One Piece Ex Devils

Here we have another One Piece Kuji, we will have one for every month so get used to it. This Kuji feels a bit different, from far I thought it was a Dragon Ball Kuji that has a blue Dragon.

Retail Price: SGD16

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: May 2021

The ticket price is a bit more expensive as the yen price is also expensive. The total ticket is pretty normal, so let’s see what they have in store for us and see why is the ticket so expensive.

Prize A (3 pieces)

Wow, we get a blue dragon figure for the A prize in the form of Kaido! Even in Dragon Ball the dragon figure is limited to the last prize so a buy out is necessary, but over here, you could potentially get this figure for $16! This looks so legit and if you can get this within 10 tries then it will be super worth! Also finally we don’t kick start the set with another Luffy and we are getting something totally different. There are 3 pieces of these in a set, so you might be lucky enough to pull multiple of these.

Prize B (5 pieces)

Wow we are not getting any of the Straw Hat crews in this set which is one of the first. Marco has been released before in previous set, this is his third appearance as a top prize for Kuji, but this figure is so different with all the effect and he is taller than Kaido! There are 5 pieces of him to go around, so plenty for everyone.

Prize C (24 pieces)

Omg, more towels… The design is not bad but of course not the best but it’s a long towel so I guess that’s okay? The designs for the characters are very random, I don’t even think they have any link with one another, feels like the collection value for these aren’t there, but hey you don’t play this Kuji for the towels right?

There are 8 designs, 3 each in a set, you are able to choose your design.

Prize D (24 pieces)

One Piece always or more often have visual art for their small prizes. These visual art looks great, it has a very special touch with black and white and 2 other colors and each designs features only 2 characters which makes overall looks special. Still it’s a visual art, not everyone appreciate such a thing.

There are 12 designs, each only has 2 pieces in a set, you are able to choose them and don’t worry if the design you want is not available, I doubt they are hard to get.

Prize E (24 pieces)

We have small plates here and design wise looks good but for the characters featured I still find it strange as the characters here looks random, like there is no theme to it. Still a better prize compared to the other 2 small prizes in this set in my opinion.

There are 12 designs, 2 each in a set and it’s blinded, however, it’s not hard to get a particular design, you can find it in the market easily.

Last Prize

I was actually hoping for Kaido to be the last prize for obvious reasons, but getting Marco is not bad either. This variant is another lighter tone to the Prize B and if you are not able to pull B, you can consider buying out. It will be a good motivator for someone to buy out at anything below 12 tickets.


Visual Art30%


Probability of getting at least one figure (Prize A or B)Tickets Bought


The small prize looks super underwhelm, you are not paying $16 a ticket to get those I am sure of that. The top prizes are what attracts people to buy the ticket, in hopes to get the top prizes. If you really want either of the figure, just buy maybe 2 or 3 tickets to try luck, if not just buy the prizes directly. You don’t want to spend too much and NOT getting them and ended with lots of small prizes that don’t have much value in them.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design5: The tone feels a bit dark since it’s an Ex devil theme but the small prizes does not have theme related to it.
Top Prizes9: 2 very good figure that are totally worth your luck in playing them to get them.
Small Prizes5: Towels and Visual Art are one of the lowest prize you can expect and they are both here and plenty of them to go around. It is clear that this Kuji focus on the top prize and the small prize are just there for the sake of it. The design wise for the visual art is not bad but nothing too fanciful.
Last Prize7: A variant of Prize B but still a figure so no complains.
Monetary Value4: For $16 and a 90% chance of getting small prizes that are not worth the money sure sucks. It’s very expensive for what you are getting. You are buying for the chance to get the top figures, so don’t spend too much.
Collection Value5: Only the 2 figures are worth getting in this set. The small prizes are very easy to complete but they won’t worth a thing in the long run, so don’t bother collecting and hope that it will rise in value, just collect if you are interested.
Overall58.33% C. This Kuji doesn’t have a lot of potential for a shop, if someone took all your A’s you are going to have a hard time selling. For buyer, they will just buy for the chance. It’s really the small prize and ticket cost that makes this set looks bad, if you are charging $16 a ticket, the least you could do is make your prizes worth it.

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