Sanrio Animal Collection

It’s been awhile since we seem Happy Kuji item and we are glad to see the Sanrio characters back! Happy Kuji is the same as any other Kuji, with the exception that you keep what you pull, so you are not able to choose your prizes, but Happy Kuji generally have amazing prizes so let’s see what they have for us!

Retail Price: SGD15.50

Total Tickets: 80

Released Date: April 2021

The ticket price is a little pricey, mainly because the yen price is expensive too, but for the prize that we usually are getting from Happy Kuji, it’s a pretty decent price. Nothing too special about the total tickets so let’s see what prizes are there.

Figure Prize (10 pieces)

フィギュア賞 [全10種]

Well it’s been surprising that a standard figure is actually the top prizes in this set. Don’t get me wrong, all of them look terrific! Just that with DC Kuji we got a gigantic figure and the Disney Kuji we got the globe, so I was kind of expecting something big but that’s fine. It will be hard to collect all 10 of them but if you manage to get at least one of them then you are considered quite lucky since there is only 1 of each piece in a set!

Pouch Prize (12 pieces)

These pouches look so cute! I am not sure how to use them exactly but they look great as display or hanger piece on your bag! They are also not small, they are actually bigger that the figure prizes!

There are 4 designs, 3 pieces in each set!

Plush Prizes (28 pieces)

ぬいぐるみチャーム賞 [全7種]


Continue to be an adorable series, we have the plush charm as our “small prizes” but don’t feel small at all! At 11cm, these are fantastic prizes and I don’t think anyone would feel bad for pulling them! All the characters are cute and they have removable hood so you can switch around the design!

There are 7 designs, 4 pieces each in a set, a lot to go around so don’t worry you are most likely to pull this!

Charm Prize (20 pieces)

アクリルスマホスタンドキーホルダー賞 [全10種]

You know in every set there is always this one lackluster prize and regardless of how good the design for the prizes is, people just don’t want to pull it. The charm here acts as a phone stand too so multi usage item, however, when compared to the other prizes above, this does feels a little underwhelm. The good thing is that it’s not an entirely bad prize, I mean they could have given you posters and there is not much of it in a set so really not that bad.

There are 10 designs, 2 pieces each in a set.

Last Prize

ラスト賞 マイメロディとマイスウィートピアノのぬいぐるみ2体セット

If you are wondering where are the big plush in this set, here it is! The double plush is 30cm big and is for the person who wants to buy out the whole set. It’s a unique plush that is only available as last prize, and it’s a good motivator for buy outs.


Plush Charm40%
Acrylic Charm Stand28.57%


Probability of getting at least one figurine prizeTickets Bought


This is one of the better sets that Happy Kuji has ever come out with, it’s supposed to make you happy regardless of what you pull. The prizes are great, at least no towels or folder set, but the acrylic charm does feel annoying especially if you buy tons of tickets and get tons of them. Everything is adorable, so if it attracts you, go for 5 to 8 tickets and see what you get, then just stop and hunt down what you wanted. The top prize are not exactly worth the aggressive ticket purchase, you can trade the figurines with others if you really want a particular one.


CriteriaScore (Upon 10)
Design8: Animal theme is very generic but overall the design of the theme feels special enough and attractive
Top Prizes5: As much as the figurines are super good looking, it does feels a little meh for them to be a top prize, people might even overlook them because of how good the plush charm is.
Small Prizes7: The pouch and plush charm does make this whole set look so great, but the acrylic stand can be a little demoralizing if someone really wanted any other prizes than that.
Last Prize8: Unique prize and the only big plush in the set, definitely worth the consideration for people to buy out.
Monetary Value7: For $15 you can get something good and worst case scenario you will get an acrylic stand charm which is not that bad so you can rest assure you will spend your $15.50 really well.
Collection Value7: It’s going to be a challenging collecting everything since some of them are really rare in the set and you cannot pick your prizes, but don’t worry, your whole set will look like a million bucks if you manage to collect everything!
Overall70% B. An overall above average set that gives out good prizes, even if the top prizes aren’t that fantastic (solely because they are not gigantic huge prizes), the small prizes kind of neutralize it.

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