Hello Kitty Summer Ice

It feels like we have a Hello Kitty Kuji recently, it happens sometimes when a character gets Kuji release very often. Sanrio Lottery prizes cannot be chosen, you get what you pull, so either trade them or sell them away and buy those that you want.

Retail Price: SGD14

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: June 2021

The ticket is cheaper than usual Sanrio Kuji as the yen price is slightly cheaper too. The total tickets is normal.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

Feels like recent Sanrio Lottery has a lot of food making items and this one allows you to make shave ice during the summer! It’s a good prize definitely but truth be told, there are better top prizes and this one would rank lower than average. I mean it’s too simple to be a good top prize but it’s Hello Kitty, so people will go crazy over it.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Well if you were expecting soft toy, then sorry to disappoint. This is actually not that bad, it’s a long cushion and is way more usable than a plush. The design looks great too.

Prize 3 (4 pieces)

Okay the picture doesn’t feel very big but it’s a long blanket, so definitely a good prize in the set. I mean for starter it looks really good and in average prize 3 list this prize sure will make your ticket cost valuable!

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

How can you afford to eat some shave ice without an appropriate cup! This is a lovable cup and definitely won’t make you sad. You can even use it to contain your ice cream!

Prize 5,6 (5 pieces each)

The tote bags looks normal form the picture but actually has a straw base at the bottom so they look great overall! The design is fairly simple, but the utility of the items is great, doubt you will feel bad for pulling this. Just treat this as a foldable basket!

Prize 7,8 (5 pieces each)

Well if the above prizes are not for you, maybe a simple file case would be attractive! You can use it to store things inside and most other Kuji will give this as a top prize but over here they put it along with other small prizes so easier for you to get! The design wise is also fairly simple, which is not a bad thing.

Prize 9,10 (6 pieces each)

So towels are a bad thing in Kuji usually, I don’t blame anyone for that, because when I am received lots of towel I usually get irritate, Sanrio gives you a long towel in hopes that you are happy with what you pull! It’s a legit long towel that is very usable and make all Ichiban Kuji small towel looks like a joke. Design wise is still the same 2, so if you like them then good for you.

Prize 11 (10 pieces)

Bottle is also a good prize, I mean it feels like Sanrio doesn’t want you to be unhappy about the prizes in general. The bottle is simple design but definitely good quality and you can legit use it (it’s not a small bottle).

Prize 12,13 (5 pieces each)

People always think that the last on the least is the worst prize but the container looks great, they are giving you a medium and a small container for 1 prize! Not bad overall. Design is finally something different.

Last Prize

If you are wondering where is the Hello Kitty Plush, here it is! It is hiding inside a tissue box because that’s what this is! It’s a cute gift and if you didn’t manage to pull tissue box in the previous set, then you can consider buying the set out to get this! Not a bad last prize, should be able to motivate a buyout when it comes to around 7 to 10.


Shave Ice Maker2.86%
Long Cushion2.86%
Basket Bag14.29%
Case File 14.29%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (1, 2 or 3)Tickets Bought


It feels like the Kuji is less appealing because of the simple design but the prizes is more than decent for the price you pay! All the small prizes looks great and doesn’t feel like it’s cheating your feelings in any way possible. However the top prizes are not that attractive in this set, it’s good but not at a level where it reaches before, so if you are a Hello Kitty fan, maybe 5 tickets will do for this Kuji and move on to others.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: This theme really has the summer vibes and the prizes are related to them, but design wise a bit too simple.
Top Prizes6: Decent top prizes, could be worst if you ask me.
Small Prizes7: Great small prizes, they lack the uniqueness this time round but in general still not bad.
Last Prize7: Unique tissue box that you can only pull from here, not a bad thing can actually motivate a buy out.
Monetary Value8: Great value for your money, regardless what you pulled you won’t feel that you just wasted your money!
Collection Value6: Not hard to collect everything here but you shouldn’t, the prizes here won’t have high values in the long run, so just play to keep or trade the prizes, don’t bother about earning from these.
Overall68.33% B-. It’s actually a decent enough grades for a Kuji that is released for the sake of it rather than to attract new crowds or start off something fresh. The prizes all look normal and nothing too special to talk too much about, so again, if you are a fan, just buy a few tickets and move on.

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