Godzilla vs Kong

The Movie wasn’t as great as expected but you still cannot throw away your love for both Kong and Godzilla can’t you? It’s been awhile since Godzilla came out with a Kuji and what a way to return to the Kuji series by adding Kong to the mix.

Price: SGD16

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: Originally May 2021, TBA for now

The price for this Kuji belongs to the high end because the yen price is expensive, very expensive to say the least so quite glad that we didn’t have to pay too much more to get a ticket. The total ticket is normal. This Kuji has not been released anywhere in the world yet as the movie has not been released in Jap yet, so they will hold back the Kuji for this set until the movie is released.

Prize A (4 pieces)

Of course we will kickstart the A prize with Godzilla. The figure looks fantastic, coming from Sofvics line it reallt has a good quality control and also good details. No effect parts for this but looks great overall. Glad that they have 4 in the set so more people can be able to pull it, which is reasonable since they charge us $16 per tickets, better give us more Godzilla.

Prize B (4 pieces)

Just because the quantity is lesser doesn’t necessarily make it a fantastic prize. The mugs look great! The Kong and Godzilla design kind of integrate well with the mugs, but still I don’t think anyone would play the Kuji in hopes of getting a mug. Not a bad prize but I think everyone would prefer a figure over this.

There are 2 designs, 2 each in a set, you are able to choose them.

Prize C (4 pieces)

Is this a Joke? Making the rubber coaster rarer doesn’t do anything to the prize. It’s not a super big coaster or something very fanciful so making it rare wouldn’t cause it to be attractive out of the sudden. The design looks cheap to say the least, I don’t think this is worth $16, so quite happy that there are only 4 pieces here.

There are 2 designs, 2 pieces each in every set. Not blinded too.

Prize D (14 pieces)

Really, towels are next? It’s a long towel so that justifies the $16 pricing but still their design are plain simple, nothing too fancy. Not sure if people will appreciate this or not but the design are also inconsistent, the Godzilla, Kong and Godzilla vs Kong design are good, the others are just too simple. Hope the mystery design would surprised us.

There are 6 designs, Kong and Godzilla have 3 pieces each while the other 4 have 2 pieces each. You can choose the design as well, I believe the first 3 are more attractive so if you want to collect them do buy early.

Prize E (24 pieces)

The posters look legit here, like it’s all Godzilla movie poster and they all look great. If you are a huge Godzilla fan you will want to collect them all or you will appreciate anyone of them. It’s debatable if a poster is actually a better small prize compared to the others above but all I can say is that at least they are trying to be different here and trying to make your $16 worth it.

There are 12 designs, each with 2 pieces in a set. These are the only blinds in the set, but if you really want to hunt down all 12 of them, it’s not too hard.

Prize F (30 pieces)

Now that is more like it! We have magnet heads for different titans in the history of Godzilla movie! They look great, they are small though but if you were to display them anyway they will make a great display. It’s also a good head collection if you have all 8. Definitely worth your $16 and you are more likely to pull this than any other prizes in the set.

There are 8 designs, the distribution are unknown as of now, will update once I have them. They are surprisingly not blinded so you can collect them easily or choose your preferred monster!

Last Prize

I was really disappointed that Kong was not featured as a big figure in the set. I mean it’s Godzilla vs Kong Kuji not a Godzilla Kuji, but Godzilla is more famous in Japan so being a Japanese product I will say that they are looking out for their market, hopefully Kong will be featured next time.

This figure looks as great as the A prize. It’s a fire Godzilla which looks very different from the original one even though they are all Godzilla. If you didn’t get Prize A you can buyout for this, or even if you did, you can buy out to collect this variant as well. A great figure to encourage buy out.


Magnet heads37.5%


Probability of getting at least one Prize ATickets Bought


So all in all, this Kuji is expensive but the prizes sort of compensate that cost, at least for most of them. If you really want to play for the prizes, then a good 8 tickets would be recommended, anything more you are really hoping that you pull an A prize to cover the loss. If you really want Godzilla, just buy the prizes directly, if you want to collect the heads then you can play a few here and hunt down the rest. It’s a good Kuji, sad that there is no Kong, but still good for the prizes.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: You have the Godzilla is coming theme for this set, almost everything looks great, the coaster and towels can be better though but luckily they are not the star of the set.
Top Prizes9: A great Godzilla figure, almost as good as any other toy line that does it, or even better. Simple and good and more for the fans.
Small Prizes8: The magnet heads, posters and mugs are very special prizes that are good and won’t make you feel sick to pull it. The towels are also long ones so at least it’s very useful. Basically can see that they are trying to be creative in the small prizes, which is rare for Bandai nowadays.
Last Prize8: A variant of Prize A that feels different and will encourage a good buyout regardless if anyone has the A prize or not!
Monetary Value7: For $16, it seem expensive but the prizes more or less makes up for it so you don’t have to feel too bad about it, like anything you get you will feel like it’s worth your $16.
Collection Value8: Only the posters can be a challenge to collect them all, the rest are pretty easy and completing the set will make your set very valuable in the long run. Godzilla won’t lose it’s branding anytime soon so can be a good set to collect everything. If not just get the A prize, it will have value too.
Overall 78.33% B+. I thought I would have given this set lesser score but to be fair, they did try to make their prizes justifiable and also the number of magnet heads they are willing to give us is really generous, and for that, I am thankful. Still don’t get the rarity in coaster or mugs but feels like they are trying to make you feel “lucky” if you pull them and hopefully the value for those increases and you can sell it if you don’t want it to cover some loss. Overall, a good set and no harm play a few tickets.

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