Tiny Tan (BTS)

It’s surprised to see BTS Tiny Tan being featured in a Kuji, it’s a very good marketing strategy on Bandai part, this is definitely something they can capitalize on. It’s the first and probably only Kuji set they have so let’s see what they have for us.

Price: SGD13

Total Tickets: 70

Released Date: May 2021

One of the rare occasion where the total tickets is 70 but the cost prize is $12, usually 70 total tickets set would be $12, but if the prizes are easier to pull then it’s not bad pricing it at $13.

Prize RM (2 pieces)

Prize Jin (2 pieces)

Prize SUGA (2 pieces)

Prize J-Hope (2 pieces)

Prize Jimin (2 pieces)

Prize V (2 pieces)

Prize Jung Kook (2 pieces)

So I have decided to compile Prize A to G review into one part so it’s easier to view. They are great prizes, the plush toys are adorable and each of them have 2 pieces in a set so it’s not too difficult to collect everything and you can also trade your extra pieces easily! If you have a favorite member you can just try your luck and then whoever you pull if it’s a plush toy you can trade it with someone!

Very glad that they actually have 2 pieces of each plush, each of them look just as great as well!

Prize Pouch (4 pieces)

If you didn’t manage to pull the Plush toys, then the pouch should act as a good consolation prize. They feature all members on the design and it’s a very usable item! They are only giving 4 pieces of this in a set, so it’s actually harder to get this than to get a plush!

There are 2 designs, each has 2 pieces in a set. They are not blinded so feel free to choose your preferred design!

Prize Glass (14 pieces)

The glasses look good as well! Each has very simple design featuring a member.

There are 7 designs, 2 pieces each in a set. These are blinded, but no worries if you really want a design, it’s not to hard to find around in the market.

Prize Towel (21 pieces)

Why, just why do they have to include towels to destroy a potentially perfect Kuji set >_< The towels design are amazing, each member is featured and they have different colors too. They look small but they are actually standard Kuji towel which is around 25cm by 25 cm, but if you buy Kuji long enough you will see how much towel someone really has, so naturally we will be turned off by towels.

There are 7 designs, each has 3 pieces in a set, these are not blinded so you can pick your favorite member and if you get multiple towels you can aim to complete a set!

Prize Charm (17 pieces)

The charms are cute, but they are small. The members are once again featured in this set, but they also included one that has all the members in it.

There are 8 designs, each individual member has 2 pieces while the combined design has 3 pieces in a set. These are unfortunately blinded but not hard to get, so don’t worry about it.

Last Prize

Long Towels are not that bad but for a last prize it sure turn people off sometimes. The design is fantastic, all members are included here but it’s just a towel, probably hardcore fan would want to keep it but definitely not the best last prize out there. Can be a challenge to motivate a buy out but given that they are giving out a lot of top prizes which lesser total ticket, I really cannot complain much here.


Any Plush2.86%


Probability of getting at least one plush Tickets Bought


This set is fantastic, they have lots of plush for buyers and good consolation prizes and total ticket is lesser than normal so you do have a good odds in getting a plush out of it. That being said, the top prizes are only a plush, don’t go too overboard for this even if you are a hardcore fan, just buy maybe 10 tickets and then buy the rest from someone that pulls it.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design7: A very simple theme for BTS, simple doesn’t mean it’s not good sometimes!
Top Prizes9: Very adorable plush that is attractive enough to make fans of BTS dive deep into this.
Small Prizes7: The pouch is really a good prize along with the glass, the charm isn’t so bad but the towels are annoying, still not the worst small prize out there.
Last Prize6: It’s a unique towel that is only available in the last prize, doesn’t motivate a buy out especially if it’s more than 10 tickets left with no plush remain. Still cute design.
Monetary Value7: For $13 it’s really not bad, with good chance of pulling a plush and small prizes don’t feel too bad for you to think that you wasted your money
Collection Value7: To get 7 of each items can be tedious especially the plush but you either get your favorite member(s) or all 7, no questions asked, the latter would make your set feel very valuable, even if the group does split in the future.
Overall71.67% B. An overall above average set. The plush toys are great, which amazing odds to pull it, the small prizes are almost decent, and it’s probably the only time they will release Tiny Tan so if you really like them do play this set, not too aggressively of course.

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