Demon Slayer’s Resolution

Demon Slayer is the hottest Kuji out there, regardless of the prizes, it will always have demand, this set has been sold out in most online shops for their pre-order, something tells me that this set is very special. This is the 6th Demon Slayer set being released.

Retail Price: SGD14

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 29 May 2021

The ticket cost is a little more expensive, the Yen price is a bit pricey but not that bad, it’s only $1 more than usual Kuji, so I supposed their prizes are better? The total tickets are normal as well.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Tanjiro has never failed to miss any Demon Slayer Kuji set thus far, I doubt he ever will, oh wait, Demon Slayer 3 he wasn’t around! Regardless, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. The figure line here is call layer scape, it’s a brand new line of figure that not only does it include the character figurine, it does have the a background as well! As you can see, Tanjiro looks amazing! Regardless how many Tanjiro you gotten, you can’t deny that this is a cool looking figure and you want it.

Prize B (2 pieces)

This is Nezuko’s 5th Kuji appearance, she didn’t appear in Demon Slayer 2, other than that, you will find her figurine in the top prizes. Nezuko will never go wrong, and this Layer scape also comes with a seat for her to sit on! So it’s as amazing as it looks! Also Nezuko tend to be smaller than the other figures but not for this! It’s the same size as the other prizes!

Prize C (2 pieces)

Giyu is next and shockingly he does not appear that often in previous set! He only appears in Demon Slayer 2 and 4 as the top prize! So having Giyu as the top prize here feels fresh and he certainly looks good! Each top prizes have 2 pieces which is very generous of Bandai, I mean they can always make one of them more common and the other rarer.

Prize D (18 pieces)

This looks the visual art from Demon Slayer 4 and it sure sucks to see back to back Kuji with similar prizes right? This is where you are totally wrong, over here we have illustration board! They are those thick kind of board and you won’t feel like you are getting something cheap! The designs are all very simple, was expecting something like the previous set and also Tanjiro appears in 9 designs, really was that necessary? Also Rengoku and Tanjiro appears in 4 of them, don’t we have enough characters to fulfil the variation?

There are 10 designs, 2 of them have 1 piece while the other 8 have 2 pieces each in a set, not too sure which are which yet. These are surprisingly not blinded! So you will be able to choose your favorite design! They look similar but you sure will have a preference!

Prize E (17 pieces)


OMG more towels, oh wait, these aren’t towels! They are washcloth! The materials are way different and softer, wow wasn’t expecting something different but totally appreciate it! The designs are very good, they do give the demon slayer feels, they don’t have a similar theme but you can see that each one is very unique and will look good if you display them!

There are 10 designs, 7 of them have 2 pieces each while 3 have 1 piece in every set, not sure which has which but these are again not blinded, so if you want the rare piece do buy early, but I don’t think they are that demanding so you should be able to get it at a good price in the market.

Prize F (19 pieces)


Rubber charms are next and they look cute but the inconsistency here is the characters involve, they don’t include all the 9 pillars, but they have the main team and the side characters that interacted with them more often, so no complains here. They could have given us multiple Tanjiro designs, but glad they didn’t. The characters look adorable too.

There are 13 designs, I believe the main 6 characters have 2 pieces each while the other 7 have 1 each in every set. These are blinded so good luck in pulling and hope you get what you want!

Prize G (20 pieces)

These totally explains the rationale behind the more expensive ticket cost! The mini figures are totally awesome and they feature the main characters as well as all the 9 pillars! Wow looks great to collect. Plus you have a higher chance to pull a mini figure than any of the other prizes!

There are 13 designs, the main 7 have 2 pieces each in a set while the other 6 have 1 piece, these are also blinded so collecting all will be a challenge, but collecting only the main 7 isn’t that bad.

Last Prize

If you didn’t manage to pull Giyu, you can aim for the buy out! This variant looks as good as Prize C! The only difference is the background color which doesn’t make much difference! A great figure to encourage buy outs!


Illustration Board22.5%
Mini Figures25%


Probability of getting at least 1 figure (A,B,C or G) or top prize (A to C)Tickets Bought
32.5% / 7.5%1
94.41%/ 48.00%8
99.92%/ 75.05%16


I now get why this set is so popular, from the small prize to the minis to the big prize, it’s all appealing and you can be sure that you won’t go home unhappy if you play this Kuji! The amount of effort they made to make sure that you don’t end up sad if there and I hope every other Kuji is as good as this one. You can buy 10 tickets and you won’t regret it, even if you don’t get any figures, you will be happy with the prizes, but of course, I hope you do get a few figures.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: There is no clear theme here but it’s Demon Slayer, do we ever care about the theme they have?
Top Prizes9: Amazing figures and feels very fresh to have the background and hope they come up with more Layer Scape figures in the future!
Small Prizes9: No towels, visual art and folders, that’s like the best it can go. The minis are amazing, the washcloth, just wow, it’s also long ones. The rubber charm looks very cute and new designs and characters. The illustration board is legit and if not for the lack of variety, this would receive a full marks.
Last Prize8: Variant of Prize C but a great figure nevertheless, I mean it’s a good layer scape figure that is totally worth your buyout.
Monetary Value8: For $14 your money is definitely well spent! Usually these kind of prizes you should see yourself paying $16 for it, but nope, it’s only $14.
Collection Value8: Depending if they will release more Layer Scape, the value will increase a lot if they do, if not you won’t make too much loss if you collect all 3 big figure. The small prizes are worth keeping too, they will give you some value if you have all, especially the minis, they will be super expensive for a full 13 characters set!
Overall81.67% A-. I think I have already said what is needed to be said, this Kuji is amazing and I will buy lots of it because you can never truly lose. Even if you don’t get the big figures, the minis makes it up and even if the proportion of minis that you should be pulling isn’t there, you are not getting any bad prizes, and it’s Demon Slayer, you can’t afford to hesitate if not you won’t have a chance to buy them.

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