Sumikko Gurashi Relaxing Sumikko Camp

I feel that it’s so common for us to see a Sumikko Kuji, I mean it’s not surprised, they are featured in so many different Kuji. This is from Ichiban Kuji.

Retail Price: SGD16.50

Total Tickets: 66

Released Date: May 2021

The ticket cost is expensive as Singapore do not have licensing to sell this set in Singapore so those shops that carry it are most likely parallel imports. So you should see if you value the prizes at this price. The total tickets is lesser than usual but quite standard for a plush Kuji.

Prize A (2 pieces)

Without fail, Shirokuma will always kick start the top of the prize. Sumikko top prize is always the main character and their plush, just in different design. However, that doesn’t mean they are not good, Shiro here looks great, very simple with only a scarf that has his Furoshiki on it too. There are 2 prizes, so more people can win it.

Prize B (1 piece)

Wow finally Tonkatsu has escape the last prize list. Fans of Tonkatsu can now not rely on last prize to get him. His plush holds a sling bag with Ebi on it. Very simple and cute plush, the only issue is that there is only 1 piece of him in every set so it’s going to be hard to pull him.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Neko is next and she looks great, just a band around his head, I don’t think Sumikko plush need to be over exaggerate, they look great being simple plush. She holds a new character I believe, never seen it before. Again 2 plush in a set, plenty for everyone.

Prize D (2 pieces)

Tokage carries a cap here and holds a fish. I was really surprised that he is holding an inanimate object, I mean don’t you ever wonder what they eat? He is cute too, so if you want to collect all of them you will really need some luck. There are 2 pieces too so enough for everyone if there is enough Kuji being supplied.

Prize E (2 pieces)


Wow the mat is huge, at 150cm long this is a really good picnic mat and it has cuteness flow through it! The design is perfect and you can have 4 person fitting onto it! A really special prize and if you are not into plush then this might attract you! There also 2 pieces in it, so more people are able to draw it.

Prize F (20 pieces)


Next we have utensils which are super adorable as well. You can either choose utensil set or the mini plates. The designs are great, very fitting towards the theme. As for the price, I think $16 for a plate is a bit too much but for the utensils I think it’s still alright since they give you both fork and spoon.

There are 6 designs, 2 for utensils, 4 for plates, 2 pieces each for the utensils and 4 pieces each for the plates in every set. Not blinded, so if you do want the utensils, do buy early as they will be the more popular pick.

Prize G (17 pieces)


This is actually one of the few times I really like a towel, because it’s a long towel and their design is super adorable! For $16.50 I think it’s a bit costly for the towels but think about it, it’s only 650 Yen and they are giving you long towels, which is very generous for Bandai.

There are 4 designs, 3 of them have 4 pieces while one has 5 pieces in a set, not sure which one but they are not blinded so feel free to choose!

Prize H (20 pieces)


Bottles are the last and wow there is not bad prizes in this set! The bottles are so usable and even if you don’t bear to use them, they make such a good display set! For $16, I think the price is alright if you pull a bottle.

There are 5 designs, 4 pieces each in a set, and again, not blinded at all so feel free to choose.

Last Prize

Penguin now move to the Last Prize section so for fans of him you will have to buy out and hopefully the odds are better for you when you buy out. A cute plush and he have the young scout vibe. He is not the most famous Sumikko character but he is attractive enough to encourage a buy out.


Shirokuma 3.03%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (A to E)Tickets Bought


Normally when a Kuji is being parallel imported, I am usually not very keen to buy but Sumikko camping have very good prizes and you don’t feel like you are losing out anything! That being said, the top prizes are not worth spending too much on it, so just play casually, maybe 5 tickets and if you really want something, just buy from the market, you can consider overseas market. Great Kuji, good prizes, will hope that we are able to get San-X related Kuji soon so we don’t have to overpay for any Kuji items.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: You get a really good camping theme and the prizes are even related to camping such as mats, plates, utensils, towels and bottles! You can’t deny that there’s creativity presented here.
Top Prizes9: All are great looking plush and the mat is awesome.
Small Prizes8: Great small prizes overall, they don’t feel like things that Bandai throw at us for the sake of it, they legit feel like good prizes that are worth pulling!
Last Prize8: Unique plush that is only available in the last prize.
Monetary Value7: Normally for parallel imported Kuji, this segment will get extremely low score, but in my opinion, the things that you are getting for $16.50 is really not that bad so quite worth pulling.
Collection Value5: Sumikko stuff are not worth collecting in the long run as every set will always have the main 5 characters and the prizes will always feature all of them, so keeping for the long run won’t have too much value, might even drop if they come out a similar theme in the future, so just buy to use the things or appreciate it! Don’t need to go too far to collect them all!
Overall 76.67 B+. Totally not being biased here, you see the Kuji is really expensive from the looks of it, but if you really see the prizes here, they are really good! They are attractive, usable and you don’t feel like you are losing regardless of what you pull, so $16.50 is a good price worth playing, if it was cheaper then they will be a super good Kuji.

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