Slime is back again, feels like there has been many set for this series this year but in reality it’s only the second time Slime Kuji is released for this year.

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 29 May 2021

Everything is pretty normal here, no let’s just get right to the prizes

Prize A (4 pieces)


Of course we have Rimuru here as the first prize to kick start the set. It’s a very nice Japanese outfit that he is wearing and looks very different from the previous Rimuru figure so worth adding it to your collection. There are also 4 pieces to go around the set so plenty for everyone.

Prize B (2 pieces)


Wow something different at last, I believe this is Diablo’s first appearance in the Slime Kuji series. He looks good here, no weapons or whatsoever just his book. He would probably be the figure to look out for in the set, so lucky there is 2 pieces of him in the set so at least more people could have a chance to pull him.

Prize C (4 pieces)


I am not sure if I should put this as a top prize or not, I mean it only has 4 pieces in a set so one would think that it’s a top prize right. I mean nothing against it, but I think everyone would prefer a figure. The design is good, it features all the main characters from the series. You can just hang in somewhere to display it, it’s not small at all, it’s A2 size.

Prize D (2 pieces)


How can it be a Slime Kuji without featuring slime right? The plush looks so cute, it’s actually a good prize and if you pull it I don’t think you would feel bad at all. They are a medium plush that is around 10cm tall so not too bad for a consolation prize.

There are 2 designs, 5 pieces each in a set, you are able to choose them so not hard to get both designs.

Prize E (24 pieces)


Wow acrylic stand, I feel like it’s a downgrade from the previous set since the previous set gave us minis, but you pay $13 for it, so it’s quite fair they don’t give you too much goodies. They acrylic stand looks good, they feature all the characters in the tapestry so lining all 8 of them up would look great for display.

There are 8 designs, 3 each in every set, these are fortunately not blinded, so you don’t have to hunt down for them, they will be very common in the market too so no need to aggressively tickets to complete them.

Prize F (36 pieces)


Of course there will be charms, the design here is very cute and also all the characters featured in the tapestry are here too. It’s the prize you will be getting very frequently but it’s not a bad charm, they could have given you something worst.

There are 10 designs, I believe both Rimuru and the Slime have 5 pieces each while the other 7 have 3 pieces each in a set, so getting Rimuru is very common. These are blinded, but collection wise is not hard, you can just trade your extras or buy them cheap from someone, I think they will be flooded all over in the market.

Last Prize


It’s Rimuru but a cool looking black Kimono Rimuru which looks very different from the A Prize. It’s a good prize to encourage a buy out, because this variant is clearly different and the only way to get this is to buy out.


Slime Plush12.5%
Acrylic Stand30%


Probability of getting at least one figure prize (A or B)Tickets Bought


For a Slime set, it’s actually not that bad, I mean the prizes they give are at least more attractive and not target towards Japanese only (I am talking about the CD and Illustration Book). I think getting 5 to 10 tickets a good shot at the figures, or maybe 20 tickets if you want to an increase chance and also collect the charms or stands along the way.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: This set is about Japanese Tempest and all prizes have that theme, very consistent in that sense.
Top Prizes7: The figures are great, like unique and worth collecting, however, the tapestry feels a bit redundant and not sure if anyone would feel happy pulling it.
Small Prizes8: Great small prizes overall, in the least they don’t feel so repeated and you don’t feel sick of getting them.
Last Prize8: Variant of Prize A but a good variant nevertheless.
Monetary Value7: For $13 you have a good chance to getting a charm, and even for that the value is not that bad, as for the other prizes I think $13 would help you to cover some losses.
Collection Value7: It’s not hard collecting everything here, but only the figures are worth collecting in the long run. The acrylic stand and charm does give you more value for a set but in the long run, I don’t think their value will shoot up drastically.
Overall75% B+. An above average Kuji, there are no really bad prizes in this set, just the figures are a bit harder to pull but they compensate that with better small prizes. You can really buy a few tickets to try your luck without getting a bunch of prizes that you will come to regret buying. Again, the tapestry feels a little extra, let me know if you do really appreciate it so I know it’s actually a good prize to pull.

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