Shaman King

Shaman King makes it’s debut in Kuji here! Always feel happy for anything that is new to the Kuji line, gives us more variety of products and also a starting point for them to grow their series.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 12 June 2021

Everything is normal, so let’s get to the prizes.

Prize A (5 pieces)


Of course we have Yoh for the top prizes in this set, I mean can you imagine someone else being here instead? Great figurine, looks absolutely amazing for a debut and I think this is the main prize that everyone would be looking for if you are into Shaman King. There are 5 pieces to go around in the set, so plenty of people can pull it.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Seriously, what’s with Tapestry appearing so common nowadays? I mean they are not a bad thing but to put them as a top prize doesn’t make anything better. I believe everyone would much rather a new character figurine instead of this thing. It’s not a bad prize but squeezing it on the top and not having other better prizes makes it a bummer, I am not sure who will be happy pulling this over Prize A despite prize B being rarer.

Prize C (4 pieces)


If you are into plush toys, these would attract you at the first look. They are simple plush but they are the top prizes for the set. Both the Asakura brothers look cute, they even look similar. If you didn’t manage to pull a figure, a plush wouldn’t be so bad, at least you are able to sell it and fetch some money back.

There are 2 designs, 2 each in every set. Not blinded so feel free to choose your favorite. Not hard to collect, you can just buy them from someone if you can’t pull them.

Prize D (29 pieces)


The illustration board looks great. They feature the main characters as well as the fight scene and a special layout for 3 of the characters. Not exactly the best small prizes out there, but in terms of what you are paying for, it isn’t so bad. Moreover, it’s the first Kuji set for them, so they might just kick off an illustration board collection.

There are 10 designs, 9 of them have 3 pieces while one (I believe it’s the fight scene), that has only 2 pieces in every set. They are not blinded too, so super easy to collect.

Prize E (40 pieces)


Okay, so half of the tickets are filled with these, they are very simple charm featuring characters from the show and the Shaman King logo at the back. It’s not a big charm as well so don’t expect too much from them. Just feel that they could have placed more efforts in creating them, they just feel like a copy and paste onto an acrylic piece.

There are 10 designs, each has 4 pieces in every set. They are also not blinded, and collection is super easy, you will see plenty of them in the market and some sellers might even give you one for free.

Last Prize


I highly doubt you can tell the difference between the A prize and these. From what I can see, the sword color is a little different, but everything else is the same. If you are unable to pull the A prize, this would be a perfect replacement! Even if it’s not, it’s a great motivator to buy out!


Yoh Figure6.25%
Illustration Board36.25%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A or C) Tickets Bought


A good way to introduce the Shaman King Kuji to the fans, but the prizes are not exactly the best and hope they can improve overtime. The figure and plush is awesome, no doubt about that, but the other prizes don’t feel so attractive to make people buy more. If you are a fan of the plush or figure, just buy 5 tickets and try luck and then buy the other prizes directly.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Shaman King here is to debut their Kuji because of the series, so not a strong theme, but I am not going to penalize it because it’s their first set, we will see for future set.
Top Prizes7: Figure; awesome, plush; cute, tapestry; why?
Small Prizes6: Not the worst small prizes but not the best out there too. Given that it’s their first set, they are probably getting people into Shaman King and hopefully improve their prizes in the future.
Last Prize7: A variant of Prize A, very similar to it, but still a good figure after all.
Monetary Value6: Your $13 will most likely pull a charm, no doubt about that, so it’s either charm or other prize and for $13 and the quality of charm, it’s not exactly the best deal out there, but for other things, it’s not that bad.
Collection Value7: Everything is easy to collect and since this is the first set, collecting everything can be a value. If they don’t release future sets then you can safely say you have everything from Shaman King Kuji, if they do release future sets then you can see if the next set is a continuation or not. Either way, it’s easy to collect everything, so no harm trying, even if things don’t work out, you can sell the board set for $30 and the charm set for $20.
Overall66.67% B-. For a debut series, it didn’t seem like an impactful Kuji that arrive with a boom, however, give it some time, I believe it will improve. Do you remember Demon Slayer 1, it’s almost just as bad and look at where they are right now! Do support a few tickets if you are a fan of Shaman King and hope your support paid off.

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