Sumikko Gurashi Kokage Lifestyle Chapter 5

Sumikko is another Kuji that has so many variant, we have Ichiban Kuji, San-X Lottery and over here is the Kokoga Lifestyle Kuji from Jap Fans. If you pull a certain prizes from this set, you are able to choose your prize (no blind prizes) but what is so special about this set is that the prizes are not exclusive to the set, you will be able to buy the prizes directly elsewhere, so you are betting on getting the top prize at a discounted rate. Regardless, let’s see what is in store for us.

Retail Price: SGD13.50

Total Tickets: 67

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket cost is just a little more expensive than usual Kuji but for the prizes that you are getting, I think it’s not too bad. The total ticket is usual for Sumikko series, they usually have around 65 tickets, so let’s see the prizes.

Prize A (3 pieces)

These sleepy plush look so adorable! Each one of them is so cute that you really want to get your hands on the entire gang! Great top prize to kick start the set. The only problem, or perhaps the biggest problem is that this is the only Kuji (by far) that has designs more than prizes…

There are 4 designs, but only 3 pieces of prize A in set. How does anything make sense here you might ask, well, in each set there is a Neko, a Shirokuma and either Tonkatsu or Penguin, so even if you buy out all 67 tickets you are still missing one plush. Wow which genius actually thought of this <face palm>. So if you really want all 4 characters, you would need to try your luck on 2 sets and you need to make sure that the other character that you don’t have is available or you would need to wait for another set.

Prize B (2 pieces)

The bowls are next, they do have very simple design, but it’s the quality of the bowl that is worthy to be a top prize. It’s a stainless steel bowl so very useful for your food. I mean for $13.50 it’s worth the price, it’s a big bowl by the way.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece each in a set.

Prize C (2 pieces)

Towels. The design are fantastic, take nothing away from them, but some might not like the idea of towels being at the top prize. I mean it’s great, it’s a body towel and cute and all and definitely worth your $13.50, also it’s a rarer prize so nothing bad about it, but I don’t anyone would play just to pull this.

There are 2 designs, 1 piece each in a set.

Prize D (7 pieces)

These look like a luggage, but they are actually an accessory case. It does have great design and you can use it to store things like your phone accessories, coins, notes or cards. It’s a good consolation prize for those who didn’t manage to pull the top prize.

There are 4 designs, 1 piece for the red design and 2 pieces each for the others in a set. Wonder why they don’t want to make it 8 in a set.

Prize E (8 pieces)

Wow, I am amazed by the design of the pouch, they look fantastic, so attractive that I would rather get these than any other top prizes! The pouch will come in handy as well, you can use it for lots of things, and the cuteness is overloaded here!

There are 4 designs, 2 pieces each in a set.

Prize F (8 pieces)

The plush toys are next, you will always see at least 3 variant of plush in each set, a big, a medium and a small, this is the medium size plush with an ice cream soda them! Very simple, all of them just wear a coat and a hat, looks cute and makes you want to get all 5 of them!

There are 8 designs, 2 pieces each for Neko, Tonkatsu and Penguin, 1 piece each for Shirokuma and Tokage, feels weird that the 2 popular characters are not the one getting 2 pieces, but oh wells, buyers will just pick whatever is available that they prefer.

Prize G (12 pieces)

These are the small plush, very cute but also very scary since you have a good chance to get multiple of these in a few pulls, there are not bad as a prize but compared to others, they can feel very underwhelm. What is so cute also is that their small friends is on the side of every character, and a bit sad they don’t have Penguin.

There are 4 designs, 3 pieces each in every set.

Prize H (5 pieces)

More plush, these are a bit smaller than Prize F but bigger than Prize G. The theme here is ballet dancing so all of them are dressing up for that! Who makes me curious is why is there only 5 pieces of these in a set, they are not exactly top prizes so why make them harder to pull?

There are 4 designs, Penguin has 2 pieces while the others have 1 piece in a set.

Prize I (20 pieces)

Finally something special! For the past Kokoga series for Sumikko, their smallest prize is always something special, this time round we have watches! They are simple watches that tells the time and that’s about it, but it’s the design of the watches that makes them so special! I mean if you don’t want to wear them you can display all 6 of them and they will look great!

There are 6 designs, Ebi and Tokage have 4 pieces while the others have 3 pieces in a set.

Last Prize

If you are wondering where did Tokage went to since he didn’t appear in Prize A, here he is! Great to see something for a change because usually Tonkatsu will be the one being the last prize. This is a great way to motivate people to buy out, because he is one of the popular ones and if you have collected the other Prize A, you would need this too.


Big Plush4.48%
Big Towel2.99%
Accessory Case10.45%
Soda Plush11.94%
Small Plush17.91%
Ballet Plush7.46%


Probability of getting at least 1 top prize (A, B or C)Tickets Bought


The prizes here are great, I don’t think anyone of them are that bad to turn you off as a buyer and a fan. As mentioned before, the prizes aren’t exclusive to the Kuji set, you can buy them directly from retail shop, so if you really want a certain item, just buy it directly, but if you want to test your luck and play them, then you can try a few tickets, 5 to 8 tickets would be fine, anything more you might as well just buy the prizes directly with the money.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design6: Mixing up too many different theme can look a little off for the poster, no specific theme to this set, but doesn’t mean prizes are not good, just overall feels can be a bit off.
Top Prizes7: Ranging from big plush to stainless steel bowl to big towel feels like a fruitful set.
Small Prizes8: The small prizes are either unique or cute enough to make you feel okay about not pulling the big prizes, the pouch and the case does help to make the small prizes more attractive.
Last Prize7: It’s a Tokage plush, you can buy this from retail shop but if the remaining prizes are worth, then why not get the Tokage as well.
Monetary Value7: For $13.50, if you don’t spam too much, it’s actually quite worth especially when you get variety of prizes.
Collection Value7: It’s a bit tedious to collect everything because there are so many things to collect here, but it’s not that hard, you can just buy the remaining prizes from retail shop. If you want to make your collection a bit more valuable, you can just complete the set for that one prize list.
Overall70% B. An overall above average set. Great prizes, don’t feel too underwhelmed and can keep fans happy. For a set that has prizes that is available in retail, they do provide attractiveness in the set to make people want to play this set instead of buying the prizes directly.

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