2021

Everything seems normal here, so let’s hope the prizes are normally distributed like many other Kuji too.

Prize A (2 pieces)


Of course we get an Alice figure for the top prize. This is Alice’s fifth appearance as the big prize for this Kuji series. That being said, this costume she is donning is not the first, it has been released before but this is in another pose, which does not mean that this is a bad figure in anyway. For new collectors this is a good prize to pull and for long time collectors, having a different pose is not a bad thing at all.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Asuna is next and this is her 6th appearance as a Kuji top prize for this series. She is also an alternate pose as this costume of hers has been released before, but it’s a cool figure and you don’t say no to it, very glad that all figures have 2 pieces in the set so more people can pull it.

Prize C (1 piece)


Wow that’s it, no more figures in this line. The cushion is a decent consolation prize and with only 1 piece in every set it makes them so rare and you are able to sell them a little bit higher if you are not collecting. The design is nice, it’s double sided just in case you think it’s 2 cushions in a prize.

Prize D (1 piece)


Similarly to the Prize C, D is another cushion that is there for you to pull to make you feel less sad if you didn’t pull any figures.

Prize E (1 piece)


I feel like we are being short changed here. There is only 2 figures and 3 cushions in this set and total 7 big prizes, which is lesser than the usual 8. The cushion doesn’t compensate the big prizes in anyway, so very curious what was Bandai thinking, regardless, it’s not a bad prize in anyway.

Prize F (11 pieces)


The acrylic stand is not bad, it has all the main characters design, I don’t think you will feel too bad if you pull any of them.

There are 6 designs, 5 of them have 2 pieces while 1 only has 1 piece in a set, they are all not blinded so feel free to choose and complete the set!

Prize G (22 pieces)


Wow so many designs here, this is one of the most design visual art ever released in any Kuji set. More options for you. The design is not bad but first come first serve so unless you pull early, don’t expect anything to be available. They are not that bad, and it’s not as easy to pull them as you think.

There are 18 designs, 4 of them have 2 pieces while 14 have 1 piece each in a set. They are not blinded so feel free to choose. It’s not hard to collect everything too, just buy the remaining from the market.

Prize H (40 pieces)

Wowo 40 charms, I am glad at least they are somehow cute because half the time you will be pulling these. Not too bad but a bit too much charms for the price we pay.

There are 12 designs, 4 of them have 4 pieces each while 8 of them have 3 pieces each in a set. Not blinded too, so collection wise super easy.

Last Prize


An Alice figure with a wink eye is definitely worth the buy out. If you are unable to pull an A figure, buying out would be your next option. Great figure.

Kuji Calculator



Not a bad Kuji set just very little figures and too much charms, but prizes overall are decent, at least they have variety of designs for small prizes. Things could be way worst. If you are a fan, I would suggest 5 tickets to try your luck for the figure, if not just buy it off from someone directly. If you want to collect the small prizes, increase to maybe 15 tickets and collect the rest because the small prizes are going to be everywhere in the market.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Very elegant design overall
Top Prizes7: Great figures and the cushion ain’t that bad, could always be worst.
Small Prizes6: At least the charms are cute, the acrylic stand are great and the visual art has a lot of design.
Last Prize7: A variant to A prize so nothing bad at all, can motivate a buy out at 15 or less.
Monetary Value6: For $13 the chance of you getting a charm is very high and the distribution of figures is not there so overall I think it’s not a
Collection Value7: The figures definitely have some collection value, the cushion maybe not so but you won’t make any loss from the ticket price so no worries. As for the small prizes, you can collect everything and value it as a set for the long run, I don’t think anything can replace the set in the future series.
Overall66.67% B-. Not a bad set but definitely not the best. The top prizes short changes us, why is there only 7 top prizes? The small prizes are cool but they are just average small prizes and also the charm distribution are crazily a lot. Luckily, design is a lot too.

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