Dragon Ball VS Omnibus Z

We have our monthly Dragon ball Kuji and this time round VS Omnibus series is back and the prizes in the poster looks great!

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: May 2021

Everything looks normal for the price and the total tickets, so let’s see what we have in store for us.

Prize A (1 piece)

Masterlise figure is the best big figure thus far and for them to give you not one but TWO figure sure is great! Both Goku and Frieza have been released before but this is the first time Frieza ever has a Masterlise figure and for Goku I mean since it’s a double figure why not right. A great combo but only 1 person can get in every set, which justify the value of the prize.

Prize B (1 piece)

Broly is next and his looks big. He has a lot of releases in Kuji before and note that this is King Clustar figure and not Masterlise. I don’t get why the inconsistence in figure line but as long as the figure looks great, I don’t think there’s any big issue. He has a King Clustar big figure for this form released before, so this is just another pose for you to add to your collection or if you haven’t pulled that before, you can keep it as your first. A great figure nothing bad, only 1 in every set but given that it’s been released before, won’t say it’s an issue.

Prize C (1 piece)

We are back to Masterlise and similar to Broly, Gogeta has been released before in this same exact form and figure line, so this is also another different pose figure. Again it justifies the rarity since it’s been released before, for those who hadn’t gotten him you can try your luck or just buy off from someone.

Prize D (2 pieces)

Okay having 2 Broly in the same Kuji set is pushing it. And there are 2 pieces in a set. I am not sure why they are doing this but it’s a big figure and also it’s a dragon ball Z figure so no complains, just hope for more variety.

Prize E (1 piece)

We are back to Masterlise and of course we got a Son Goku figure. It’s the same exact pose in Prize A but his is in a different form, which seems like the designer for the prizes is a bit lazy. However, it’s the first time that Son Goku has been released in a Masterlise figure so you can add him into your collection. He only has 1 piece, but since it’s Goku it’s not hard to buy it off the market.

Prize F (1 piece)

This is Dende debut in the Dragon Ball Kuji series and what a way to make a debut! Although small in size, his figure is totally amazing and he comes with ALL 7 dragon ball! Even if you don’t want to display his figure, the 7 dragon ball will look good to whoever you display it with! What is so sad about this is that there is only 1 piece of his figure in every set, so do expect him to be very expensive in the market, or you get try your luck until you gotten him.

Prize G (12 pieces)

This a plastic case, it’s a very unique prize and it has amazing designs on it! You can use the case to store your things like coins, notes or you can attempt to put your phone in it, regardless it’s not bad of a prize for $13.

There are 4 designs, 3 each in every set, you are able to choose the designs, but I don’t think people are crazy over a particular design.

Prize H (12 pieces)

Wow the amount of unique prizes in this set is just amazing. Over here we have a small string bag that looks small but actually is big enough to use it as a pouch. The designs are amazing and both sides have different design! It’s a very usable item and definitely a good consolation prize if you didn’t manage to pull any figures.

There are 4 designs, 3 each in a set, they can be chosen too.

Prize I (16 pieces)

It seems like we have a lot of dragon ball bottles recently. This one has good design too and for the price you are paying, getting a bottle shouldn’t be too bad.

There are 4 designs, 4 each in a set. These are blinded but not hard to complete, you can easily find them in the market.

Prize J (32 pieces)

The nightmare has come. Towels and lots of towels… These are not bad, they have both long and short and I believe the long ones will be chosen first but there are plenty in the set so you better be prepared to pull a lot of these. It’s like every 5 tickets you buy, 2 will be towel, and the other 3 are not guaranteed a figure. Towels regardless of their designs, will always seem worthless.

There are 8 designs, 4 long and 4 short, 4 each in every set. You are able to choose the designs.

Son Goku Day (1 piece)

If you counted Prize A to F, there are only 7 figures, the 8th one is here! There is no prize allocated to this version of Goku but it’s still a prize. It’s a Masterlise figure so no complains and it’s a Goku figure that has never been released before so good to have. There’s only 1 piece in the set but it’s just Goku is a different costume so nothing significant if you missed this.

Last Prize

We have Shenron released before and it’s also a last prize and the buy out is crazy. Porunga will also be a crazy buy out. The figure is amazing and it’s a dragon so nothing will go wrong. You can be sure that people will buy out even at 30 tickets despite no big prize left, a super good and what a Last prize should be! You can consider buying out at 40 tickets if there is at least 1 big prize left. The market value for this is crazy so if you have a good buy out, do seize the opportunity.


Goku and Frieza1.25%
Broly Full Power1.25%
Son Goku1.25%
Goku Day1.25%
String Bag15%


Probability of getting at least one figure (Prize A to F or Goku Day)Tickets Bought


I feel that Dragon Ball Z Kuji has a few very valuable figures and they do give you some good small prizes once a while, but at the end of the day, it’s just another campaign to drain the money out of the buyers. There are a bit too many repeated figures and too many towels in the set is totally unnecessary. If you are a fan of this set, you can buy 10 tickets to try your luck or just wait for a good buy out to get Porunga, anything else is just not worth, you are better off buying the prizes directly.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: Quite a standard design for DBZ, not too good but not too bad either
Top Prizes8: With Masterlise and King Crustar as the figure line for the set, the quality is definitely there. The A prize is a pair figure also which makes the prizes attractive. Just a bit too many repeats.
Small Prizes7: If not for the uniqueness of the case and string pouch, this criteria would have scored lower due to the number of towels in the set. Generally good prizes for you to keep and use and some effort shown for the small prizes.
Last Prize10: The Last Prize that every Kuji should have, attractive and very valuable and will make anyone buyout at a big number.
Monetary Value7: For $13 to get a good shot at a figure and some good small prizes it’s not bad.
Collection Value5: This set has a lot of things to collect, the small prizes are easy to collect but won’t have much value in the long run. The big prizes are not all distinct to this set, so collecting them all in the long run won’t increase their value too much either as more similar ones will be released in the future. Only Dende and Porunga, maybe Frieza, are worth getting in this set
Overall75% B+ A good Kuji that is scored this high because of the good small prize and the quality of top prizes as well as Dende and Porunga that is the whole reason why this set is popular to begin with. So either buyout or just buy 10 and observe.

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