Sanrio Lottery is back again, this time round featuring both Kuromi and Melody! Sanrio Lottery prizes are fixed, but they have pretty good prizes.

Retail Price: SGD14

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: May 2021

The ticket price is pretty normal for Sanrio Lottery, they are proportional with the Yen price. The total tickets is normal too so let’s get to the prizes.

Prize 1 and 2 (1 piece each)

To kick things off we have luggage! There are actual Luggage that are meant for you to use when travelling overseas! Both Kuromi and Melody look so great at the front of the luggage, don’t worry about the quality, they are made of very durable materials, so if you manage to pull this within 10 tickets, you are definitely profiting from it! This should be the prize to anticipate when playing, awesome top prize.

Prize 3 and 4 (1 piece each)

Of course we have plush toy next. Both Kuromi and Melody are cute as always, however, there are really too much variation of soft toy for them so I think everyone might be looking for other prizes instead, but if you do pull it, you can sell it if you are not keeping, it’s a rare prize so there lies a value in it.

Prize 5 and 6 (2 pieces each)

Wow slippers are not too bad either! Just a pity that they are so rare here, with only 2 pieces for each character in a set. Well that makes them rare and you will feel happier when pulling it. Great consolation prize.

Prize 7 and 8 (5 pieces each)

Next we have the header pouch, which can be used as a normal pouch with a little cuteness or you can display them, either way it’s a good prize to get, nothing bad about it.

Prize 9 and 10 (5 pieces each)

The mirror casing stands out as it’s not only a mirror but an accessory case as well! You can use it as a mirror for make ups and put anything that fits into the casing! Very usable. Also it’s a big case, so definitely will make your day if you manage to pull it.

Prize 11 and 12 (5 pieces each)

Okay next is cup, which compare to everything above, feels very underwhelm. Oh wait, it’s not a cup? OMG it’s a legit waste paper bin! It’s big and you can use it as a bin or as a water container, wow the size kind of compensate everything.

Prize 13 and 14 (5 pieces each)

Just when you though that the prizes are going to get worst, the tote bags brings in some form of joy for us! Very cute tote bags and very unique as the material is not your usual tote bag material, it’s a soft plastic kind and waterproof! very usable and definitely a good prize to pull.

Prize 15 and 16 (6 pieces each)

Sanrio likes to give long towel, I mean long towel are always preferred compared to short towels, but the design here seems very simple, a bit too simple for a towel and doesn’t feel like a good prize because of it. I doubt anyone would want a towel for Kuji, but at least it’s a long one so more use to it.

Prize 17 (10 pieces)

Last but not the least, we have canisters, at first I thought that we were going to get only 1 but nope you get both design in a prize! Which feels so much better than towels or cups.

Last Prize

The double sided cushion looks good, I mean regardless of who you prefer, you can just turn the cushion to your favorable side. It’s a good prize to encourage buy out but I think people might not buy out too much tickets as it’s only a cushion, but better than any other small prizes.


Mirror Case14.29%
Tote Bags14.29%
Canister Set14.29%


Probability of getting at least one top prize (1 to 4) Tickets Bought


Compared to most other Kuji, Sanrio Lottery have better prizes and if you are a fan of Kuromi or Melody, you can buy 3 to 5 tickets here to try your luck! If you don’t like a character you can trade for the other one! I believe both characters have their own popularity and demands. Don’t go too aggressive as the prize turnover rate is not a lot and the odds of getting the luggage is not too good even if you buy 20 tickets, so just buy it directly from someone who has it.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: This is a travelling theme so you can see that every prize is related to travelling! So great theme and very nice that they stick to it, however, the design for some prizes are a bit too simple.
Top Prizes8: Plush are not bad but luggage is fantastic, I think even a not fan would be attracted to it.
Small Prizes7: Everything here is decent, even if they don’t stand out but compare to other Kuji, they are really not that bad.
Last Prize6: Unique prize, lovely but I don’t think it’s that good for someone to buyout at 15 tickets or more if whatever’s left is not appealing.
Monetary Value8: For $14 you really get a lot of good things out of it, so no complains here.
Collection Value6: I doubt anything here is worth collecting in the long run, so just play a few tickets and enjoy whatever prizes you pull and move on with life.
Overall70% B. A solid B here, nothing bad about this set, just another set to attract Kuromi and Melody fans. The prizes are not bad but I think they have better prizes before so all of these feel very normal. That being sad, do buy a few tickets if you like the characters, you might be the lucky winner to get the luggage or the slippers!

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