Monster Hunter Movie

Those of you who love the Monster Hunter movie or simply love the Monster Hunter franchise will be thrilled to see this Kuji in action! This is not the first time Monster Hunter made it’s appearance in Kuji, they have several appearance before so if you collected those Monster figurines then you will not want to miss this one out!

Retail Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: 05 May 2021

Nothing too special about the total tickets as well as the retail price, so let’s hope they have a lot of attractive prizes for us.

Prize A (6 pieces)

Rathalos kicks off this Kuji set by being the monster figure for this set. Every Monster Hunter Kuji will have a Monster (like duh) and the figure looks legit, what makes it so great is that it has a base. This is the only big prize in the set, and they gave us 6 of it in a set, increasing the odds of pulling this!

Prize B (12 pieces)

Next we have Rathalos and Diablos magnet heads. It is sort of like a consolation prize in case you didn’t get to pull prize A. It has great sculpture and these 2 are the main monsters in the movie, even if you don’t want to use it as a magnet, you can display them!

There are 2 designs, 6 pieces each in a set, you are able to choose which magnet head you want!

Prize C (14 pieces)

The design on the notebooks are not very consistent in my opinion. The Diablos and Rathalos design looks fantastic whereas the other 2 seems a bit underwhelming. Either way they are good kind of notebooks and comes in handy.

There are 4 designs, 3 pieces each for the Rathalos and Diablos and 4 pieces each for the other 2 designs in a set, they are not blinded so if you want the better design, do buy early in case they are all gone.

Prize D (24 pieces)


Next we have glasses which has good design overall. You will be getting as much glasses as the above prizes so if you intend to buy a lot of tickets, do try your best to like this prize. They come in handy and even if you don’t want to use them you can display them.

There are 8 designs, 3 each in a set, these are the only blind boxes but don’t worry they are not hard to get, you will probably see a bunch of them in the market.

Prize E (24 pieces)

We cannot have a break from towels can we? The design again looks good and they might the small towels different theme than the long towels, which feels a bit fresh but still they are towels, so regardless how well they are, people won’t want to pull them. And again, great design. There are also as many glasses as towels as the other prizes, so do expect some towels.

There are 8 designs, 4 long and 4 short, 3 pieces each in a set, not blinded so if you want the long towels you will definitely have to pull early as they will be gone first.

Last Prize

I honestly cannot tell the difference between this and Prize A which is a good thing so if you are not able to get Prize A you can consider buying the tickets out and get the last prize instead. Great motivator for buy out.




Probability of getting a figure (Prize A)Tickets Bought


The prizes are not a lot for this set, I mean depends on how you look at it; for money wise you don’t have much to collect but for collection wise you might not feel satisfied since you are only getting 1 Monster figure from this set. If you really like Rathalos or you want to collect as many Monster figure as possible, you can buy 5 to 8 tickets to try your luck then if you don’t get anything just buy the figure from someone who has it, it shouldn’t be very expensive to get anyway.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design6: With the lack of Monster figures, this feels more like Rathalos Kuji than a Monster Hunter kuji, but they do feature variety of monsters in other prizes.
Top Prizes9: This fantastic Rathalos figure will wow you, what more can we ask for?
Small Prizes7: Generally not too bad, quite a few unique prizes like Magnet heads.
Last Prize7: Although it’s almost identical to Prize A, it’s a Monster figure after all, they can always give you worse prize.
Monetary Value7: For $13 you are trying your luck for a Rathalos figure, even if you get a glass it’s not that bad, pretty standard.
Collection Value7: Not much to collect here, the small prizes probably will not be as valuable on it’s own but as a set it definitely has some value and it’s not hard to complete everything as well since most of them can be chosen!
Overall71.67% B. An overall above average set. The Prize A makes this set looks good overall, the small prizes are unique but not attractive enough for people to get the tickets. It’s a gigantic figure and it might cost you only $13 to get it!

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