Evangelion EVA-13 STARTING!

It’s been awhile since we had an Evangelion Kuji and as we all know, it’s the Eva units that is attractive so hope this set gives us something good.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: June 2021

Everything is normal here, so let’s down to it.

Prize A (2 pieces)

So here we have an amazing looking Eva Unit 13, it looks very different from previous Eva Unit and it even holds weapons! This whole figure just looks amazing and also the reason why anyone would want to play this Kuji. Glad there’s 2 to go around in this set.

Prize B (2 pieces)

We go by the tradition where Asuka is next and she looks different here because of the white suit, that being said, I think if you are not the fan of the human characters, I don’t think any of their variant would attract you in anyway. That being said, it’s a figure nonetheless, so if you don’t want it, you can just sell it away to get back some cash.

Prize C (2 pieces)

This is Rei’s third appearance as a big figure in Evangelion Kuji. She looks great too and she is in her black suit for this set. I know most people aren’t looking for her figure, but it’s still a prize, so no harm pulling it.

Prize D (2 pieces)

This is Mari’s third appearance in the Evangelion Kuji and she looks amazing, wow 3 ladies in a Kuji set, how amazing is that! They are quite underrated to be honest, they are essential characters in the show and their figures are great, just wish people are more appreciative to them rather than eyeing only for the Eva units.

Prize E (17 pieces)

The bottles are next, they are a small 350ml water bottle. The bottle design is quite bad, like there is no effort being put here, a bit disappointed here. I know people don’t really want the small prizes, heck, they don’t even want the human figurines, so at least put in some effort to attract buyers?

There are 5 designs, the ladies have 3 each in a set while the other 2 have 2 each. These are blinds but don’t worry, easy to collect, I think most people will just sell them away.

Prize F (14 pieces)

Next we have small notepads, feels special but I rather they just give us a notebook. Each prize have 3 notepads, one for the character, one for the logo and one for the Eva unit. It’s really small notepad and I don’t even know if it will come in handy. But everyone’s eyeing for the Eva Unit so why bother with them right?

There are 5 designs, one of them have 2 pieces while the other 4 have 3 pieces each in a set. These are not blinded, so feel free to pick.

Prize G (25 pieces)

Folder set are just so irritating, I mean they are literally the bottom of the list in terms of small prizes. At least they are giving 2 pieces of folder to each prize so that’s good I guess? The design is not bad too, one for the character and the other for the Eva Unit, I will give the design aspect of this prize to them, it’s quite good.

There are 8 designs, 1 have 4 pieces while the other 7 have 3 pieces each in a set.

Prize H (16 pieces)

The glass looks normal, just a clear glass having a character paste on it. It’s also not consistent through, like 5 of them are the characters but only 3 have their Eva Unit design on the glass, not that it matters too for Bandai.

There are 8 designs, 2 pieces each in a set, blinded but no worries, you can collect all of them easily.

Last Prize

Asuka is almost always the last prize, like how good would it be if the Eva Units were the last prize right? It’s a different pose compared to Prize B, not a bad prize, might encourage a buy out.


Eva Unit 132.5%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A to D)Tickets Bought


All in all, this set clearly have one goal, to make you eye for the A prize and that’s it. There is like zero consideration in other prizes, especially the small prizes, like they don’t even attempt to make them good enough to attract you because they know people are just going to buy for the Eva Unit. If you are a collector or fan, 5 tickets will do, just try your luck, if not just buy it off from someone who pulled it, the small prizes are really not attractive, and that’s coming from someone who collects small prizes, it’s just too hard to get an A, so play for the fun then just buy off from someone.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design5: I see a big lack of effort in promoting this Kuji set. It’s like no effort to make anything looks appealing except for the A Prize.
Top Prizes7: Great figures, mainly the Eva Unit, hope people collect the human characters too.
Small Prizes3: Probably the design of the folder is the only thing preventing me from making this attribute look really bad. The design for the prizes felt terrible and most of the things are just so underwhelm.
Last Prize6: Alternate pose for Prize B, but truth is, being a human figurine, it’s hard for people to get attracted to buy out.
Monetary Value5: I feel that $13 is very expensive for the small prizes that you are getting, they look dull or are weak prizes and the odds of figures are not even that high, previous set we have 10 figurines in 80 tickets, over here only 8.
Collection Value6: Only the Eva Unit is worth keeping in the long run, the other prizes please don’t bother keeping unless you really like the set or using it, I don’t think they will have any value.
Overall53.33% C-. I think I have been very lenient in some of the attributes due to the A prize being the thing people looking for. The other prizes are really underappreciated, underwhelm or just stuff Bandai squeeze in to fill the 80 tickets slot, I have never look down on a Kuji set this much before.

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