Sanrio Lottery Snoopy

Snoopy returns, this time having a Kuji solely featuring him. Fans of Snoopy should be excited about this Kuji, so let’s see what they have for us! A bit summary of Sanrio Lottery, the prizes you pull is final, so if you pull a certain design that you have to stick with it, not an issue since it’s not hard to trade things around and not a lot of items have variatn designs.

Retail Price: SGD18

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: May 2021

The ticket cost is a little more expensive because the ticket cost is at 800 yen and not every shop is carrying, probably due to some licensing issue. The total ticket is normal like other Sanrio Lottery.

Prize 1 (2 pieces)

Sanrio Lottery usually have very unique top prizes, this time round is no different, we have a legit cushion seat here. You can use it to sit on at your home or place it in a car, but the takeaway from it is the great design all over the cushion. A great prize and something you can look forward to pull.

Prize 2 (2 pieces)

Well if the cushion isn’t for you, how about a pot! You can use it to store hot or cold drinks and keep them at that temperature! The design is still there and it’s a more practical item if you are into those things.

Prize 3 (4 pieces)

If you are not into the above 2 prizes, the plush toy set might interest you! Not only does we have Snoopy, we have Woodstock as well! Normally in a standard Kuji like Ichiban Kuji or San-X Kuji, the plush comes separately, but over here they are giving us this as a set! So generous of Sanrio and definitely a top prize that will attract fans. Also 4 pieces in a set, so more people can pull this!

Prize 4 (10 pieces)

Okay now the small prizes, over here we have the bowl set. It’s not that bad, the quality for Sanrio Lottery is usually good and they are quite generous, in this case, they are giving 2 bowls so for the price that you are paying it’s not that bad.

Prize 5 (10 pieces)

Wow, they are legit going to give you a pair of slippers as a small prize! The design on the slipper looks fantastic, it’s one size but it’s a bed slipper. Also they are giving us 10 pieces in a set, so very generous of them.

Prize 6 (10 pieces)

This does look like a plush but it’s actually a floor mop. You can use this to clean up the dirt on your floor but if you can’t bear to use this cute Snoopy mop, then you can display it as a plush. Not a bad prize too.

Prize 7, 8 (6 pieces each)

The cases are not a bad prize as well. You can use them to store any small item, most importantly, they have fantastic design. I think both designs are great so as long as you pull any one of them you should feel satisfied.

Prize 9, 10 (5 pieces each)

Towels, oh wait, these are not towels! They are mats! The mat are medium sizes and also the designs on them looks great! These are considered the lowest tier prizes but they don’t look bad at all! Should be worth your ticket cost.

Prize 11, 12 (5 pieces each)

Wow, a storage box at the last number, this is totally not a small prize! Some Kuji puts these at a higher tier prize but over here, they just going to give us as a small prize! The storage box design is great too and it’s a very useful prize.

Last Prize

The last prize is a unique cushion that you can only get it by buying out. The Snoopy and Woodstock character on the cushion is a plush that is attach to the cushion, so that is awesomeness at it’s best! A good prize to motivate a buy out!


Cushion Seat2.86%
Plush Set5.71%
Bowl Set14.29%
Storage Box14.29%


Probability of getting at least one top prizes (1, 2 or 3)Tickets Bought


Sanrio Lottery are always good, they have variety of prizes, they hardly repeat any bad prizes and they try to come up with something unique every set. The prizes are usually worth the ticket cost, even if they are not, you don’t feel too bad pulling them. If you are a Snoopy fan, you can buy 5 tickets to try your luck, don’t go too aggressive, you can just buy the prize directly if you really wanted one!


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design9: Excellent design, feels very attractive
Top Prizes8: Unique prizes that will appeal to buyers
Small Prizes8: Great small prizes that makes buyer feel okay even if they pull them!
Last Prize7: Unique cushion and very adorable, should motivate a buyout if it’s not too much ticket left.
Monetary Value6: For $18 the ticket is a little expensive and the prizes might not seem like it’s worth $18, but it’s not too bad until you will make huge losses.
Collection Value7: Not hard to get everything but no need to get everything too unless you already have lots of Snoopy collection, but wouldn’t hurt if you have 1 of each item.
Overall75% B+. Great set that has good prizes overall and even though the ticket is a little expensive, you don’t feel like you are over paying for the tickets, they do give you things that are big enough or have 2 quantity to justify, which they don’t have to, so I am appreciative of that.

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