Natsume’s Book of Friends Nyanko Sensei Natural and Relax

Nyanko Sensei is back and this Kuji is very special because it’s limited to online only! So you will not see physical shops carrying this, hence, the only way to buy this product is through the Bandai Ichiban Kuji website, not necessarily a bad thing. This is the first time an online exclusive Kuji is released, so hope that it’s not an entirely good thing if not physical shop might cease to exist.

Retail Price: 650Yen

Released Date: June 2021

Total Tickets: 66

The total tickets is pretty normal for a Plush Kuji and the Yen price is pretty standard too but if you want to convert to SGD then it will be around $7.87, however the thing about this is the shipping fees that you will have to pay to Bandai then you have to find a way to ship your items back to you, and it can be costly and in the end you might find yourself paying more for a single ticket.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Nyanko is a cute character and even in sleeping mode, he still looks gorgeous. Very simple plush nothing too much to say in details, so if you are attracted by it then you should probably try a few tickets.

Prize B (2 pieces)


The big head cushion looks cute too, nothing bad about it so if you like this too then playing a few tickets is recommended.

Prize C (3 pieces)


This is a gigantic long towel, feels very simple too but definitely worth your money. There are more prize C in the set than A and B, so if you want to pull this, your chances are slightly higher!

Prize D (10 pieces)


.Wow, they are really going to give you a soap dispenser just like that! Normally a soap dispenser in an Ichiban Kuji will end up as a top prize, over here, they are just going to give you one as a consolation prize! Seems legit and very generous of Bandai! I doubt you will feel bad for pulling this!

There are 2 designs, 5 each in a set, not blinded!

Prize E (16 pieces)


The plastic cup and wooden small plates feels different too, normally we will get glass and plastic plates but here it totally different from usual Kuji plates and glasses! It’s simple in a way that it’s easy to appreciate and it’s not a bad prize overall.

There are 5 designs, 2 for cups and 3 for plates, 2 pieces of cups each and 4 pieces of plates each in every set, not blinded too and despite the uneven distribution, I doubt any of them are favorites so no rush in getting any of them.

Prize F (16 pieces)


Wow, this is the first time we are getting such a Unique prize! This is a tea set which consist of 3 bags of tea and 1 coaster of your choice! Wow, Bandai is going to the food section. It really surprises me because I never expected Bandai to give such an amazing prize! You can enjoy the tea and they even give you a paper art for you to keep after you finish the tea!

There are 3 designs, 5 pieces each in every set. Not blinded too and I believe the tea does not have different flavor!

Prize G (18 pieces)


I expect G prize to be the worst but again, I am surprised here, we have hair clip and coasters which both are acceptable as a Kuji prize and they are all cute so I think you won’t feel too bad for drawing them.

There are 4 designs, 2 for Coaster and 2 for Hair clip, there are 4 pieces of Hair clip each and 5 pieces of coaster each in a set. They are not blinded also.

Last prize


OMG, can this set stop amazes me! A cute Nyanko slippers to end off the set really seems fitting! This will definitely motivate a buyout! I mean it’s so cute and wouldn’t you want a Nyanko slipper!


Long Towel4.55%
Soap Dispenser15.15%
Cups / Plates24.24%
Coaster/Hair Clip27.27%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (A, B or C) Probability


This is a very simple theme Kuji but with good prizes in general, none of them seems like prizes that you will want to throw away upon getting, but the top prizes are not too amazing, they are great plush don’t get me wrong, just don’t spam too much tickets on them. If you really want to play then 5 tickets will be good, just arrange for shipping and hope it’s not too expensive!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: As the theme suggest, this set is really relaxing. The prizes feels very simple but in a good way.
Top Prizes7: Very simple plush, cushion and towel, won’t disappoint you if you pull them!
Small Prizes8: All the prizes here looks good, they are unique and none of them are bad in any way.
Last Prize8: Unique, cute and very usable, will love to buy out at anything less than 10 for that slipper.
Monetary Value7: Depending on how much each of your ticket actually cost, but if you were to spend $13 on them then it’s quite a decent price for the prizes.
Collection Value6: Unfortunately Nyanko stuff have no collection value in the long run, the tea cannot be kept for a certain period, the other items doesn’t feel like something you want to collect as a set and keep for long, so just play for fun and move on!
Overall71.67% B. A solid B here! Good overall prizes, very normal Kuji that does no harm, you will be happy with anything you pull, but given the normal distribution you should have variety of prizes! If you are a Nyanko fan, you should go online and check out the tickets!

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