Kamen Rider Saber No 2 Featuring Legend Riders

Every year we have at least 3 Kuji related to the rider of the year. Saber is here for the second time and as a tradition, this Kuji set will not be only feature Saber but other riders from past series as well!

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Ticket: 80

Released Date: May 2021

Everything is normal for the cost and total tickets, so let’s dive into the prizes.

Prize A (2 pieces)

I am very surprised that they are doing something different. For Zero One, all big prizes for all their Kuji is Softvic figure but for this set the top prize is Worldlise figure! There were only 2 previously made for Worldlise figure (W and OOO), this is the third and it looks great! The effect and the rider looks good overall so if you like Saber or want to collect the Worldlise series then this is a must to get. Also 2 in a set, great odds for everyone.

Prize B (19 pieces)

The visual art is the previous series have amazing art, they only featured 8 of the rider series. The visual art line continues here with 8 more design! Only Saber appeared in both sets (duh it’s his Kuji), and you have 7 legendary riders design. Great design, great continuation of the visual art line and generally a good prize. It’s big and really suitable for display.

There are 8 designs, 3 of them have 3 pieces, where as the other 5 have 2 pieces in a set, I am incline to believe that Saber, Build and Drive are the one with 3 pieces. Not blinded so you can pick your favorite!

Prize C (18 pieces)

The towel looks amazing here. Usually towel design only feature 1 rider but over here we have 2! (Okay except Den-O). Unlike the visual art, the towels here have no continuation of any previous towels, I doubt they will continue the design of 2 riders in the future so take it as a one off thing, still great design.

There are 8 designs, 2 of them have 3 pieces while the other 6 have 2 pieces in a set. I believe Saber and Zi O have 3 pieces since they are the later Riders. Not blinded as well, so feel free to pick your preferred duo.

Prize D (18 pieces)

The coaster here looks amazing! Wow the effort is real! The top design we have the latest 4 Riders and it’s not just their logo or belt design but the entire top part of their body! The below design featured 4 Rider series with multiple riders and each one of them have their main rider logo in the center and all other riders in that series around it! Looks dope! Wow I am amazed and I am loving this prize already!

There are 8 designs, 2 of them have 3 pieces each while 6 others have 2 pieces each, I believe Saber and Zero One are the ones with 3 pieces because they are the latest 2. These are again not blinded so pick the multiple logos or your favorite rider design!

Prize E (6 pieces)

The Palmlise series are being continued here and we featured 4 new riders to this figure series! I am shocked that Blades made it to the list since he is the only secondary Rider thus far, hope they will come out all main riders first but I think because they need to feature at least 1 Saber Rider in this line so he is included for that reason. The figures looks okay for it’s price and if you are collecting you would need all 4.

There are 4 designs, Blades and Ex-Aid have 2 pieces where as Kiva and W have only 1 in each set. All blinded so you really need luck to pull Kiva and W.

Prize F (9 pieces)

Continuing the Deform X series from Saber list last set, here are another 5 figures to be added to your collection. The quality of Deform X series have diminish over the years, but it’s still a cute figure to collect and worth collecting if you have the complete set. Plus it’s all Saber series rider so if you don’t wish to collect them, you can always trade or sell them away.

There are 5 designs, I believe King Lion Blades only have 1 piece while the other 4 have 2 pieces in a set. These are blinded boxes too, so you do need luck to get what you want.

Prize G (8 pieces)

Okay I must say that I am a bit disappointed with this line up. The figures look great but just that I was expecting a lot of legendary riders from previous series and not a bunch of Zero One rider and a Zi-O and Decade line up. Regardless they are worth collecting too, you can now finish off your zero one figurine collection with the 3 figures. Decade and Zi-O looks great too.

There are 5 designs, I believe only Zi-O and Decade have 1 each while the other 3 have 2 pieces each in a set. These are also blinded, so just do some trading or buying them individually if luck is not on your side.

Last Prize

For any reason if Prize A is attractive to you and you cannot pull it, you can just find a good buy out and get the last prize instead. The only difference is the background which doesn’t really affected the overall display since they are both Saber and have the good looking stand. It’s worth collecting too, I believe they will come out all Riders in their Worldlise series.


Saber 2.5%
Visual Art23.75%
Towel 22.5%
Palmlise Figure7.5%
Deform X Figure Saber11.25%
Deform X Figure Legendary Riders10%


Probability of getting at least one figure (A, E, F or G) / Prize A Tickets Bought
31.25% / 2.5%1
99.96% / 40.16%18


What I like about Kamen Rider Kuji is their continuation of the product line, in this set they have continued Worldlise, Palmlise, Deform X and the Visual Art! The small prizes here are great, even the towels, but that doesn’t mean you should aggressively buy the prizes. The figures are cheaper if you buy them directly comparing to buying 10 tickets and hoping to get what you want. So just buy to play for the fun and see your luck and anything missing just buy directly.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: This set has the Rider feels, like hyping you to buy things from this set and the way they display their prizes shows you how much they want you to value their prizes.
Top Prizes9: This figure is as articulated as it can be! The background effect is great, the stand is classy and the figure looks great! The mini figures are great too. It’s also a continuation of series and it’s rare that Kuji series does that!
Small Prizes8: You can clearly see the effort they put here, designing such an awesome coaster and continuing the visual art set. Even the towel they don’t want you to feel ripped off by giving you 2 riders in them!
Last Prize7: Great variant of Prize A and also an alternative for you to complete your set so no complains here!
Monetary Value7: For $13 you got a good shot of getting at least a mini figure! Even if you don’t you are at least getting a worthy small prize that you don’t feel too bad about!
Collection Value8: By collecting all the figures here and adding to your collection, you will have a good overall value. However the hunting part will be challenging since most of them have 1 piece only in a set, rarer that Prize A, but the figures will have value so don’t worry about it.
Overall 78.33% B+. For a series that only featured Saber series rider is kind of attracting old timer fans because of their small prize! It’s attractive enough for people to buy the small prize as they look great and gives out nostalgic feels. The figures are great too and hope they will continue the trend of continuation and make our previous collection worthy.

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