One Piece Treasure Cruise Vol 2

This is like our monthly One Piece review so let’s just roll with it. This set has a more gaming feels since it’s almost a direct resemblance of the game.

Retail Price: SGD16.50

Total Tickets: 70

Release Date: 12 June 2021

The ticket price is costly as Singapore does not have the licensing to the figurines. I think maybe it’s due to the fact that the game isn’t available in Singapore? Either way, with higher price comes with stricter review, so let’s get to it. Also 70 tickets, so more chance for you to pull what you want.

Prize A (2 pieces)


Of course Luffy kicks things off and I want to take this time to say how great the figure looks! It has an amazing background base and effect parts look dope! It makes Luffy, a common character in the One Piece Kuji line looks like a special piece! Even though it’s Luffy, I doubt anyone would be be sad pulling this.

Prize B (1 piece)


Marshall is next and his effect parts is not as much as Luffy’s but he is a bigger figure and there is only 1 piece in every set, which begs the question, why though? Like why can’t they give 2 pieces for every character and make things simpler? It makes his figure unnecessarily expensive in the market!

Prize C (2 pieces)


Glad that we are not going to get more straw hat crew or Ace in the set and Sabo feels like he doesn’t appear much in Kuji series, but either way, his figure looks good too! Great effect overall and glad there’s 2 in every set.

Prize D (2 pieces)


Trafalgar is next and very good combination of characters for the figure, all of them feels different and no obligations also to collect everything, so if you are looking for a particular figure and you pull another, you can always trade them away!

Prize E (23 pieces)


Very weird that the charms comes up so early but either way, not a super huge fan of charms, the designs are decent, they featured at least 2 characters in every design, but for $16.50, I don’t think you would want to pull a charm. The design also looks like they didn’t bother making some effort to at least make it nice, feels like they just want to get things over and done with.

There are 8 designs, 1 has 2 pieces while the other 7 has 3 pieces in a set, not sure of which ones but not blinded so easy to collect and I doubt any of them are popular.

Prize F (20 pieces)


The visual art looks great, at least you can see the effort to make them look very good. However, reality still checks in, remember it’s a $16.50 Kuji so we have to judge it based on the prize and sadly, it’s a small visual art that don’t justify it. I doubt anyone feels happy pulling this despite the good artwork. It’s just a small visual art, not those illustration board, so naturally feels underwhelm.

There are 10 designs, 2 each in every set. These are blinded, unnecessarily, like why would you want to blind this? It just makes collection harder and also not allowing people to choose their favorite design, quite sad if you didn’t manage to pull any figures and you cannot even choose your prizes.

Prize G (20 pieces)


Where is Jinbei? Doesn’t matter, a good collection of the straw hat crews’ folders. The design is amazing and not only do you get a folder for the character, you also get 2 pieces of sticker. Still, not worth $16.50. I mean it’s not even worth $13, stickers are just a way to make you feel better but we all know this is the least favorite of prizes.

There are 10 designs, 2 pieces each in every set. These are not blinded so if you want to collect all 9 members, it’s not hard at all.

Last Prize


The last prize looks amazing. Yes, it’s another Luffy, but not an ordinary one which makes it more appealing to collect! A good prize to encourage buy outs.


Visual Art28.57%
Folder and Sticker Set28.57%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A, B, C or D)Tickets Bought


So the figure in the set looks good but the small prizes feels super weak. I mean it’s not even prizes that are meant to appeal to you, it’s just there for the sake of it. Wonder why they bother to even do Kuji sometimes if their effort for the small prizes is so minimal. If you like anything from this set, you can consider buying 5 tickets to try luck and then if luck is not on your side, move on with it. The tickets are a bit expensive for the small prizes, and it will only be worth if you manage to pull a figure, so don’t go too aggressive, it’s all about luck anyway.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: This set definitely have the treasure cruise gaming feels, which is good because that’s the point of a theme right.
Top Prizes 8: Very unique figure, the effect parts and base adds on a special touch to the figure
Small Prizes5: Everything feels so underwhelm, and totally not attractive in any way, the only thing missing is more towels to screw with your feelings.
Last Prize8: Unique prize, amazing figure, will encourage a buy out.
Monetary Value4: I think for $16.50 you can have better chance at better small prizes in other Kuji set. It will make you think thrice before even buying because your odds of getting the small prizes are just so much higher.
Collection Value5: The small prizes definitely have no collection value, even if you collect a set, which is a challenge. Even if you do, you cannot possibly sell them any higher at your cost. The figures look great overall but there are better ones in the future, so if you are thinking of collection for the long term, this ain’t the set.
Overall61.67% C+. Feels bad for this set because the top and last prizes are good but the small prizes and the price kind of killed it. I still say that despite all of these, if you like it, you should buy 5 tickets at most to try luck and just buy the figure directly to save any trouble.

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